Know your Wharfies – Cecil Walker

Port striker Cecil Walker went on Morning Report yesterday slagging off the Ports of Auckland:

Radio New Zealand is just blindly repeating the stories of the unionists without checking their backgrounds. This is Cecil Walker:

Once again I have been emailed by several people upset about the blatant lies of strikers, especially Cecil Walker:

The Company did everything it could to allow Cecil to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

From the time she was diagnosed in 2007 to the time she passed away in 2008, the company gave him:

  •  17 Sick Domestic Days off on full pay (equivalent of 3.5 weeks off)
  • 25 Compassionate Leave days off (equivalent of 5 full weeks off).  There is no obligation by law or company policy to grant any such leave, but the Company chose to look after this employee.
  • 8 Sick Days off on full pay (equivalent to 1.5 weeks off)
  • 6 Bereavement Leave days off during that period (however only 3 were for his wife’s passing)
  • 50 Annual Leave days off (for which he had not accrued that much leave) and for which 2 of those weeks were for taking his kids on a holiday after his wife passed away. (That’s another 10 weeks of paid leave)

So in total over that period, Cecil Walker was given 21 weeks off on full pay.  On top of this because we knew she was not in good health, the company did other things such as for the last POAL Christmas in the Park, we organised for a limo to pick them up from their house and take them to the event and for her to meet Frankie Stevens who she loved and go behind the scenes as well as another limo taking them home.

Cecil Walker recently remarried.  This year his new wife had a baby.  The company tracked her down to where she was staying and sent a 5 tiered baby gift basket to him to celebrate this new beginning….

These are not the signs of a Company that does not look after its staff and their families!

You may also want to mention the fact that we have paid every employee that has been diagnosed with cancer on full pay while they have been seeking treatment. Again, not a sign of a company that does not look after their staff!

Yeah right is more appropriate to Cecil Walker’s hard done by story that Red Radio lapped up without fact checking.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Well Cecil, very soon you will feel this cold, hard bite. That is reality pal, and your new reality is that you have forsaken a high standard of employer for the sake of ideological doomsayers and hate speakers.

    Hope your next employer (if you get one) is not even half as good, then you might realise how manipulated you have been.

  • Unionmole

    Cecil Walker is also a crane driver – and a good one at that – so he is on the higher rate of $38 an hour.  Sorry to see this guy turn into such an ingrate

    • William_Shakespeare

      “How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child”

  • ConwayCaptain

    As I used to tell my Cadets the first rule of man amanagement is “Look after your troops and your troops look after you”.  Exactly how the great commanders like Montgomery, Alexander etc operated.

    Unfortunately whenn you are dealing with brainwashed people like members of MUNZ it doesnt always work.

  • Brian Smaller

    What an ungrateful arse this guy is.  

    • Semna

      He had a lovely wife who really appreciated all the Port did for them as their children were very young and she was desperate to live and spend time with them.  She would be disappointed he has come to this.

    • Grandstream

      No, what a bunch of brain washing pricks the union are ! Parsloe & Kelly should hang their heads in shame !  As for idiots like Willy Jackson, if this is typical of the employers he barnded as  facist, right wing employer, them more of them the merrier !

  • Dave

    Well, POAL simply have to get this info public, get their PR machine in action.   A comparative example.   I worked in a “big corporate”   I was diagnosed with cancer, had a lot of time off, but did not get paid for most of it, they looked after me, but not nearly as generously as POAL has looked after Cecil.

    Please POAL – here is an opportunity to simply and VERY PUBLICLY correct Cecil’s comments, in the public eye, and state the disappointment.   Let the true story be know.

    10 weeks off…….   thats almost THREE MONTHS.   

    • P2TP

      Did you die you stupid shit! he lost his wife and their 3 young kids lost their mother forever!she wasn’t just diagnosed with cancer she lost her life. You are absolutely pathetic all of you. Cecil’s a hardworker for more than 14years with the ports and Tony Gibson was not the CEO at the time so its nothing this CEO done for them and their family. You are all stupid fish taking the rotten bait of this blogger and the bullshit he chucks out you all feed on it. SHAME on all of yous for your digusting remarks.

      • Pukakidion

         Lady, no one begrudges the fact that he was treated with respect by his employer.  It was the right thing to do.   Unfortunately comments on here also say he is a great worker and good guy.  Unfortunately he is caught up with the Union arsewipes.  He is bing duped along with your husband.  Tell them to get back to work.

      • Bunswalla

        Fuck off dickhead – working the wharves is not a 9-5 job, ships come and go on the tides and schedules and the fact of the matter is people DO have to work uncomfortable hours if they want to be in that industry. I did shift work for 5 years and eventually it got too hard so what did I do? I got another fucking job that suited me better.

        I didn’t behave like a complete dickhead and shit all over my employer because of the type of business they were in. And don’t even pretend that this is about uncertainty and families – what a crock of shit “yous” are putting out. A roster a month in advance, guaranteed 160 hours work each month and 90% of ships arrive within 1 hour of their scheduled ETA published weeks in advance. Do me a fucking favour, you muppet.

        Oh, and good luck on the dole queue – loser

      • ConwayCaptain

        To P2TP

        He was lucky he had an employer who really looked after him.  I am self employed and my wife did temping work.  She had breast cancer and was taken into hospital and the tumour in her spine was inoperable.

