Kerre Woodham on the Ports dispute

Kerre Woodham mocks the union flunkies ringing and emailing her crying about POAL “propaganda”:

I had a phone call from a well-mannered, articulate Ports driver on Wednesday night who said he’d always enjoyed my radio show but was concerned I was starting to believe the propaganda from the Ports management.

I nearly choked on my chips.

The union puts out a black-and-white video, all beautifully shot and lit, featuring the families of Ports workers speaking over cloying, sentimental background music and he tells me the Ports of Auckland is producing propaganda?!

Dear me.

The three-minute clip, where wives and children talk about the dispute being about family, not about money, and how all they want is for things to stay the same, would belong right up there with the best in terms of emotive filming. The message throughout the video is that no guaranteed hours means no guaranteed income and yet anyone who listens to the news will know that the workers have been offered a guarantee of 160 hours a month.

Now, there may be conditions to that, but it does put paid to the union’s simplistic message.

Yes and in that video that shamelessly used children to push a political message one of the families is that of Carl Findlay. She says sadly “My Dad’s not a troublemaker”…


The union really does set themselves up for a fall using children and having them lie like their union parents.

Carl Findlay’s daughter thinks he isn’t a trouble maker probably hasn’t told her that he received a final written warning for bullying and intimidation and another one for stealing company property and interfering in an internal company investigation. he has had several serious misconduct warnings but in the eyes of his daughter he isn’t a trouble maker.

If the union is serious about setting the record straight you would think they would get their kids to tell the truth about their parents?


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  • Dragonfly

    The video is sickening, especially in light of the facts and now this child has been brought into the public eye as a naive fool.  Carl Findlay – look what your actions have done to your daughter!  Be a MAN and PROPER FATHER and stop using your kids for your own ends.

    • Maine

      Um who are you to judge whether someone is a Good Father ? his kids are amazing and bright , you don’t know anything about his private life and cannot judge him as a parent ! 

      • Super_Guest

        He’s a fucking muppet as a parent if he’s using his kids for material/political gain.

      • Maine

        you are a muppet ! He’s not using his children , they offered , You people don’t know shit and probably don’t have a pot to piss in ! 

      • Super_Guest

        Really? Because, from where I’m standing, I’m not the one who’s going to be out of a job for acting like a petulent child. So, I can buy myself as many pots to piss in as I want. And he’s still using them, any proper parent would keep children away from political pissing (pot) contests as possible.

        You telling me he didn’t see the oppourtunity there? Please. Stop acting like an hysterical woman and come back to the real world. Oh, and I just loved your eloquent comeback (“u r a mupput!!!11!!”), but I suppose that’s what a stevedore’s education will get you.

      • Euan Rt

        So does she know that her dad was a proven trouble maker, and that she therefore did not tell the truth?

      • Maine

        My Dad and family doesn’t work down at the ports , these ‘facts’ are wrong . Sorry I’m well educated and I know a lot of children who have parents down at the ports who also are well educated ! Any parent would fight for the better for his and his fellow workers families. He is not a trouble maker , he’s a lovely man I know him . YOU DON’T ! 

  • Damage done Dad!

    Carl Findlay should be ashamed of himself – allowing his daughter to be used in such a shameless, hideously inaccurate portrayal of “what a good guy my dad is”  what father would even consider using their child like this?  

  • BJ

    I have read and listened to most material on both sides of the Port dispute and fail to see how any human with half a brain could possibly be sucked in by the Unions position. It is a no brainer. They have simply been on the pigs back for so long and are now being brought to account. There is absolutely nothing to feel sorry for them about – they go to work and sit around idly much of the time while the majority of rest of the workforce in NZ earn every hour they are paid for. 

    Their excessive down time for decades was not a right – it was an operational flaw that is now thankfully going to be corrected.

    • Euan Rt

      And there are no more jobs like that in NZ so they will have to apply to aus – yay and good luck with that.

      • BJ

        And good riddance  – get rid of the deadwood from this country  as much as we can.

  • Light

    My heart goes out to this child who is too young to understand.

  • Euan Rt

    Which trucking firm was supporting them? Was it Mainfreight? Maybe they could offer these redundant wharfies a job driving trucks when jobs come up. Somehow I don’t think their support would extend that far. No employer wants employees like these guys, no matter how sypathetic they may claim to be.

  • kerre woodham..?..on anything..?


    [email protected]

    • Euan Rt

      phillip ure..?..on something..?


      • LifeIsSoBoring

         Oh delicious irony….

      • grumpy

        Euan Rt

        one of the best comments ever

      •  that’s quite clever/quick..

        [email protected]

  • Phar Lap

    One thing we do know,all the American and Australian wharfies who are in NZ to plead for the cause on behalf of the dont want to work now redundant NZ wharfies.If all fails the good will from the foreign mafia Wharfies,will be all encompassing and the poorly  paid, once were wharfies will be given jobs in American and Australian wharves.Teeeeheeeheee.There is  more chance of that happening,than David Shearer from the Liebour Party,just for once stop pretending he is a politician,or to put it another way ,A LOSER.

  • Euan Rt

    We have H1 and H2 now with shearer we have L3 – lost labour leader

  • thor42

    Mmmmmmm….. Kerre Woodham……
    I’d like to lick her all over……. ;)   

  • maine

    Who are you all to judge Carl Findlay and his family ? his daughter is old enough to make her own decisions , she is not too young to understand , she is an intelligent young woman who backs her Dad 100% ! I also back him , they are fighting for job security for there families ! 

  • Andre Capper

    What a horrible sarcastic piece of work that Woodham is. Just stick to propping up your National Party. You are so blind to the fact wages in this country are continually been driven into the ground, not just for the Wharfies, but for all. Get real.

    • Super_Guest

      Get some new rhetoric. Labour flatly lied about wages being driven into the ground last election.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      So that 10% pay offer was nothing Andre on top of the pretty good income they reputedly earn and on top of the very generous conditions POAL offers all employees?

  • johnbronkhorst

    What a coward this guy (Findlay) is…using his kids as human shields against the criticism of his actions (wriitten warnings for violent intimidation etc)!! Seems all too typical of union thugs!!