Killing ambition with the politics of division

Labour likes to think they are inclusive when it is far from the truth. they are one of the worst parties to practice the politics of division, especially when in power.

Remember Michael Cullen’s “rick pricks” comments?

So too in Australia where Labor practises the politics of division. They are being called out for it too. Joe Hockey highlights the issue and his comments are as valid in Australia as they are here:

Governments should ensure that the actions they take leave Australians better off in terms of opportunity. Australians must not be held hostage to class divides. The role of government must be to help people to the starting line, while accepting that some will then run faster than others.

As a Liberal, I believe our success as a society is determined by the way we create the conditions for all Australians to excel and prosper, by allowing them to achieve their own ambitions – whatever they may be.

Wayne Swan appears to think that it is the role of government to run the race for people, while at the same time accusing our gold-medal winners of cheating.


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  • Hakim of phut

    Rick prick was the apt description for John Key at that time, when he made a slur about Helen Clark having no children.  yes , that is one of Keys  usual way of avoiding answering questions is to cast slurs

    • In Vino Veritas

      Hak, telling someone they have no kids cannot be a slur if it is indeed true. Just like telling Helen Clark she signed her name to a paintiing she didnt paint (forgery) is true, and leading a party that missappropriated $800K or so of taxpayer funds is true. These are not slurs, they are fact.
      Do you get banned on this site for saying stuff like this? you do on the standard.

      • Hakim of phut

        Well on that basis  ‘rich prick’ is entirely apt as no part is incorrect.

      • Sarrs

        Hakim – it’s the ‘prick’ bit that’s not true. It’s an opinion only and therefore not fact. 

      • Hakim of phut

        Pointing to someone else and using the words
        – the child she never had- thats arch prick to me.

        Family related insults , even in parliament- are for the lowest of the low.
        I would get hauled up here  if I made aspersions about Keys kids.

      • Dion B

        The fact that Michael Cullen said nasty things to John Key in parliament isn’t really the point.  Both sides are guilty of that – as such I won’t go into the “family-related” insults directed at Don Brash during his time in parliament or the slurs thrown at Nick Smith just because he suffered from a mental illness.

        The point is that Michael Cullen thought that John Key being rich enough not to be dependent on the state was a bad thing and worthy of an insult.

        This says a lot about where the Helengrad would have taken New Zealand had they been given another term in office.

      • Peter Wilson

        You’re forgetting her – her underlings – implicit demand that her driver get her to the Rugby test, whatever it takes. And when the driver’s career is at risk by speeding, cabinet passes around the hat to pay the fine. Gee whiz.

  • In Vino Veritas

    This is stuff that shouldnt have to be said. The issue is that Labour dont want some people to run faster, they want everyone to run at an equal speed. And if they bang on about (non existent) poverty long and hard enough, a lot of NZ’rs will begin to believe it’s true (the 44% odd of households that are net beneficiaries already believe it).  

  • are you trying to deny the great wave of taxation reform..(not in the 1%’s favour..)..that is fast building/coming yr way..?

    ..the news today that 93% of the ‘recovery’-money from the last two years in america has gone to the top 10%…

    ..leaving 7% to be ‘sprinkled’ upon the rest of them..

    ..this will only add to this case..

    …and it won’t be people like me that will force these changes.. will be the middle class…

    ..the penny has dropped for them that aspiring to join that 10% who are screwing the rest of us blind/every which way…

    ..isn’t really working out for them..

    ..(they didn’t really mind too much when the poorest/weakest were being targeted..)

    ..but now they realise they are also being screwed/played/conned….

    ..and they willl demand these changes.. yrslves for capital-gains tax.(mid-thirties..?..).

    ..a more progressive tax rate..

    ..a financial transaction tax on the banksters.. latter to free up land for low-income/green-housing.

    ..much heavier sin taxes on booze/tobacco..

    ..enviro-taxing dirty industries clean..(and tax-relief for clean-industries/start-ups..

    ..the middle class are (finally!) realising that not only does trickle-down get defined as pissed-upon..

    ..but that their countries are being stolen/sold-off under their feet… in new zealand key is well on the way to doing the direct opposite to his promise that we will ‘not be tenants in our own country’..

    ..he should have a for-sale sticker slapped on his forehead…

    ..for one of those rare moments..

    ..honesty in politics..

    [email protected]

    • In Vino Veritas

      Hello Phillip. reference your 93%  to 10% claim please, so I can have a look. You seem to forget that capital is mobile. The 1% (whomever you consider them to be) will up sticks and move to a more friendly environment, should the tax reforms you believe are coming, arrive.
      As for CGT, there is already a capital gains tax in NZ, and it’s been around for many years. Havent you heard? The need for clean green industry isn’t what is was in the last few years due to the fact that climate change is an illusion.