        I looked after her for 7 months when she was bed ridden and did EVERYTHING plus ran a business as well to try and keep things going.

        Yes I had insurance that paid out as it was a terminal illness but it was a hard road.  Carl was bloody lucky, I didnt have 5 months off on 90K+ pa or whatecver to look after my bwife.

        He is damn lucky he had an employer liket hat and then to go and slag off thosen good samaritans is the pits

      • Putting it in perspective

        Lady, you need to take a chill pill.  When you have someone like Helen Kelly – who NEVER contacted those three families who lost their loved ones down at the Port of Tauranga to aid her spin in the media, then you cannot put someone up like Cecil Walker and expect everyone to leave him alone because he lost his wife.  Helen Kelly attacked those families without thought for what they have been through!  Their loved ones were killed on the job.  There were then subject to investigation and hearings, it was dragged out and they needed closure. Cecil Walker never had to go through that.  So you need to get this in perspective. 

        His wife was on television for goodness sake.  She was a beautiful and courageous woman who bravely shared her story with the whole of New Zealand and on numerous occasions.

        Nobody is saying Cecil isn’t a hard worker here, but what he did was that he put up his hand to be judged.  You cannot say that your employer is unfair and does not think of the family life of its employees when it goes to extreme lengths to aid them in times of trouble. 

        The Union and Helen Kelly have been remiss if they did not believe that Cecil Walker would have been attacked.  Every person that puts their hand up to go on record to the media will be subject to very intense scrutiny.  The Union and Helen Kelly cannot be THAT stupid! 

        When you work at any Port you know that you are working a 24/7 job.  You are taken through your contract about shift work before you sign.  You are allowed to take your contract home and discuss it with your family before you sign.  They sacrifice a bit of family time to provide better for their families.  Most, probably think that they will work hard out for a couple of years and then give it up.  The awful truth is that they get sucked into the money and become dependent on it.  You are paid well because of the awful hours.  If your husband wants to spend more time at home with you then he needs to take a Monday to Friday day job.  However he will in all liklihood have to take a paycut which will affect your family circumstances.  Its the price you pay.  You weigh up what is in the best interest of your family and you make your decision on that.  Don’t sit there complaining that you want the day job but with the shift work rate.  You can’t have it both ways.  By abusing everyone else in this forum you are showing that you are losing rational thought.  You cannot point the finger at others when the Union campaign are pointing the finger at anyone that crosses their radar. If you want to blanket yourself in the comfort and support of like minded people  then I suggest you go to the Standard.

      • kehua

        Enoha ehoa, If Cecil is goonna spill his guts he should talk about the good as well as the bad. Sounds to me like Cecil is a selfish, greedy  and thoroughly ungratefull prick.

      • Scanner

        Of course he didn’t die, dead people don’t write on computers (unless you’re Robin Bain ) which make you the “stupid shit”.
        If Cecil had half a brain he would have walked through the pathetic picket and said he was ready to work, now he has identified himself as a trouble maker and shot himself in the foot.
        One thing remember is while these dumb arses strike they don’t get paid, Parsloe and Kelly do

  • Quintin Hogg

    POAL sounds like a good place to work.

    Pity the MUNZ lads have decided to bite the hand etc…..

    • Bilcaro

      Now’s your chance they seem to be taking on new employees on all these great condition. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys If you think you can stand the pace go for it

  • Corner-shop…not

    It is a major nay epic failure of reporting and media in this country that these sorts of facts are just not being shown in the media. Why the fuck are the media shying away from offering the full story to include this sort of info. If they were trying to be populist – then by all the accounts the public would love to hear these facts that show what true scum MUNZ !!
    If they want to ‘defend’ their rights, then then tell Cecil it is the company’s right to demand all that money back for the extra care that they gave him. GRR!!

    • Brian Smaller

       Because most of the media are left-wing sympathisers or too stupid to actually do their jobs.

    • Splog

      Yeah and they don’t want USA heavies giving them concrete boots.  After all, who owns the worldwide media

    • BJ

      The poor excuse for a media we have in this country today is unfortunately greatly responsible for stoking the fire of discontent.  

      Why do they continue to give the MUNZ tossers airtime when there is no dispute story anymore – those union workers don’t have their jobs anymore – end of story.If the media were to show the integral other side honestly, then this story line they’re pumping would fizzle and the situation would die out.  But no, like the union bosses with no integrity, it is in the media’s interest  to keep the fallacy going at the expense of all other citizens and indeed this country.

    • Bilcaro

      Yep to right… they will most likely take it out of his redundancy pay and give it to Gibson to pay for some of his birthday

  • Mbw1964

    Cecil you ungrateful, disloyal twat. I cannot believe how some people can take so much and yet give so little. Seems to me the workers at poal have been having it rich for far too long. Oh to have such generous employers, salaries and conditions. I don’t begrudge people these things if they work for it and show some loyalty and respect, but this lot have done nothing and now have nothing. I hope the poal and the contracting companies only re-employ those hardworking loyal souls who have been hard done by by the actions of these ingrates. Please no conciliatory terms poal, stick to your guns. To the Police, please ensure the safety of those trying to get in and take immediate action against those trying to intimidate. To Gary Parsloe, you’ve done everyone involved harm, now go away. To Radio Live, please sack that stupid arse wee willie Jackson. To David Shearer, are you sure, I mean really sure? You actually believe you can lead the labour party and have what it takes to be PM? Give it up mate, you don’t have it.

