Let us be the judge


I would have thought she already felt “inadequate, humiliated and insignificant” before the surgery, which was why she was getting a facelift in the first place.

Surely this was a story that warranted a photos so we could judge properly:

A plastic surgeon has been ordered to apologise to a patient after a botched facelift left her feeling “inadequate, humiliated and insignificant”.

The names of the patient, surgeon and clinic have all been suppressed, but a decision released today by Health and Disabilities Commissioner Anthony Hill found the surgeon failed to give adequate information on the procedure before asking for the patient’s consent.

The 49-year-old woman, known as Mrs A, visited the surgeon, Dr B, in July 2008, after seeking help for premature aging.

In a 45-minute consultation the surgeon examined the woman, talked of the risks and recommended she be a candidate for a facelift.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Interesting use of the word “botched” by the churnalist. In the full article it appears the issue is mainly around the patients expectation not being met. There is no mention of any criticism of the surgeons technique or skill or of the actual outcome. More sloppy

  • Patriot

    The surgeon is going to advise the patient just enuff to discharge his legal liabilty — but keep enuff info back to make sure she buys his services ..

     He is selling miracles of youth for hugh dollars , and she was thought she was buying miracles of continued youth & beauty  … someone is in for disappointment . Over promising & over charging Vs Over expectant. &  a face too far gone for redemption .

    No sympathy for God or Ophelia . ( Macbeth ? )