M16 lamp

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The M16 lamp:

HowToBeAHeroine’s M16 Lamp is a great, quick bodge: take one Ikea lamp, stick it onto one toy electronic M16 (sprayed gold), add one Target lampshade.


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  • Johnboy

    Quite a few years ago I flew the wife, nephew and dog into Sayers Hut in the Tararuas.

    Half the NZ army (12) turned up the next day.

    The weather was shit and the poor bastards (other than the sarge) had to live outside.

    They were allowed in the hut to strip and clean their Minimi and Steyer’s.

    At that point, when noticing their blank 5.56 rounds I suddenly realised that I out gunned the lot of the buggers.

    I never took advantage of the situation of course!!!