    • Dave

      MBW   Agree entirely.   Shearer knows he needs public support to get anywhere, or he will be tumbled from office within 12 months.   But, he also knows he can’t win this, as the Public of NZ stand largely with the POAL.   He will remain on the sidelines, busying himself anywhere but the POAL / MUNZ dispute.  An invisible man, except where the opportunity arises for him to hold a smiling baby for a picture in the media or a TV news camera.

      To the Police – if there is an accident as a result of the entrance to POA being blocked, i you will charge the protestors, as they will have been the root cause of the accident.     The police need to think very very carefully about this, as they will be setting a precedent on their handling of this and of keeping the roads clear, and POA access open to law abiding citizens.

      •  David Shearer wasn’t on the sidelines when he marched with MUNZ on Saturday, and then addressed the gathering afterwards, assuring them that the Labour Party supported them in their cause. 

    • pwr2dapeople

      Mdw1964 you need to pull your head out of your butt or more so out of the right wing twats butt, and smell the roses. cecil was not ungreatful or dis loyal he is telling it like it is. You obvisously believe the propagander you read. Cecil is a very hard working person whom still has the highest crane rates at the ports of Auckland I believe 57 containers in a hour. As to the conditions yes they have been offered 160 hours a month but at the companies beckon call, with an 8 hour period before their shifts start to change it, therefore if you had a day allocated off then at 9 o’clock the night before POAL can call you and demand you work, bugger what you and the family had planned. destroying family life.Also if they can give you a roster a month in advance why wasn’t it done before, because shipping changes all the time, Pearson should stop comparing us to overseas ports in the northern hemisphere, they get more ships and more containers. Compare apples with apples. I know jobs are hard to find but working under their proposed conditions is like slave labour, you dont like china and their slave labour but refuse to notice it in your own country, [why did our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers go to war for] not to live like this. So again pull your head out of your butt. 

      • Arnold

        they did not go to war so that fuckin gorilla’s can abuse and intimidate women like the strikers did…my father was a staunch union man, and even he would be disgusted with the thugs involved in this….this union is rotten to the core….time to come ibto the 21st century folks….

  • Jedi

    Once again, another MUNZ bait FAIL

    • P2tp05

      Once again another idiot that doesn’t know the full story!

      • Bunswalla

        Once again another dickhead with a sense of entitlement and no loyalty to his employer, who’s clearly both generous and caring. Who cares who the CEO was then, dickhead? It’s the POAL that pays his wages, not Tony Gibson.

        Did you fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down?

  • Euan Rt

    “It’s not like in 1951, it’s not as cushy as that now. We have to work in the rain and cold for up to 3 hours at a time without a half hour break…” He works in a crane for goodness sakes, so he is not in the rain, and he honestly expects peolple to believe the crane is not airconditioned? Basic tractors have aircon these days. Sorry mate, you have had some knocks like the rest of us in life, but you need to understand your old job was one in a million and you lost it with the help of your ungrateful union. Goodluck with providing for your new family.

    • AzaleaB

      Too right – my tractor has aircon – the wind blows nicely on my face as I move around the farm:)
      If I move fast enogh, some of thr rust leaves a little trail.
      Maybe I should sell my company and get a job on the wharves where I can then afford a decent tractor.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Yup, the bit about working in the rain for a few hours with no rest made me roar with laughter! This guy cannot be serious, surely? Try working on a south island farm for a few weeks in winter, 8 hrs or more in the rain, or if it’s not raining, it’s -5 in the morning and reaches 0 by lunch time.
    I don’t know, but I’d suggest there is a cab on the cranes that this bloke drives, so I doubt whether he (or his iPod) get wet at all.

    • Brian Smaller

       Poor wee things. So they have to work int he rain for three hours , then spend the next five in the canteen playing cards.  Why POAL has not gone on a counter-media campaign against these dumb-asses is beyond me.

      • Euan Rt

        I am beginning to realise that POAL are taking the high moral road because they know there is no where for these wharfies to run. There is no legal battle pending that intimidates them, so they are keeping their heads down and noses clean so that nothing can be flung back at them requiring concessions. They don’t need to retaliate because there is nothing to be gained. They now have a better outcome than they could have hoped for, as they were not to know the union would not accept any of their 9 offers. They are rid of the problematic area of their workforce and rather being a large employer they can concentrate on running the port. I wonder what date is set for the new contracting companies to take over? Can’t be too far off now.

    • P2TP

      Like you said a few weeks in the rain for 8 hours a day that doesn’t compare to the wharfies who are in the rain all winter long 24/7…2am in the morning lashing containers or 10pm in the pouring rain, hail, storm whatever while be hoisted in the air. Some do straight 16 hours lashes a day alrite MATE and then 64 hours a week some more. You are another clueless nobody who thinks you know the role of a wharfie. Im pretty sure you get to decide when and where your break is they don’t! Im a wharfie wife so don’t you try and say my husband and his mates are lucky. Keep reading the bullshit of this blogger who keeps spreading these vicious rumors of the whafies. I know when my husbands slogging his guts out for his employee you don’t!

      • Jester

        91k buys alot of cough lollies.

