Know your Wharfies – Cecil Walker

Port striker Cecil Walker went on Morning Report yesterday slagging off the Ports of Auckland:

Radio New Zealand is just blindly repeating the stories of the unionists without checking their backgrounds. This is Cecil Walker:

Once again I have been emailed by several people upset about the blatant lies of strikers, especially Cecil Walker:

The Company did everything it could to allow Cecil to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

From the time she was diagnosed in 2007 to the time she passed away in 2008, the company gave him:

  • ?17 Sick Domestic Days off on full pay (equivalent of 3.5 weeks off)
  • 25 Compassionate Leave days off (equivalent of 5 full weeks off).? There is no obligation by law or company policy to grant any such leave, but the Company chose to look after this employee.
  • 8 Sick Days off on full pay (equivalent to 1.5 weeks off)
  • 6 Bereavement Leave days off during that period (however only 3 were for his wife?s passing)
  • 50 Annual Leave days off (for which he had not accrued that much leave) and for which 2 of those weeks were for taking his kids on a holiday after his wife passed away. (That?s another 10 weeks of paid leave)

So in total over that period, Cecil Walker was given 21 weeks off on full pay.? On top of this because we knew she was not in good health, the company did other things such as for the last POAL Christmas in the Park, we organised for a limo to pick them up from their house and take them to the event and for her to meet Frankie Stevens who she loved and go behind the scenes as well as another limo taking them home.

Cecil Walker recently remarried.? This year his new wife had a baby.? The company tracked her down to where she was staying and sent a 5 tiered baby gift basket to him to celebrate this new beginning….

These are not the signs of a Company that does not look after its staff and their families!

You may also want to mention the fact that we have paid every employee that has been diagnosed with cancer on full pay while they have been seeking treatment. Again, not a sign of a company that does not look after their staff!

Yeah right is more appropriate to Cecil Walker’s hard done by story that Red Radio lapped up without fact checking.