Labour’s split personality on the Ports

While Charles Chauvel, Megan Woods and Moana Mackey have spent taxpayer cash to fly to Auckland to support striking workers Clare Curran has stayed at home in Dunedin and expressed her support….for the Port!

Clare is proving once again that despite her brilliant PR snow job she really does struggle with the basics like Facebook status updates and from what I hear also using Outlook.

The other thing she proves is that social media really is a disaster zone for Labour politicians. They certainly can’t claim any victories and there are plenty of wallopings that have come from their inane tweets and updates.


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  • Pete George

    “Dunedin” was about 100 marchers according to that ODT report. Curran confuses a bit of support for her view with the people of the city, half of whom she is supposed to represent.

    • dad4justice

      “Dunedin ” panty slut boy country and slain a bain shithole. Petey Lairbour skunks have a multiple personality disorder. It is a direct fallout from the Klarkula Beast and Peter’s toliet  troubles.

  • Dion

    I still feel sorry for Erin Leigh.

    “I’m not even a politician or anything”

  • Greg M

    So Megan Woods and Moana Mackey are quite happy to support a union that discriminates against women? What’s up with that?

  • Jester

    It just gets worse. Labour eating it’s own now….

  • David

    Is there anyway a taxpayer can find out if their local MP has used used our tax money to fly to akl to protest. The quarterly disclosure is good but if muzza is smacked in the head attending overseas appointments can we find out how much labour is spending to join a tiny little protest.

  • Gandalf

    She’s corrected it now :-( Thought she was seeing some sense for a few minutes

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Gee the rumour was John Key eats babys, now the lefties self implode.
    Snakes in a cesspit, look at the lineup in the tagged list – are we going to see a bitch fight with the last remaining diehards of the Liarbore Party?
    I think Helen stirred them all up recently

  • jabba

    who is michael wood .. he posted this on twitter’All Aucklanders of conscience – Britomart, 4pm today’ .. so, those Aucklanders who didn’t turn up at this pathetic protest don’t have a conscience?

    • Guest

      Michael Wood is the guy who stood for Labour in the Botany by-election who campaigned against penis lollies, and also admitted from the beginning of the race that he couldn’t win. So – a joke really.

  • Guest

    A few AoC members staged a counter protest in support of POAL at the waterfront today. However the union thugs roughed them up and destroyed their placards… while the police watched and did nothing apart from telling the AoC team to leave!! So much for free speech in NZ. 

  • toby_toby

    “they work 24/7 every day of the year, there are no penal rates, they get one weekend off in three.”Ecch, I hate Darien Fenton. So their shifts run around the clock, well woop-de-shit! That’s the job! Same deal in my job, same as a lot of jobs! Somebody has to work weekends, somebody has to work overnight. If you don’t like it, you get another line of work or stop bitching. Or, you could always work as a contractor, that way you can accept the hours you want.