      • Euan Rt

        I can see you are angry, but to suggest that people here do not know what real work is, is quite naieve. As an ex dairy farmer I would have given my eye teeth for the worst conditions you can imagine on the wharf. For a start Auckland does not get cold. No mud to the top of your gumboots. A nice warm smoko room full of toys to look forward to on breaks. The opportunity of a hot shower… 
        I know you don’t want to hear it but the conditions on the wharf are cushy. When wharfies are working, no one is suggesting that they are not working. But to treat your employer with such disdain, I’m sorry but you would be shown the door in my business.

      • Pukakdon

         Lady if your husband is on strike now, tell him to end it and go and get his job back, he is not the one at fault, it is the dick heads who have talked him into this.  I only hope he is not one of the dickheads pissing on the bbq and acting like a arsewipe because it might not go good for him.

        You and he will regret ever getting mixed up with these union clowns, they would not give two hoots about you and your family when it all turns to shit.

        Unfortunately your husband has been duped….

      • Bunswalla

        Get back in the kitchen you troll and cook the man some eggs

      • ConwayCaptain


        Has your husband bee up a fore deck in Storm conditions with water up to his waist trying to securE frightened horses carrieD as deck cargo???

        Has he been up trying to secure drums of cargo which have brokeN loose in storm conditions???

        Has he been down an Engine room getting a severely injured man out who has fallen 10 metres???

        Has he been called out in the middle of the night to fight an engine room fire at sea??

        Has he had to treat someone with appendicitis at sea????

        Has he been on a sailing ship with 30 trainees in horrendous weather????

        That is what I have had to deal with at sea.

        Tell your husband when he has obtained a certificate of competency with a pass mark of 70% and done the above then he can come BLEEATING.

      • Beenthere

        Raincoats are supplied free of charge by the company

      • Light

        The lashers often work one hour on one hour off.  In some cases one hour on two hours off.  Much depends on what the lashing plan for the vessel is and how many containers are on deck.  POAL supply the lashing crew with shoes, boots, gumboots, quilted raincoats, balaclavas, helmets, sunglasses, gloves and who knows what else.  They do everything that they can to make it as comfortable and warm as they can but they do not control the weather and stevedores, just like everyone else who choses to work in an outdoor environment, will encounter bad weather days.  No one lashes for 16 hours solid.  Lashing is physically demanding and they get the breaks to get their strength back.  I assume this is either in the POAL Health and Safety manual or in their former union collective agreement. 

      • BJ

        I think your husbands been telling you porkies about how hard he works. I guess he comes home, puts his feet up and you run round after him because he tell’s you he’s so worn out from the soul destroying job of a wharfie

      • kehua

        Sloggin his guts my arse, if that,s the case they must be superhuman down in Tauranga.

      • Scanner

         Perhaps your husband comes home tired because he’s been shagging your sister, after all why eat mutton when you can have lamb.

  • BJ

    The port workers do not have a clue about what wonderful jobs they had. I doubt whether many of the longer term ones could even recall what a decent days work is. And the trouble is that because they are brainwashed union members that have had cushy employment with such a sense of entitlement it would now be problematic for any other industry to employ them with such entrenched attitudes.  

    All they needed to do was show some flexibilty to retain those dream jobs and now they are gone. BOO HOO

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  • Ian McG.

    The dispute is not over whether  POAL has given an employee (or even several employees) consideration and benefits in circumstances such as noted in this blog but is about what  POAL
    is doing in relation to the employment of all the employees who are members of the Union ; virtual casualisation and reduction of hours and now making them redundant. Surely Cecil Walker or any other employee can talk about those matters even if they have been a beneficiary of human kindness from the employer.  That kindness shown to Cecil Walker is not part of the dispute. It would help if comments kept to the subject. Those benefits were freely given from a decision freely made by the employer at the time.

    Bringing extraneous matters in does not help the dicussion.

    • Euan Rt

      On the contrary, bringing these matters in establishes POAL intent to look after their employees, whether or not they are union affiliates. The union has tried to make this about families (which none buys into by the way), And it is established here that POAL have indeed been very considerate towards employees and their families. 

    • Doug_S

      I believe you could put it into more simple terms. “Having your cake and eating it”. If my employer had shown such good faith to me in my time of need I would make damn sure I never raised my head above the parapet or show any disloyalty at all. His first mistake was either joining or staying with the MUNZ. Likely he will have retained his job even after redundancy if he had just said nothing or quit MUNZ. There is the possibility he may still retain his job but his actions have career limiting consequences.

    • BW_Lord

      Accidently liked it, I wish i could take it back.

      How can the kindness and benefits shown by the port as the employer not be a consideration, when they are being smeared in a dirty and downright untruthful media campaign? Of course it has relevance, merely in disputing the lies put forth by union representatives.

      It will likely have no impact on the outcome of the dispute, but thats not the point. Now people can understand that poor little cecil deserves evreything he gets.

    • BJ

      A 40 hour week is a benchmark. 160 hours  a month sounds great to me. If they wanted to work 60+ hr a week then the reward is many days in a row off in 4 week period Who among the rest of us have that flexibility in our jobs. They need their heads read.

      They say its not about money which is an outright lie. Work 28hr – get paid for 43hr – that is 15hrs of money for nothing they didn’t want to lose. And, if the labour is better rostered to each vessel  then there will be everyone doing what they’re paid to do without some of the higher paid workers getting excessive amounts more for doing something outside their job description – and they didn’t want that to happen either.

