Labour supports parent licencing

I agree with Jacinda Ardern, and glad to see Labour supporting the requirement to have all prospective parents licensed and trained before they procreate:

Labour social development spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern said unqualified, unvetted babysitters were not the answer and not in the best interests of the children.

Totally agree with Jacinda on this one. Their smart proposal would see a dramatic decrease in the incidence of child abuse almost over night.

I wonder what we are to do about remedial training and licensing of existing parents outside of Labour’s proposed regime, after all it would not be in the “best interests of the children” to expect parents to be trained properly, especially those in receipt of a benefit.


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  • Tevisiteur

    Am I alone in getting sick and tired of the childless pony telling us what’s good for our children? What makes Cindy qualified to tell us what is good for our children? Perhaps when she settles down and has a few of her own her opinion might carry something.  In the meantime she can FRO telling parents they shouldn’t use babysitters to look after their children.  She’s a Helen Clark in the making.


    Good idea,need a license for a car,a gun,a dog,and whatever,and have to be educated in the proper use,and care of.Could help weed out the at risk of doing damage to their children.Ok some might say it is not fair to tell parents what to do,but somthing needs to be done to stop the terrible stats we have now.A good idea from the left,and worth considering.

  • Andrei

    What would Jacinda Ardern know about raising children –  mentally she is a silly little school girl barely out of nappies even though my mother at her age was already raising five children and had seen more of life than  Mizz Ardern ever will 

  • Brian Smaller

    Unfortunately, how do you prevent unlicenced parents from procreating? A government department controlling lockable chastity belts? Compulsory sterilisation and or contraception. As much as I like the thought of it, it is an impossibility. 

  • AnonWgtn


    Little Pony is not a clone of Clark.
    Simply, she is no way clever enough, or ever will be.

  • Engineer

    Sorry but a license for this is so against personal freedom and liberty, that I can’t believe anyone with half a brain would even think about such a thing.

  • Pukakidon

    We have licenses to drive a car but the roads are still full of idiots causing mayhem.   Sorry a licence is an excuse.   The only way to stop these bullies is to bully them back for their actions.  That is all they know.  Bring back public corporal punishment and a long period of community service so we can see who these bullies are. For bad cases of abuse lock em up for a long time.

  • waitak

    Read the post on this website re pony’s activities.  Third post!/pages/New-Zealand-Pakeha-Party/125734190814084

  • jay cee

    dumb idea, orwell would’ve been  pleased to see an offshoot of what he predicted being touted as feasible.

  • Stevo

    Evolution worked until mankind invented unlimited handouts for the lazy. Those can be addressed. 

  • Travdog

    Just what we need, more interference

  • Travdog

    Just what we need, more interference in our lives by people who think they know better. Nothing will be solved by vetting people that genuinely want kids, and it won’t prevent ‘accidents’.