      As for blaming Key for the sale of land owned by Westpac, surely that’s a bit far fetched, even for you?

      •  my bad..i just checked again..and it is the top 1% that have taken 93%…

        ..(which just strengthens my is on my from today..

        ..the evidence is from economics dept of ucla berkeley..

        ..and given our richest are the lowest-taxed in the oecd..where would they flee

        ..we do not have a comprehensive capital gains tax in new of the few oecd -countries not to have one..(agsin..where would they flee to..?..) america the debate is around raising it to mid-thirties..from the current 15%.. for registered property-developers…zero/nada/nothing…

        ..’haven’t you heard.?’..

        the rest of yr comment is just silly..and not worthy of reply..

        [email protected]

      •  (to go with below..)

        ..and there even is a chart..showing that 1% getting 93% breakdown..


        [email protected]

    • Sarrs

      Phil – you are living in a dream world. It is that simple. This utopia you speak of will never eventuate – National will probably get one more term and then Labour will have a resurgence (swings and roundabouts stuff) then Labour will come in, attempt to implement some of these ideas and after two or three terms (again, swings and roundabouts) National will be back in and dismantling it just as Labour will spend their first year or two dismantling National’s previously implemented policies.

      As you are a beneficiary I don’t consider you middle class and question your ability to comment on their thoughts. I consider myself and my friends/family middle class. Your sentiments are not echoed by a single person middle class person I know. 

      • Hakim of phut

        One more term ?
        National and its partners are  50.5% of the vote.  2 Mps down and they history.  Do you think Dunne wont be gone by lunchtime in his Wellington public servant heavy electorate

      • “..this utopia you speak of will never eventuate..”

        ..why not..?

        ..aren’t you aware this is the curtain-call for the neo-lib model..?

        ..don’t you know that national backbenchers/those in tight seats..are packing it…?

        ..knowing asset sales etc will see them in the wilderness for a very long time..

        ..and unfortunately..sometimes it has to get worse before the will is there to make it better..

        ..we are currently in the ‘get worse’ stage..

        ..and you get optimist of the week for yr assured call of a third key term..

        ..i mean..he is looking totally shagged/over it already…

        ..i’d be surprised if he sees out the term…

        [email protected]

      • Peter Wilson

        I’d consider myself middle class, family income of 130k+  but really class is a state of mind, and attitude.

        My mind has certainly been exercised lately of the changes that have happened over the last 20 years. But it’s not the super rich that are the problem, it’s the middle class! Always wanting more, keeping up with neighours etc etc. And that’s what has pushed up property prices, shutting the next generation out of the property market and the road to prosperity.

        There does need to be a new way, a successor to capitalism, but who knows what that will be? I quite liked Hone Harawira’s idea actually. Limit all incomes to a maximum of 200k. I thought, initially, how dopey, but then why not?

  • jay cee

    to get back to the original point,the rich prick comment was aimed at john key to highlight the fact that multi millionairs can hardly claim to know what its like at the chalk face of low wage and low career prospects life style.  i know i know he came from a faily poor background but thats not how hes living now.and no, this is not being said out of envy either.

    • Jester

      Chalk Face? I didn’t realize a career in education was a passport to low wages and low career prospects. I think you mean coal face jay cee.

      Btw, anyone who considers work at the coal face as having “low career prospects” deserves to fucking stay there.

    • Greg M

       Bollocks again. Rich people are in that position because mostly, like John Key, they got off their arse and did something to improve their life.
      Your so called poor people are in that situation because of THEIR choices, not the rich pricks.
      Did the rich pricks tell them “don’t bother going to school, beat the shit out of anybody not in your gang, then fuck anything that moves so you can claim a benny for life”
      The sooner society stops blaming every one else for their poor choices, the sooner the country will start getting ahead.
      No more excuses for losers, you make the choice, don’t expect me to pay for it when your life goes tits up.

      *Rant ended 23.13 hrs*

      •  statistics i have prove yr contention to be mistaken..greg m.

        ..there is very little inter-class climbing… the main the chidren of the rich are rich..

        ..and the rich are children of the rich..

        ..and the children of the poverty of both income and opportunity.. the main stay poor/struggling… is not a level playing field..

        ..and those inherited-rich who claim they are there thru their own superiority over the poor…

        ..are really just blowing it out their m..?

        [email protected]