      Its human nature to fight not to lose something that you hold dear – especially when you have a misguided sense of entitlement. Time to grow up and be brave MUNZ and go out in to the big wide world like the rest of us.

    • Kthxbai

      You’ve missed the point of WO’s post, Ian.

      Mr Walker has a right to talk about his employment, of course.  But the employer has a right to rebut any untruths and to fill any gaps in the picture he has painted.

      Which is what appears to have happened.

    • Mickrodge

       Sorry Ian but that’s sheer unadulterated bullshit you’re spouting there.

      Bringing extraneous matters in DOES help the discussion because it provides balance to a media coverage that to date continues to paint these striking workers as hard working, “salt of the earth” types just trying to feed their families.

      The unions greed & decision to “die in a ditch” in order to retain their incredibly generous working conditions has backfired.

      Cheerio I say.

    • Bunswalla

      Extraneous matters such as casualisation you mean? Nothing in any of the offers made to MUNZ, nor in the contracts awarded to the three companies, has anything to do with casualisation. All the offers made to MUNZ had no redundancies and nio casualisation at all – they simply wanted some flexibility in rostering, while still guaranteeing 160 hrs paid work every month, and the ability to choose your own shifts well in advance.

      Extraneous matters like implying that all the redundant workers were unionists, do you mean? Dozens of redundancies apply to non-union employees as well, so it;s a complete red herring to say this is attacking the union. In fact the union brought it ENTIRELY on themselves, and continue to jeopardise their likelihoods and family’s futures.

      And for what, exactly?

  • CommonSense404

    So what happens when the redundant workers who refuse to apply for new jobs with the contracting company apply for a benefit….? So there was work available for which you are qualified but you chose not to apply….? Would be an interesting discussion down at WINZ

  • BW_Lord

    Heard the first advert for port workers a few minutes ago. Asking for experienced workers to apply through AWF and Drake.

    I only wish I could find an employer as dedicated to the welfare of their staff. They put up with this shit for far too long.

  • Note to Wharfies – they won – you lost end of story – 1951 was a long time ago guys – welcome to the 21st century…..Accept you can’t be paid as a full timer any more, hourly rate rules and you get paid when you work.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I reckon that the LLWU and MUA are not here to threaten other workers who are not on strike but to make sure that Parsloe et al dont buckle.

    • Jester

      Hey Captain. You are exactly right. I have been thinking this for some time. Munz are fucked, they know their fucked. “Please Bishop Whatever, mediate for us” “Please Len, get us around the table” “Please Maersk, meet with us”. But this is all for survival.

      Sorry but MUNZ have recieved a good old fashioned rooting from POAL and those international shit for brains bully boys know that if the line breaks its a ripple effect.

      A worker is a link in the chain of MUNZ,
      MUNZ is a link in the chain of the CTU
      CTU is a link in the chain of international unionism.

      All linked, and if one of those links break….its good night nurse!

  • Is he expecting us to believe that his job and work conditions are worse than those of the 1950s? Because he has to stand in the rain from time to time? I believe there was also rain back then.

    And then was he complaining about only having a 30 minute break every two hours? Sorry… I’m a little confused. That sounds like quite a lot to me. 

    And then he blamed the company for the fact that he verbally abused his family? 

    Sorry if I don’t have a lot of sympathy for that.

    • Vlad

      The thing is Joel, before 1951 the weather was perfect every day, and if it rained, it rained money.  As a result of capitalist plots, global warming (sorry CLIMATE CHANGE) started that very year, and since then, from time to time it has rained WATER.  This is poorly understood by us ordinary folks, but people at The Standard know the details and will tell you all about it.

  • Ian McG.

    In reply to BJ 
    160 hours a month is not 40  hrs a week. There is more than 4 weeks in a month.
    160 a month x 12 mths =1920 pere year. 40 per week x 52 = 2080 per year.

    • Euan Rt

      160 hours was a guaranteed minimum and then you have holidays to consider.

    • BJ

      If you know that  the 160 hr per month is a calendar month I stand corrected 

    • Ciaron_A

      I know this probably won’t be universal, but chatting with our accounts department, we only have two five week months per year, the rest are 4. Thats 83% :)

      • Ian McG.

        What is that proving ?

    • Bafacu

      Truck loads of people work 37.5 hour weeks = 1950 hours per annum.  They are sill guaranteed 160 hours per month, not exactly casual or irregular. So what is your point?

      • Ian McG.

        My point exactly. They are not being guaranteed even an average of 40 hrs a week. They would get paid for only about 37 guaranteed, not 40 as implied.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Tell you what the NZSU/MUNZ are like.

    On a tranms tasman ship in 18 months we were in service we never paid an officer off sick.  In the 18 months we had at least one per voyage of the crew and one it was found out had THREE ACC claims going at the same time.

    Every voyage I did apart from coastal voyages we always had to fly a crew member home.  Un British run ships it was v unusual to pay someone off overseas unless it was a MAJOR.  With the Cooks and Stewards ( a separate union) if they paid off sick their job was held open so they could rejpoin the next voyage.  OK then go sick halfway through, pay off pop home on sick leave, next swing hes back!!

    I got a hard time as I flew and officer home with conjunctivitis.  Until I explained to the dipstick in the office that if another officer used the same binocs that would be a second officer down and so on.

