Know your wharfies – Cecil Walker, Ctd

Have a listen to Cecil Walker change his story with Radio New Zealand.

In these clips, Mr Walker clearly complains about the company.  He attacks POAL’s negotiating position, and even his current working conditions.

I don’t realistically think he can claim he never attacked the company, which is the same claim that Helen Kelly’s been making today as she tries to paint Mr Walker as the victim of a heartless employer (which BTW, appears to have looked after him pretty well).

Both clips C/O Red Radio: The station with the direct union hotline.


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  • Guest

    WO, you spelt wanker wrong.

    • Travdog

      4 times too.

  • Euan Rt

    I’ve just noticed that in the original interview, Cecil says he almost lost his family because he was always at work doing 80 hours per week, and when he got home he was always grumpy and shouting at the kids. Now I am beginning to see how bad his employer was to him – making him work 80 hours per week. What bastards! ,,what? …he chose to work those hours himself?…you mean he didn’t have to work those hours?… then why did he? Cecil claims that he just wants regular hours so he can go shopping with the wife – yeah right.
    Cecil, I humbly suggest you pull your head in mate or you are going to be in line for a heap of ridicule from people who see your dishonesty.

    • Mr_Blobby

      5 Hours travelling to work, 5 Hours travelling home, 70 Hours sitting in the smoko room.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Poor baby.  When I was at sea and I ad a young family I got in from 5 weeks away and was asked if I could take a ship to Korea for dry dock 3 days later as they didnt have an experiemced Ch Off.  It was slated as 3 weeks away and ended up as 8 but I went as my employer wanted me to go.

      When I was ashore at my job interview I was asked if I would mind being away about 3 weeks  pa.  I ended up doing 3-4 months but that was my jpob and I had a good employer.

      If you get paid then you do what your employer wants.

      80hrs pw week at 28 buck ph equals 2240 pw.

  • Travdog

    I used to work for Higgins Contractors on night shift. Shifts varied 4 hours to 16/17 hour night shifts, sometimes in rain. No, not sitting in a cosy crane /straddle cab, WORKING in it. I got paid nothing close to these ungrateful arseholes, they need to grow some balls and harden the fuck up. Dairy farmed in Southland for 10 years working in snow/rain from 3am to 6-7 pm. Never in my life have I come across such a spineless, sissy, softcock, whingeing bunch of cunts as the striking wharfies.

    It angers me these gaggle of bitches call themselves men, what an utter fucking disgrace. Hard done by my left testice, these pricks don’t know how cushy the had it.

    edit: had it, lost it.

    • Beenthere

      They will only realise what they threw away, once they start applying for other jobs & find to their dismay, that they cant easily find something comparable.

      A good proportion of them will have the view that they’ll just go to Australia.., to which I say good riddance..

      • ConwayCaptain

        And raise the IQ of both countries in the process

  • mps

    you’re probably aware of the irony but it seems hypocritical to bleat about “leaked” information when it suits, but that side were quite happy to use illegally recorded private conversations either by dodgy cameramen or Labour Party activists 

  • Phar Lap

    Noticed TV Liebour Party masquerading as TV1 spun the Union Kelly lies and lines. To think that that channel gets so much of taxpayer money for misreporting the news.Seems THEY ARE FRIGHTENED TO GO AND DO SOME INVESTIGATING JOURNALISM.Would be great for that lot of bludgers ,would just for once give us both sides of the Auckland Port dispute.

    • MrMrsMissMs

       Don’t be an ignorant tosser – TVNZ pays a dividend TO the Government.  Why don’t you do some investigative reporting – since you obviously know what you are talking about and have no subjective biases… 

  • Kosh103

    So Cam, who did slip you the info?

    • I never reveal my sources. Neither does TVNZ, or TV3 or any other organisation.

      • Fozzie

        and you are ….. POA pimp …….

  • Global Conscience

    Hear me Hear me Hear me. Come see New Zealand. The people are caring, kind and empathetic. Just slip onto a big bloated self absorbed know all site Whale Oil and see the kind of people you will meet when you visit. then decide to go to smewhere more at peace, like Gaza, Iran, Irag.
    The populace of New Zealand will quickly find out that what is happening to the workers at the port will be coming to their work place very soon. Because it is economic nonsense to pay your workers a fair wage when you can make them all redundant and make them reapply at half the rate. The employers have John Key batting for them, and he is hell bent on forging a slave sect of 3500000 for the sole enjoyment of his faceless masters.
    New Zealand is in the death throes. And ignorant morons like cameron have not enough brain cells to actually see the truth.
    Treasury have publicly stated the country will be worse off after the sale of the state owned enterprises than it is now owning all of them. But that won’t stop Don Key. In his reality it means he has to sell more to get more, not realising that the more you sell, them more you give away. The mesiah is a false profit and will do as every national Party has for the past 40 years, left New Zealand neck deep in the shit and fast sliding the Standard of Living pole.

