Len the Scab

The leftwing are merciless on class traitors, but I think this is going too far on Len Brown. He is only acting in the best interests of all of Auckland in protecting the multi-million dollar investment the city has in the Ports of Auckland. The unionists are being extremely selfish in thinking the mayor should only act in their interests.

The left-wing has protested Len Brown calling him a scab at his regular Mayor in the Chair. I’d wear the badge of a scab with pride.


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  • Super_Guest

    The ultimate irony? All the destabilisation of Brown by the far left is going to lead to is a Tory Mayor after the next election.

    • Super_Guest

      Oh, and how cheap are SA? The “Len Brown is a Scab” sign is just paper glued on top of one of those “$15 Minimum Wage” inanities.

  • Guest

    He got Boscawened at Uni as well – with a piece of lamington

    • toby_toby

       Waste of a good lamington.

  • Hagar

    Why does the city (you and me) have to own and run the port anyway. If the city has to own it, wouldn’t it be better to lease the land and get private enterprise to take the wiins and losses from its operations?

  • Auto_immune

    Genuine questions: How much power does Len Brown actually have over POAL?  Could he alone have changed the outcome of the whole dispute? 

    • Bunswalla

      1. None
      2. No

    • TO reinforce the points:
      1) NONE
      2) No
      3) MUNZ has an issue – talk to the Minister of Labour and ask her to “intervene” 

  • Gazzaw

    I’d love to be a fly on the factory lunchroom walls when Len does his electioneering next year.

    • Mully

       Anywhere not Union-ised will be fine.

  • Guest

    I’m genuinely concerned that this level of pressure is a worry for Len. We know he had a massive heart attack around 4 years ago. All this nastiness from the left, piling on pressure with hateful name calling like scabs and Judas, will not be good for his frame of mind, let along his dodgy ticker.

    • Same here – tell you what Len gets through this – Statesman for going through this sorry saga intact? 

  • In Vino Veritas

    Socialist Aotearoa. Sheesh. Joe Carolan is nob who has been involved in risible protests like the G8 protest in Hamilton and World Economic Forum protest in Melbourne (along with intelligensia of the quality of Nandor Tanzcos and Sue Bradford).
    Having Joe and his mates put a sign up must scare the living bejesus out of Red Len.

  • BJ

    I just love the way more and more of the population have to have someone to blame for their daily woes. And, its always some public figure that quite genuinely wants to make a positive contribution. Just keep knocking all the decent people with the energy to work for the betterment of this country and we’ll get what we deserve – they will go away and corrupt public figures that favour minority groups for self gain will take their place. We need people with integrity.

    Where are the grownups – you know, the ones that take ownership of their problems and find solutions. WTF has the Mayor of Auckland got any business getting involved with an employment dispute. Just because the cosy little arrangement of the long term fully employed port workers that they’ve had for such a long time was under threat, they had to carry along ever other poor sod with them – and they want to blame the Mayor of Auckland for that!Absolutely laughable.

  • joe bloggs

    The leftwing are merciless on class traitors… Ain’t that the truth!

    First it was Owen Glen…

    Then the Mad Butcher…

    Now Loosehead Len himself …

    … who’s next??? Helen Clark?

    • BJ

      Helen Clarke? NOt likely. She will always want to keep this whole country poor 

  • Positan

    Look on the bright side – there are literally thousands who’ve past supported and voted for Labour without having had, prior to now, the faintest awareness of how abominably horrible the elemental unionist Labourite can become.  Two party supporters have separately confided their amazement and disgust to me, their disillusionment conveying that they’ll not be voting for Labour again.  

    As the Left has neither the intellectual talent nor anything like the sort of constructive attitudes that might help itself – things can only get better.  “Unionism” is now seen as a dirty word.

  • Well as I always said, the Left can stand against Brown and here comes a Tory Mayor (Councillor Brewer according to Mr Farrar) or we of the “Right” rally with Brown seeming he is a closet Neo Liberal?