Losing the battles and the wars

Auckland Now

The Maritime Union is losing the battles and ultimately the war down at the Port:

The battle lines might be murky but most Kiwis believe the ruction between the Ports of Auckland and striking wharfies is one the port bosses are in the right about.

The port and Maritime Union have been locked in a four-month industrial dispute with management wanting permanent staff to become casual workers in return for a 10 per cent pay rise. Port staff wanted a smaller pay rise in exchange for permanent hours.

Last week the union filed an injunction in the Employment Court to stop the port sacking nearly 300 workers, until the court can rule if the action is legal.

A Sunday Star-Times reader poll of over 1000 people found that 54 per cent of respondents believed the port management were right in trying to change the way staff worked. Only 27 per cent thought the union and its workers were in the right.

”This beautiful country of ours will be much better off when people stop thinking that they have some sort of entitlement to sit on their backsides and get paid for doing nothing,” one said.

The overwhelming majority, 86%, acknowledged that the dispute had national significance.  Many compared the feud with the 1951 Waterfront dispute but not in flattering terms.

”The union is trying to go back to the tactics of the 1950s which will not work now days. The union leader needs his head read,” one wrote.

Garry Parsloe needs to call a meeting of his members and put further action to a secret ballot, he needs to have an independent auditor of the results and then he needs to facilitate the return to work of his hoodwinked strikers. He isn’t going to win this by surrounding himself with bullies, racists and thugs.


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  • Mully

    Sunday Star times appear to have this same story – but they repeat the “5000” at the protest march thing line.

  • Fergus

    and poll on stuff….68%..POA to 25%…MUNZ…..Yahoo xtra….69% POA to 28% MUNZ any others???

  • EpochNZ

    So this was in spite of (if the rumour is correct) MUNZ members being given explicit instructions through another media channel on how to rig the vote in online polls?

    I expected to read results like “153% of those who voted in the online poll back MUNZ”.

    • Salacious T Crumb

       So that means that the 25-30% figures quoted as “for” the MUNZ workers is probably more likely 5-6% given it is MUNZ activists multi-voting.

  • Travdog

    Ran past them in the Round The Bays this morning, what a sad bunch they looked. Kelly had a look of desperation for support and attention, kinda felt sorry for her.

    • Kthxbai

      It’s a bit like feeling sorry for a lonely barracuda though…

      • Travdog

        I thought the were a support team for one of the corporate running teams, then I saw her face. She was saying “thank you thank you” to people running past, which is odd because I heard nobody shouting support. Just the occasional “get back to work.” Cetainly wasn’t 292 of them, more like 50. Or in MUNZ terms, 5000.

    • Greg M

       Yep. saw that too. Round the bays, I’m getting too old for this shit,  I’m totally munted so I better have a beer…

      • jackwhite

        yeh have a beer and a tug…she tells me your good at that

      • Beenthere

        Good on ya mate..

      • Travdog

        jackwhite: you have to be the worst half arsed excuse for a troll this blog has seen. Chose another disclipline, you suck at this one. Not even good enough to call pitiful.

      • toby_toby

        @ jackwhite, what are you up to on Monday? Going out to see Drake or Allied Work Force? Make sure your mum irons your best shirt, okay?

      • Scanner

         Jack, make sure you have a hanky and clean undies, after all the workplace is likely to be so much more dangerous now it’s a non union site, after all H3 told us Tga was, whoops then we found out she lied, shes good at that.

      • Travdog

        greg, there were 2 80+ yo’s at the Mnt Maunganui half ironman that I wtched back in Jan, so I hope you’re at least 85 pulling that excuse!

      • Greg M

         Hehe ! No I think the eleventeen or so speights last night may have had some bearing on the result, Cheers G.

    • Beenthere

      You might of thought of feeling sorry for her, but thats as far as you want to go.

  • Hagues

    “The port and Maritime Union have been locked in a four-month industrial
    dispute with management wanting permanent staff to become casual workers
    in return for a 10 per cent pay rise.”

    What utter crap reporting. Having 160 hours guaranteed a month is not causal. Casual is no guaranteed hours, we’ll call you if we need you. The workers still would still have been permanent staff.

    • Bunswalla

      Quite correct Hagues. Not only that, the Union didn’t “want a smaller pay rise in exchange for permanent hours.” In fact they first went on strike in protest that the POAL had the temerity to pay non-union staff the same as union staff.

      They never asked for “permanent hours” but they did steadfastly resist the rostering flexibility that the port needed to be competitve – to respond to when their labour was needed most and to stop wasting so much money by paying them to not work.

      It’s disappointing (but in no way surprising) to see the extremely poor standard of reporting by the MSM. Despite this, and the possible manipulation of the polls (which may be happening in both directions of course), the polls consistently show widespread support for the POAL stance. The battle has been fought, and won.

  • NotLen

    When I ran past the picket line at the start of Round the Bays there were about 50 of them. I came back that way a couple of hours later and there were about 10.

  • Mark

    Haven’t seen Winston’s rants about this dispute.. guess he’ll be waiting to see who “wins” then spouting out to his dad’s army supporters that he was behind the winning team all the way.