    • Jester

      Bad luck Global C you just landed on the You’re a fuckwit space

      Go straight to The Standard.

      Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200

    • Bunswalla

      Yes come to New Zealand and see how nice everyone is, but whatever you do don’t go down Tamaki Drive in the morning and try and go about your lawful business, because under cover of darkness the thugs come out to harass you, demand to know who you are, who you work for and what you’re doing. They will photograph your licence plate, prevent you from entering and rock your car if they want to.

      And don’t dare to express a view contrary to the union, either within it or across the road while they’re protesting. Fpr you will be beaten up, have your placards destroyed by a cowardly mob who will all run away when the police come.

      Best go to China or Korea where they shoot unionists so you’ll be safer there.

      • Guest

        Hell yeah. And NZ absolutely has to be better, cheaper, faster, more efficient and more productive than China and Korea or we may was well fuck off back to civilization and give the whole country to Tame Iti! 

        NZ can’t afford benefits, Labour, Unions, Greens, and especially not a “minimum” wage and “maximum” hours worked.

        Those wharfs should get about $100 each week for working whenever-the-fuck the employer wants 80 or 100 hours or whatever.  

        And what’s really depressing is that if we did that: we’d still be more expensive, less productive that Sydney or Melbourne let alone China or Korea! 

        What’s most depressing of all is that the stupid, stupid fucking Port company is paying NINE MILLION DOLLARS REDUNDANCY PAY to these completely worthless bludgers — who don’t deserve a job, let alone benefits.

        Throw ’em on the street, ban ’em from getting any redundancy, or any benefits,
        let ’em starve in the gutter.

    • Balanced View

      You have it wrong. What’s been “happening” in our workplace has finally gone to “their” workplace.


      Better then seeing a bunch of useless fuckers complaining about how hard done by they are,and how terrible their employer is.Then resorting to bully boy,school yard tatics,because they end up loosing.FFS,Anyone looking at this strike  will take one look at the evidence that is available,and agree with the rest of us in this fine country.You guys had it good.Go cry elsewhere.

    • Work for a living

       “pay your workers a fair wage” absolutely fair and reasonable. You just have to work to earn it, not sit up in a crane box reading a newspaper.

      That you don’t/can’t/won’t realise this is your problem is your loss. Ironically, that’s exactly what has happened.

    • Muffin

      You really are a fuckwit…. about time you got a job

    • Travdog

      Just one question, where is Irag? is that between Iraq and Iran? please advise, I think my Atlas is misprinted…

      • Bunswalla

        It’s between Iraq and a hard place…

      • Travdog

        Brilliant Bunswalla, just brilliant.

    • Beenthere

      is that you cunliffe?

    • newbe

      so mr conscience I guess the union is not screwing its members??? Is it true they are demanding  a percentage of their redundency??? Yes they are…and after they lose them their jobs/


  • Stevo

    Now the union has lost, ie previously employed ‘workers’ now redundant, because all the jobs for lazy non productive, non reasonable  people are no longer required.

     It does now seem a new munz tactic is to flood WO’s pages with moronic crap from people with below average IQ.    

    • SerSydney

      Let ’em. MSM wont show their vile retiric.
      This way they are exposing themselves on the No. 1 blog in NZ.

      And it does provide some lite relief.

      • Greg M

         Agreed SerSydney, now people can see what complete tossers they are. Makes it real easy to understand POAL’s logic.

      • Stevo

        Yes they will look stupid, sorry, more stupid.

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    I wonder if these union members go shopping in the weekends.  What about the families of those workers in the shops?

    As one of those workers, the wailing and crying from these idiots is pathetic.  My co-workers and I can’t believe the union rhetoric.  Ask the PO Tauranga staff what their family life is like.  I’m sure they have their stresses like any family, but it’s not the disaster the MUNZ propaganda would have you believe.

    • Patriot

      Saw Cecil Walker interview on TV.
      He gets 21 weeks leave and complains POAL is a Bad employer .

      Cecil Walker is pathetic and a BAD  employee — POAL needs productive workers , not cry babies . Harden up Man , get stuck in

      The Union bleating is so Communistic that the propoganda from Helen Kelly & Gary Parsloe is  making them a laughing stock of weak wimps crying how poor their members are

      — — when the rest of us can see  they can earn up to $91,000 for 26 hours /week with a few more hours in the tea room playing darts .  Boo Hoo

      Parsloe — RESIGN.