  • Simon O

    Yet they tried to fire another worker the day that his wife gave birth. 

    • Pukakidion

       He must have really deserved it then.   You cant help everyone especially the piss takers who use any excuse.

  • Bunswalla

    Has anyone else noticed the similarity between MUNZ and the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

    POAL: Chops off the left arm (makes 292 redundant)
    MUNZ: T’is but a scratch! (this ain’t over yet – good luck unloading any more ships!)

    POAL: Chops off the right arm (continues to unload ships with 25% greater productivity)
    MUNZ: It’s just a flesh wound (right, we’ll go on stirke for even longer!)

    POAL: Chops off the left leg (On Q & A: “It’s all over”)
    MUNZ: No it isn’t! (let’s have some more mediation, PLEASE, with the Mayor, the Bishops, anybody)

    POAL: Chops off the right leg, leaving a bloody corpse (breaks the hard picket, despite union thugs, ships continue to load and unload, contracts are awarded, staff recruitment starts in earnest)
    MUNZ: So, we’ll call it a draw shall we?

    • EpochNZ

       Good call!  Was thinking that exact same thing in the weekend…

  • James

    So are there any jobs going at the ports going now? I’m single and keen to start anytime….cushy.

    • jackwhite

      what as ……a under the desk cleaner

      • Euan Rt

        no body could do that job as good as you eh jack-off?

      • StacyMcNaught

         @ Euan Rt, correct, that will be why the union is fighting so hard to keep the cushy jobs such as that on lol

  • Tim G.

    POAL leaking wharfies sick leave records on the internet. They have reached new lows.

    As for your sycophants carrying on about a “counter-media”, “PR campaign” needed by the PoAL. What the fuck do you think you are reading? Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

    You are an ignorant, compassionless, sickly sector of society. The worst of NZ machoism (“I am harder than the wharfies, I wear gumboots!”) mixed with the hardest-hearted upper class pricks, completely lacking in capacity for critical analysis.

    Voids, husks, shells of human beings… wake up!

    • Karlos

      Tim, look around, the whole country is against your plight, MUNZ is taking you for a ride filling you with half truths, empty promises, and still recieving full pay while you and your family suffer. Unfortunately, in this situation me thinks you may be the ignorant one.

      We do have compassion for the wharfies that are stuck in the Union and too scared to get out (battered wife syndrome), all WO is doing is trying to open your eyes and let you know we don’t want the bullying to continue.

      Good luck Tim.

      • Bilcaro

        And Gibson and co are telling the truth, can you elaborate on how you know?

      • Tim G.

         Oh Karlos, you are ever so understanding of me and my family’s plight – I guess I was wrong and you *do* have hearts, after all! I have obviously been duped and kept from my work at the port, except that:

        a) I do not work at the port;
        b) I do not live in New Zealand;
        c) it is possible to have compassion for a group of people whose privacy is being violated and who are being openly and very personally abused on this fatfuck’s blog by his cock-sucking sycophants, without a motive of self-interest.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        So you dont live here, dont contribute here so are obviously “well informed”.
        Thanks, but fuck off now.

    • Beenthere

      Bollocks, Cecil went public saying how bad the company was, leaving out any facts that didn’t suit the image, he wanted to portray.
      That wasn’t a smart move.

    • ConwayCaptain

      1 How do you know that POAL leaked it???

      2 We are not upper class pricks but a broad segment of society with a wide variety of experiemce.

      3 I assume that you are a wharfie or attached to them in some way??  I suggest you do a bit of critical analysis.  Even Len Brown says you should have accepted the 1st offer.

    • Bilcaro

      Well said mate a few gutless pricks on here hiding behind their keyboards in their nice warm office.They should get down to the picket line and tell them what they think. (yeah right)

      • ConwayCaptain

        Well those on the picket line dont like people disagreeing with them and are known to hit out.  Why go down to the pickegt line and try and have an intelligent discussion with people whose IQs are not very high.  Well they have had to import the BRUVVERS from Aus and the USA to help them.

      • Ronnie Chow

         But will they fight one on one like real men ? Or will they “Gang Up” on me ? Oh shit….there it is . You guys are a gang , powerless as individuals , and you have lost your toys . Boo hoo . Game over , kiddies .

  • Pingback: Port thuggery « The Standard()

  • Lloydm111

    Where did you get this info fatty, sounds like someone has been receiving details from the PoAL HR – Naughty boy. As for the comments, you people are sick!

  • Prognosticator

    Cameron, you realise that by sharing this you lower yourself to the level of Darien Fenton on the POA FB page, linking to Ports employees private pages?

    Or worse, you prick.

