It’s not your house, Ctd

In the Herald today there is a story of crass entitle-itis:

Because she’s approaching 55, Connon has been told to expect to be assigned a one-bedroom unit. But as an epileptic prone to seizures, she worries about ending up in an upstairs unit. And she can’t see how she will fit a lifetime’s collection of knick-knacks and memories into a smaller property.

“It would be like putting a size 10 girdle on a size 26. I don’t see why I should have to move into a smaller place. It’s not my fault I can’t work.”

Nor is she happy about the constraints of an apartment block. “You’re not allowed kids, or pets or plants. I said ‘you can get ****ed’. I need a three-bedroom home with a section.”

For a start it isn’t your home, dear…it’s ours.

Secondly after 30 years of living it paying at most $50 a week in rent you should have clawed your way out of state dependence.

Once again we have the Herald focussing on people who think the welfare system is a trampoline rather than a safety net. They are pimping the poor again.


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  •  “Her son lives with her to help his benefit go further and she says his 7-year-old son needs somewhere to play rugby and cricket.”
    Why is her 30 year old son not working? 

    What is wrong with one of the hundreds of public parks that Auckland has to offer – free of charge –  for his son to play rugby and cricket – like most kids have to use? 

    I really hate it when the media uses cases of such awful “entitle-itus”. They make out like everyone who is unfortunate enough to come across hard times and require a benefit are like this. 

  • BJ

    I am amazed at the accumulation of so much stuff  that many people who claim to be hard done by have. Some people don’t get that if you fritter money on ‘nicknacks’  it doesn’t make you feel any more successful and  you’ll never be able to afford the important things. Financial intelligence is what’s missing big time in this country. a great proportion of the population have never grown up.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Fuck these people.  There is no way I can afford to buy a house in Auckland, and these bludgers get one for next to nothing.  I work and they don’t, but they are the ones who get a house.  Where is the justice in that, Susan Edmunds?  Why don’t you write about the great betrayal of working people, who pay 15% extra on everything they buy, and have to spend half their pay packet on crummy little apartments, while single mothers who refuse to go out and make something of themselves get quarter acre sections and three bedroom homes paid for by the working class.  What a disgusting article.  Why aren’t you standing up for working people, Ms Edmunds?  Why are you supporting the bludgers?

  • Michael

    I’m happy with taxpayer/ratepayer social housing as long as it is allocated on need, is a stepping stone to being able to support yourself, and is time limited (you go back into the pool of applicants every 5 years if you still qualify.)

  • David

    Lucky the Herald is a a monopoly newspaper, you have to wonder how many of their readers are thinking give us some fuckin news for a change rather than this pathological hatred of National (polling at 45%) and cuddling lifetime beneficiaries. Their readers could well be taxpayers !!!

    We need the Daily Mail or similar for some bloody balance. Interesting poll in the UK where 74% of the population want major reform to their benefits system where like us 13% of the population live on benefits.

  • titanuranus

    Its a safety net ,not a fucking hammock.

  • This is concerning: “Her son lives with her to help his benefit go further”

    If her son and grandson are living with her, I don’t necessarily see a problem with that, but they should go through the proper channels to have Housing New Zealand care for it, and so they can pay for it appropriately. Sounds to me like she is paying the (income-related) rent for all of them, where if their income was combined, they would be paying more rent due to having more income. 
    So they are committing benefit fraud.

  • Scanner

    No darling, you can get fucked, now get your fat dole bludging, lazy, fraudulent arse out in the street, free lunch day is over.

  • helps make the case for a new model of public housing..

    ..we need a state-supported economic-stimulation of a major house-building  program..

    ..based around providing affordable first-homes…housing the homeless etc.. kickstart the economy/help ease unemployment/train young builders etc…

    ..any new scheme should also mandate that those paying to rent from the state should/could also have that money as contributing to some form of (maybe moveable) mortgage… that over time they are able to build equity in their home..

    ..a house-building infrastructure program would be one of the easiest economic kickstarts to do…

    ..(this is what was done in the 1930’ britain and here.. both places it worked…

    ..and this is a blueprint we can use again..

    [email protected]

    • starboard

      yadda yadda…here we go again..bludgers wanting to spend other peoples money. Get the govt outa housing..private landlords will lead the way. Market forces Phil.

    • Peter Wilson

      Hard to disagree there Mr Ure. The devil would be in the detail of course. It couldn’t be a handout, but a win win situation. Maybe the government keeps the equity until the loan is 80% paid off, or the mortgage is kept low for 12 months. That might provide the right kind of incentive for the buyer is stay in work, keep their family together, whatever.

      The kicker is that the scheme would be available for everyone on low incomes, not just beneficiaries.

      •  of course available to first home owners/low-income workers…

        ..and i am thinking a mix/match model of urban refurbishment..and new housing schemes…(intelligent/totally-green building of course..)

        ..govt land could be used…

        ..and also taxation incentives/disincentives could be used to make land-squatting/banking unviable…(a form of mansion-tax on land-bankers..?..)

        ..(a mix of carrot and stick..)

        ..and can i just lay to rest one of the often unquestioned objections to any ak-fringe housing ideas..

        ..that it would make it too far away one..

        ..the fact is that when you have a big don’t need to add much to the bulk of the get a lot more housing/w.h.y..

