Making decisions on women’s reproductive health

Poor, misrepresented men finally get the opportunity to explain exactly why they are better at talking about women’s health issues than women are:


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  • middleagedwhiteguy


  • phronesis

    Funny. Makes about as much sense as not being able to talk about Maori unless you are one though.

    • Hakim of phut

      Noooooo. Its like saying Maori  dont know anything  about Maori compared to us experts
      . Like this guy He claims that since birth control  pills cost $1000 pa, thats enough to buy condoms for sex THREE times a day . This is proof that they are  ‘sex crazed’.Duuhh   the pill is taken regularly  is of course required  even  you have sex once a month.

  • Andrei

    Same old, same old, – “Reproductive health” is just an Orwellian euphemism for a variety of circumventions of nature some of which are Mengelean. 

  • Wychbych

    If only it wasn’t so true!