  • P2TP

    Bunswalla…come see me then see if you can call me a troll your wife might look that way but I sure as hell aint no troll would’ve been a good one if it were true.Your poor wife is that where you keep her in the kitchen cooking you some eggs Jake? I wonder what other traits you share with ‘Jakie boy’ you probably give her a little slap here and there, you get on the piss and then drown your sorrows on this dumb blogg lol.. well she’s probably better off in the kitchen where she can’t see your grotesque face and im sure thats an understatement..Oh your wife’s finished cooking now, guess what your having for dinner?? Fried SCAB ahaha…

  • P2TP

    To everyone elses opinions to me..I don’t have to justify everything the wharfies do all I wanted to say was my bit just as yous having been saying your bit trying to put abit of truth on here but actually ive got better things to do with my time then gossip back and forth all day gets abit too boring for me. I think the POA are doing a top job wasting all the companies money that the wharfies make for them a good couple million with 10 more to go on their PR and handing out private information only to have it twisted around by this depressed dickhead ‘whale oil’ who is probably getting paid a heap for trashing them..get a life of your own all of you..doubt that will happen though. Well im off to do better things in this world then slog off workers..won’t be returning to this worthless site but im sure you’ll have lots to say after i leave…have fun…

    • Euan Rt

      ….and herein lies the rub P2BBQ -listen carefully now … “wharfies do not make money for POAL, POAL pay wharfies to do a job”. If you will not do the job, then someone else will. 

      • Gazkelloe

        yeah your right about that…so technically who are the ‘SCABS’ now??

  • Michaelwells

    What I want to know is everyone here is saying that they should learn what a 40 hour working week is like….how many ‘professionals’ and such are actually productive for their employer for 40 hours per week???

  • yorkie

    cecil you don’nt know what the word WORK means. you have been sucked in by parsloe and kelly,both who are still getting paid while you fuck around holding posters.if you do not like the new work conditions go get a new job if anyone would have you. your problem is you have too much time on your hands, paid far too much and feel that the world owes you a living,grow up or better still fuck off to Aussie and take your mates parsloe and kelley with you.  

  • Tiger Mountain

    Tipsters? Narkline/curtain twitchers heaven more like.
    Whale is happy to shovel the shit for his masters when it is an anti union agenda, but rather tardy to breathlessly tell readers the truth about Richard Worth, Banksie, Mike Sabin and even the party president.

    • Ronnie Chow

       Whale oil was used for illumination and soap , and this Whaleoil finds the lies from whomever and refutes them with FACT . Simple,cold hard facts . Not heresay,innuendo , slander and whimpering self-pity , which all seems to be coming from the likes of you guys . And he’s smarter than you , too

  • Dr Wang

    “Cecil the Sook” has been hoist by his own petard. Like so many of the other MUNZ monkeys he brought his family into the debate, but then started bleating when someone else exposes his selective memory and starts revealing the true details of his work/family life (and the generosity his employer showed him during his hard times).

    You can’t have it both ways Cecil, although you have apparently come to believe that you are entitled to. You are behaving like a spoilt brat, but it’s time to grow up – you are in the real world now.


  • Firstly this time off and caring about his family was with the previous management company and not the current CEO, and secondly I think there is a hidden agenda by the Auckland council to close the port and benefit by the millions of dollars they will recevie by selling the land off for prime waterfront properties, hotels and cruise ship berths.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Then all the NIMBYs cab sit and sip their short blacks and long whites and chardonnay but the cost of moving a container from Marsden or TGA will add to the cost of goods in the shops.  Of course the NIMBYs from the LaLa Land of Devonport and Parnell wont mind.

      Then the manufacturers and distributors will say “Why be in Akl and pay huge rents/rates etc and the trucks are stuck in traffic.  Oh we’ll move our manufacturing, dstribution etc to Marsden or TGA and the environs.  Akls traffic problem solved, property prices go down and manufacturing moved to the provinces.  Then the NIMBYs like Lucy Lawless etc wikl be quite happy.

    • Jason75

       Because of course there’s nothing like a bit of suspicion without evidence to muddy the waters is there?

  • ConwayCaptain

    It is quite apparent that the level of debate in the last few days has, to say the least, taken a dive.

    Have we been hijacked by the learned gentlemen (and I use that term in its broardest mening) of the MUNZ and associated organisations.

    • Richard B.

      I think you are right Mr CC.

      The best bit about all the trolls will come clear when the March “Best Blog” numbers come out.

      With MUNZ telling all its members to have a go at Mr Whale, all ther are doing is making him more popular.

      Well done MUNZ, another successful campaign…..

  • Jester

    The question needs to be asked. The union members posting on this site. How are they managing to type with non opposable thumbs?

    • Bafacu

      S L O W L Y – just like they used to work

  • Unimpressed

    Do you regulary breach peoples rights like this? You are a disgusting, despicable person “Whaleoil”. How would you like it if your personal information was broadcast like this? What goes around comes around. Remember that.

    • StacyMcNaught

      Cameron ( too much personal information for you? Ok then, Whaleoil ) has put his battle with depression and many other significant personal details out there for all to see. So as to “how would he like it”? Well I’m picking that he couldn’t give a rodents rectum, sunlight being the best disinfectant is a term i have read on here from time to time.
      And apart from the absolute specifics, much of the information he published regarding Cecil Walker would have been common knowledge around the port and associated places. I think Cecil Wlker is just pissed off now that his bullshit story has been outed, tough employer, pffft. And Helen “Clark” Kelly is also pissy because their spin to paint the POAL as hardarses has just blown up in her face. What goes around comes around huh? Well WhaleOil has just put the truth out there, looks like it did come round, and bite the bullshitters.

      Personally I’m “unimpressed” with your comment, just more hollow rubbish really.

    • Travdog

      Grow a brain Unimpressed. He received the information via email. He published that information. He doesn’t have an employment contract with Cecil, so he’s not breaching privacy. Cecil complained and has been bad mouthing POA, so the real facts were exposed. So yes you’re quite right, what goes around indeed comes around. Remember that.

