Louisa and the Landlady

I have blogged repeatedly about MPs using their time in parliament to enrich themselves or their party or an affiliate at the taxpayers expense.

Louisa Wall inspects the new office

The Greens had a nice little rort going with their super fund owning the house they live in and parliamentary services accommodation allowances covering the rent and paying the mortgages while the fund scored the tax free capital gain.

I’ve blogged about the Maritime Union renting Grant Robertson’s office.

Now I have discovered that Louisa Wall has placed herself in a potential conflict of interest situation.

Louisa Wall is the Member of Parliament for Manurewa. She was selected after massive union meddling in George Hawkins old seat.

She has also recently opened her new office at 265 Great South Road, Manurewa. It used to be a car yard but is now the MP’s electorate office.

A search of the title and property records for 265 Great South Road, Manurewa shows that it purchased on 9 November 2011, a couple of weeks before the General Election for $405,000, a nice little bargain after trimming $50,000 off the listing price.

New Prue Sweeps Clean

The new owner is listed as TKL Limted. Company Office records show that the sole director and sole shareholder of the 1000 shares is one Prudence Jane Tamatekapua. She also goes by the name Prue Kapua at her “law firm” which is actually trough central.

Prue Kapua is the civil union partner of Louisa Wall.

So in preparation of Louisa Wall winning the safe Labour seat of Manurewa they went out and sourced a likely property for the new electorate office, purchased it at a nice tidy discount and then have presumably leased the property to Parliamentary Services.

It’s a nice earner if you can find it.

However to be fair there are some questions that need answering first in order to clarify the situation.

  • Is the potential pecuniary interest in the property registered with Parliamentary Services (the latest register hasn’t been released yet)
  • Is TKL Limited charging peppercorn rental or commercial rents?
  • If peppercorn, then has the difference between what Parliamentary Services has paid and the real commercial market rent for the premises been declared as a donation to the Labour party?

Right now it doesn’t look good with the appearance of an MP and her partner seemingly enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayer.


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  • Blair Mulholland

    Time Parliamentary Services bought their own electorate offices and moved in whoever got elected.  That seems to be the only way to stop the rort.

  • kaykaybee

    I agree with Blair. This is out and out premeditated rorting and the system needs to be changed, so that this sort of “guaranteed taxpayer” rentals are knocked on the head

  • CR

    PS will set the rent for the property after inspecting it (and it will usually end up less than if the MP rented a commercial property – thus saving the taxpayer some money). Also, it is a risk for MP’s to do this, should they get deselected or lose their seat, they would then have a mortgage to pay with out an income from rent. Seems you are trying to make a mountain out of a divot Cam.

    • Brian Smaller

       I don’t like the idea of MPs renting their own property off themselves (or from their significant other). It does smack of a rort.  As far as I am aware a homeowner cannot sell their house to a trust and then rent it back, letting the trust claim tax on depreciation, maintenance, interest etc).

      • AnonWgtn

        Sorry, forgot a Unionist –

    • AnonWgtn

      “She” cannot be deselected.
      “She” belongs to the Labour Party, and has all the qualifications – Maori, Homosexual and a so called Woman.

      • Engineer

         You forgot rich.  In case you havn’t noticed Labour MP’s love owning lots of property. Yet still they pretend they are helping the battlers etc.

      • starboard

        you forgot..an ugly homosexual.

    • phronesis

      I seriously doubt that PS tells the landlord how much he will be receiving for the use of his property. Seems you are deluded.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Parliamentary Sevices dont have to buy just rent suitable premises and if the MP is voted out/resigns/retires or whatever the next one moves in.  All it Means is the signage has to be changed.

  • Same for all parties – getting sick of only looking at shit about how wrong all those are who aren’t actually in power….Thought this blog would enlighten me more about the inner workings ideas and direction of National supporters – it’s turning out to be a Boys Own bitch site against anything  the minor parties do.

    • Euan Rt

      Been following your posts Neil. Very happy to entertain your considered thoughts on any of the issues. I agree that some of the posts are a bit stretched, and not well made. Please feel happy to put up a different view. Some here consider all dissenting views as being from trolls, but most will debate reasonably if they can see you are being honest.

      •  Thanks Euan – no way I’m leaving – there is hope – likewise I was worried I’d actually come in to a party troll site…but from both sides.

    • Jaredmatthews

       Good point, it should be easy for a journalist to look at all of the electoraye offices and see who ownes them.  Start with John Keys one juts down the road from me.

      • John key owns it and pays the rent not parliamentary services. I know I asked him.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Can’t really blame Louisa – she obviously isn’t too bright ’cause she’s a Labour Party MP – that in itself screams volumes – maybe she was just following the example from her previous leader – Mr. Goof. Remember when he was found out about his rental flat at the time he was pointing fingers everywhere else and tisk tisking everyone else – yet he was doing the exact same thing and all he could say was “This is a media beat up – a set up by the National Party. I’m trying to sell it – but it’s only taken 9 month’s so far”

    Flaming hypocrites the lot of them. She might not have a broom as transport – but she should still be burnt at the stake – along with Parsloe and Kelly?

    •  Thanks for reminding us about that flat Bloke; does anyone know if Phil ever got around to selling it? Last I heard he was coy about it, because of the drop in property prices, and the fact that he mightn’t have been able to get top dollar.

      • Philip ure a cock

        At least he won’t have to worry about a capital gains tax on it now!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Once they are burnt at the stake, they are gone forever. Just like SEOs

      Let’s do some burning and staking

  • cheeky2

    A 30 yr mortgage at floating rates is currently $2350 p month, approx.  I wonder how the loan was presented to our Kiwi Bank ???

  • davewin

    What I can’t understand is this. For years the Manurewa member had an office in a good site in Manurewa. It was known by all members of the community. It was well signposted and had adequate parking.  In most businesses, changes of staff do not warrant changes of site. So! why do PS not simply roll over the tenancy, and tell the witch to get on with it? No instead they get into all of this nonsense, and leave a National List member with a corner site on the Main Street, which has all the advantages of visibility, business dreams on. Makes little sense. But then she is Labour….