        ..and this will only be a matter of minutes of further driving/rail/w.h.y.. the public transport infrastructure for the whole city is actually a more important factor than any slight enlarging of the large circle that is auckland.. decent internet will enable many businesses to de-centralise..

        ..and thus less pressure on transport/infrastructure/individual transport-costs..

        ..i really can’t see much against the idea..

        [email protected]

    • parorchestia

      Phil, the trouble with borrowing to fund low return investments as you propose is that you are creating a millstone around our necks. Labour was great at this.  It looked good at the time, but, oh boy, are we suffering now we have to pay back the loans.  So please, no more magic mushroom recipes.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, nor does it come out of mummy’s purse like magic.

      Can you really have any objection to moves to maximise social and financial returns and provide needy families with accommodation?

  • Phar Lap

    Fifty dollars per week.What, no rates or insurance for the renter,of which a combined weekly amount could be at least seventy dollars per week.Not forgetting the property maintenance.Seems with son and grandson and mother the sucker NZ taxpayer is paying at least a thousand dollars a week to keep the three of them in a lifestyle they are used to.Wonder why the ball aching crappy overpriced Herald ommitted the proven facts.Seems to be part of the fabricated tea tapes saga.

    • Hakim of phut

      Fabricated ‘tea tapes’ ? hehehe  someone has the brains of a racehorse

      • Phar Lap

        Sounds like you,You wouldnt know if the town clock was up you. I have read some of your stupid sick logic over many weeks,i have refrained from replying,seems to me you are a little lying craven coward,who when common sense was handed out,you were bye- passed ,for good reason.I am not one for abortion ,yet in your case an exception should have been made.

  • A. Friend

    “She and her husband, Michael, have been in their home for 48 years….. Had those policies been in place when the Tematas moved in, they would have been shuffled on decades ago. They have been paying market rent for their property through most of their tenancy, until Michael was no longer able to work……The Tematas say they would have had no stability in a private rental. “You don’t know whether you’re coming or going.”

    First up, why have they been in a HNZ house for nearly 50 years, especially when they could afford market rent? Although I do believe the “market rent through most of the tenancy” is misleading – weren’t market rents introduced in the 90s? And the woman has shown her utter cluelessness with her statement about stability in a private rental, and to think she has been allowed to breed.

    As her husband is now handicapped, they should be a shoe-in for a new state house. Yet she still whinges. She needs to move to Russia or North Korea where a (shoe box sized) apartment is for life once you get one. 

  • A. Friend

    Cam, please save this line for when the next election rolls round:

    Labour’s housing spokeswoman, Annette King, says the Government seems to have lost sight of what state housing is for. “They are meant to have security of tenure, and not be told to move.”

    Excuuuuuse me? Why didn’t someone tell me about this? Shit-a-brick, wish I’d known that if I had got into a state house me and my kids could occupy it to the day we died. Well, I guess that little gravy train has reached the end of the line.

  • HSV325

    This lazy fucking cow can get fucked. We want our bloody house back for more needy cases. If she does not like it why does,nt she just do us all a favour and fuck off to Aussie


    What more does this cow want,a swimming pool to put hear lazy fat arse in.Take what you are given,and be glad it is not costing you more.Makes me sick to think they have a reason to complain.If you dont like it,find work,pay market rent,and suck it up like the rest of us.


      PS kick your lazy bludging son out to.

  • Vlad

    This is a truly remarkable series of stories by the Herald.  I am sure there are battlers getting a rough time from bureaucracy who they could champion.  But they relentlessly feature unfortunates who are absurdly inappropriate examples.  In the same paper is a story about a chap Martin Freeth who has lung problems who turned down EIGHT properties in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Westmere etc.  And this is meant to be an example of lack of care for the disadvantaged?  Jeez, does this paper have an editor??  They are doing harm to the cause of the genuinely needy with this lazy,sloppy journalism. 

    • They have also used Justin Rhys – a steroid addicted drug trafficker whose heart “stops every three weeks” as an example of the poor healthcare that inmates get in prison. 

      HELLO? Stop using steroids and your heart might work!!!

    • Gazzaw

      Have to agree about the editor but then the Herald is no different to any other major daily in NZ with the exception of the ODT. Policy strings pulled from Australia, circulation over integrity. Wouldn’t it be great to have some Kiwi owned newspapers again?  


    Should anyone wish to communicate with this woman via the post you may do so by addressing all enquires to 33 Silverton Avenue (Wai O Taiki Bay). I’m certain she’s looking forward to fan mail!
    She does have a nice view of the water.

    • Kosh103

      Wow, talk about a disgusting underhanded method.

      I guess if anything bad happens to her becuase you published her address you will be happy to discuss the matter with the cops.

    • starboard

      excellent. Thanks for that.

  • Kosh103

    I have zero concern about her staying put. She has looked after this house VERY well. She has helped others in need because she has had this house.

    How about targeting those who ruin state housed. Who rip them to bits, trash them. What happens to those people – oh they get given another house. How about dealing with that scum first before tossing out someone who can care for a house.

    • starboard

      kosh…are you Robin Duff ?

  • Bawaugh

    I guess labour and co will complain and yet when they get back in what changes will they make?

    I guess very little.

    As for these people, I am very sorry that this is occuring to them, but the government has limited resources and thus must make them stretch. And with a long waiting list for houses the need for more homes is urgent.

    I just hope that the people who get moved on get adequate replacement housing.