    • Sammy

      Travdog: the email don’t just forward personal informations by it self, only a person like you who can attached documents and send them to a blogger like Whaleoil. If you think about it, whaleoil send an email to a source to get more information on their main target. So who’s got those informations?????? Because Cecil is not stupid enough to give out his personal information to be posted on a stupid blog like this full of lies…never mind because only God knows the truth..

  • Michaela_mclean

    What do any of you know. You can’t just call a loving, hard working man a twat, dickhead or an arse. Listen to his side and to the rest of the workers. Don’t just pick on him because he was given sympathy by the ports. Yeah they supported him but now they are taking advantage of him and all of the other workers. He isn’t just doing it for himself he is doing it for his collegues who work their arses off too! He is a man trying to provide for his family and being able to actually spend time with them is important too especially with a lil one. All of these stupid people leaving rude comments are the  pricks not you  Cee Kia kaha cuz!
    It’s Now going to be hard for all of POA employees to trust you now.

    • Travdog

      Go back to sleep Michaela_mclean. If you’re any kind of friend help him look for a job.

      • PistAzFuckBout Dis


    • StacyMcNaught

       “His” Side is being spun by the union “leaders” , Cecil should really hit them up if he doesn’t like the way the workers are being portrayed.


      Cameron has publicly said it was information recieved from several sources, he simply tabled them into one post for all to see. From that, i have taken the view that the information came from (former) collegues of the strikers who have had enough of the spin from the union side. I very much doubt it came from official channels within POAL management. They wouldn’t make a mistake that dumb this far into the dispute.

      Dirty Tactics, nope just the truth

    • Patriot

      Simple – dont be so sympathetic to Unionists – 21 weeks leave and for that Cecil Walker later  strikes for more money ..

      What a  Rotten Prick –  this is my Port too owned by me — he should pay back the extra weeks off — then start from there .

    • Jester

      You seem confused Michaela. Your claiming that he wants to just spend time with his family. But MUNZ are not saying that POAL are trying increase the amount of hours the guys work, they are claiming that POAL are trying to casualise the workforce so they only come in on short notice when the work is there. Ie: sitting by the phone.

      I’d suggest the workers need to talk with their union rep as it appears what you are wanting is not what they are asking for.

      MUNZ last offer which you can pull off their website does not mention anything about wanting less hours.

  • Themansonprincess

    i would be guessing that these files are locked up in human resources and if you have cecils personal information and knowing that other people with cancer have been paid then what other information have you got out of the company? its obvious you have read all their personal files to know this information or someone has let you observe it as these would be private –  I think you might have opened a pandoras box my friend 

  • quincepie

    Glad to see the envious and mean-spirited are out in full force…;-).  Enough to sicken a maggot.
    And, if these guys at POAL win their claim, all these Virtuous Ones will happily line up for their better pay and conditions having done amazingly little to either earn or deserve them.  The True Bludgers in this country.  The Sanctimonious Entitled.

  • Sappermac

    as a former Auckland wharfie 1977 to 91, I was made redundant at the same Container base, and that was when we had nearly 1500 staunch Waterside Workers union men of the old Pommie union mold. We still lost our jobs.

    The majority of these guys there now today walked in on my job after 91 as I was only 35yrs old..Those that were lucky enough to stay in 91 knew exactly what the new conditions and pay was to be. Most of them stayed to chase the big money. Shit we worked in the rain lashing on the ships deck, which is dangerous work five containers high when everything is covered in grease, and in those early days the straddles were the old six wheelers type with no heaters and they leaked to buggery, and it was hell in winter with a storm blowing thru, but we didnt whinge and moan, and we were getting $20,000 less than you guys today..

    we had a roster 30days in advance, knew what days you had off, but we still chose to be there for the money, not the job. sure the job was dangerous and heavy and times, and ruddy boring to..guys got killed down there, run over by straddles and squashed by containers..there was a legal requirement to have down time from driving, just like long haulage truck drivers are required to do, and there was a legal requirement to shut down the terminal by 20.00hrs because of glare from the huge lights, disturbing the sleep of the rich living up Parnell..

    I believe in  my time some of the older union executive members angled for redundacy so they could go out with a big handshake. They didnt give a toss about us young guys with mortages. Once it was over you never see them dudes again…so any of you young guys down there want your job, you better apply, because I am coming to get my old job back, and I was a gun crane operator in my time take note.

  • Bilcaro

    A gun crane operator in your eyes by the look of it. Fergusson had no gun crane operators they were all down at Bledisloe. Scab

  • Sammy

    This blog is full of lies. I know the whole story of the dispute but I’m not going to waste my time going over it, because who is doing the right thing it will be always a victory. For e.g We are back at work now, so what else you guys going to say. Just drop it and stop posting bad comments about our brother Cecil. God knows the rights and wrong.

    • Patriot

      Wharfies still dont have the sympathy of the public — Cecil Walker wouldnt get a job from me – he is high maintenance .

  • Ivy oh dear, someones going to be in trouble…………. LOL

  • Resenes09

    Wow I would love to work for such a company , they sound more like a European welfare state !!!! These guys are crazy if they expect to compete with the rest of the world especially the eastern countries !!!! Wake up like the rest of nz !!!!! Look at nz industries that weren’t competitive oh that’s right they went somewhere else !!