It’s not just physical violence

You don’t have a belt a woman to be a scumbag. Mental anguish, blackmailing for sex, yelling and screaming, kicking doors and furniture in a rage all have no place in New Zealand. We all need to stand up against domestic violence, because it is not OK.

And it is even worse when some scum bag is scared of his own image.

Despite using the victim’s pictures as a tool of blackmail, Williams – who has 24 previous convictions – was particularly shy in front of the camera himself.

When Justice Allan approved the Waikato Times’ photograph application the offender immediately raised his arm to his face.

Typical bully behaviour…hiding abject cowardice through intimidation.


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  • It were’nt me Bro!!! Bloody cowardly asshole!!! Adjectives could fill the page – one thing I cannot stand is violence against another – whether it be verbal, the threat of physical or actual physical violence.

    • Guest

      Better not join MUNZ or Labour then.

      • jay cee

        munz i can understand,but labour? sorry but you haven’t been paying attention labour and or those on the left  are always being criticised here for not being tough enough. make up your mind.

  • Peter Wilson

    One thing with blackmail. With no hestitation, go straight to the police, because you know there will be no peace until it is dealt with.

    I bet he was surprised to get 9 years, with a rape conviction.

  • tspoon

    That’s more than some get for violent murder with a previous record of domestic violence involving grievous bodily harm.

    Got no real sympathy for the guy, but does seem excessive.