Is this what Willie Jackson was after?

Yesterday Willie Jackson said he wanted some good old fashioned union thuggery down on the ports.

I wonder if this is what he was talking about?

Murray Sidaway and Darryl Maddock say quite clearly that they are going to try to beat up two workers whose only crime is not belonging to the union and wanting to work.

When you see Garry Parsloe and Helen Kelly deny that there was or is any thuggery know that social media is betraying them. Garry Parsloe himself was front and centre yesterday on the picket surrounding cars of workers and intimidating them. He knows very well what he said to several female Port workers as he prevented them attending their place of work.


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  • maninblack

    They cannot spell- thats for sure.

    • Killjoy

      You’ s is jus jelos cauz were f*[email protected]&n da man! Yea boi! /sarc

      • Pukakidon

         What a cock! Bro

      • BJ

        da man is none other than your inferiority complex bro

    • big ears

      Tui ad: There is no racism in NZ!

  • Kthxbai

    Where are the police in all this?  Anyone else makes threats or intimidates people – at the picket line for example – the cops are all over them like a rash.

    Why the standoff tactics?  Where is the police command?  Why are they absent?

    • Gliss

      Because there was no imtimidation….duh! police can only lay charges if there has actually been a crime….just more propaganda from the POA….

      • Patriot

        To bring the Police into a crime scene – try crossing an obstruction on the footpath   [ Wharfies call it a picket line ]  – and watch the wharfies assault the person attemptin to cross the illegal line .

        That’ll create the reason to put the wharfies under arrest – for assault , with Police watching it happen as evidence.  

  • Kthxbai

    *sorry* badly worded post above.  The cops are NOT protecting people at the picket line, should have been more clearly worded.

    • Patriot

      Can a walk on a public footpath be blocked by other people[wharfies]  – by them manhandling  ( assualting )  a pedestrian /member of public

      ie  What right does someone/wharfie have –  to push another person from proceeding along a footpath or crossing a public road .

      ie is there a law that says wharfies are special police with special laws that they can do what police do — and prevent a man from proceeding along a road or footpath   ??

      so if wharfies  dont have a special road blocking law to enforce — then doing so is not legal — is that correct  ?    and any one can proceed thru a so called picket line ?

  • Mully

    I’d be more worried about “Natedog”. Any adult that calls themselves that is clearly a bit special.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Indeed. Special Needs that is…

      Wonder if the controls in the cranes/straddlers have to be written in txt spk so the highly qualified workers on 90K + can understand them?

  • BJ

    Willy Jackson did exactly what he intended – he used his very public forum to shit stir by insighting violence and saying specifically how he would embark on it – he planted the seed by publicly supporting and endorsing such behaviour. 

    To back pedal at a later time means nothing – it will not cancel out the ‘permission’ he gave – he did not apologize and he did not address the MUNZ directly to cancel out the seed he had deposited. He could use his airtime to talk some sense in to the MUNZ about moving on cause ‘it’s all over bar the shouting’. I am certain that he has breeched Broadcasting Standards big time and he needs to be held accountable.

    •  Quite so BJ; Jackson was giggling away whilst he was supposedly “apologising” this afternoon. The only thing he’s sorry for is getting in the shit over it.

      • starboard

        Jacksons a union dinosauer who lives in the 50’s. Fuck him , shit stirring sambo , wheres the rope. ( see willie..I can be as offensive as you )

  • joe bloggs

    What a charming underbelly New Zealand has. Reminds me why we lance boils.

  • Super_Guest

    Willy’s stuck in the 70s, I think he was just testing the waters to see if the public will still tolerate that level of union thuggery. Doesn’t make his comments any less ridiculous, but can you imagine the public (or rather Labour, Green, socialist) reaction if, say, John Banks said the port should hire private security to protect the contractors from union hackery? My God, they’d be comparing it to the night of the long knives.

  • Redski

    This show’s what morons these guys are – think back – we all went to school with twats like this at some time. Don’t be too surprised – It’s not easy being Thick – with their misguided cornflake box leftist leanings, it’s only natural they’ll trot out the ugly side of socialism pdq. Parsloe has led them up the garden path – right to that long walk on the short pier.  The Carnival is over… (Comrades)

  • toby_toby

    It’s sad really. These anachronisms actually believe that the world owes them a living – all to their liking of course. The other sad thing is the delusion that they’re heroes of the working class. Well, if anybody previously had the notion that the working class are hard workers, the port unionists have blown that idea right out of the water.

  • Richard B.

    Double Standards at Radio Live?
    If this had been Laws, saying we should shoot reporters or something, he would have been off the air for 3 months.

    • CommonSense404

      Yes but poor old Willie was just misunderstood whereas Laws clearly meant it… Well that’s the only justification for suck rank hypocrisy

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Willie by name and by nature

  • Grandstream

    This situation really makes clear the difference between the left & right.  The left as represented by Willie (parsnip, Kelly, Kosh, Mallard, HOP etc)  cannot accept the possibility that they are wrong or could be wrong. The concept that the union has fucked up the workers is not in the known universe.  Whereas the right, we accept some employers are bad and are happy to see them dealt with.  In this case the POAL have been shown to be bloody good employers and corporate citizens.  The left gene pool needs some chlorine !

  • Pakeha56

    Pickets will not change the decision by the company to sack workers. The only thing that can change this is if ships are blacklisted in Australia and the US after being worked in Auckland.

    • politically unstable

       Blacklisting of ships ceertainly in Australia is illegal. In any case such acts will not change what POAL have already embarked on. The only thing that can stop or delay them is a NZ court order.

      If I was a wharfie, I would be getting on the phone (that they hate to stay beside….but have a mobile in their pocket every hour of the day) and applying for a job………the train is leaving the station!!

  • Pakeha56

    I cannot see where Willie Jackson said he wanted ‘some good old fashioned union thuggery’ in the link provided. He clearly rules out any violent action.

    • Sarrs

      He encourages – explicitly – violence against property and intimidation. That is thuggery in anyone’s book. 

  • Rightoverlabour

    Love to see these guys apply for jobs – anywhere. Employers scan social media these days to weed out idiots… Now, I wonder how the benefit compares to $91,000 per annum for the rest of your life???

  • Iwantout

    those guys on face book are from wellington, they used to come up take the straddle driving jobs off us p24s and bump us down to lash, taking 8 dollars a hour off us. you arseholes from wellington are the scabs, ps still no secret ballot, and threats if we apply for new jobs.

    • Justine

      And they call people scabs!

  • big ears

    It’s unbelievable – the comments on all the facebook pages are nothing but name calling and abuse, what happened to a good old fashioned debate, leaving swearing and individual attacks out it?

  • titanuranus

    Munz munters, fuckin` staunch ow?
    Any of those union reps going without?  LoL   fucking losers.