Malcolm Fraser talks sense

The Sydney Morning Herald

He may have gone soft and liberal in his old age, but he is right about this.

Mr Fraser argues there are systematic issues plaguing Federal Parliament today, pointing to the advent of career politicians who he believes act as mindless apparatchiks.

“I would like to see in the Parliament people who have achieved something in their own right before they become members of Parliament. So if it doesn’t work out, if they have a serious issue of conscience, they are prepared to support their conscience and if necessary walk away from it all.”

How many of our politicians could walk away from it all?


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  • ConwayCaptain

    I have said exactly this several times on this site.  Look at the number of Pollies in ALL THE PARTIES who have been to school. then Uni, then a non job either in a NGO or their political party and then into Parliament.  Many as List MPs.  Been noweher, done nothing.

    Look at some of the old MPs in the UK.  They were patricians but beleived in the old fashioned idea of Noblesse Oblige.  They had served alogside men from all walks of life in the services and most probably knew more about their concerns than the career pollies we have these days.

    We had pollies here who had served in the forces, been farmers, worked in industry or worked as ordinary working people and then went into politics.  Whetehr you agreed with their policies or not they had a wide experience before they went into parliament.

    Look at the lot we have now, been nowhere (unless paid for by someone else) done nothing (apart from Uni, NGO or political party) and have no experience of the world.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Yeah – but they failed at being a teacher or teachers aide and at being a union organiser…so they became Labour Party politicians.  Today; and because of Labour, there’s no shame in prostitution – so you’d think some of those Labour Party politicans would have some sense of shame and resign from the Union thuggery / Labour Party and get some credibility and legitimacy into their lives by becoming prostitutes.

      Mind you – who would pay for thier services? Plenty would probably offer them sex and long range travel – 73% in fact – but probably not pay them….

    • BJ

      It has long bothered me that there are plenty of politicians that have never had to make money – just spend it. You know – the ones that spent their parents money and then an organization’s money, or the ones that grew up poor and still have a poor person mentality – both types of politicians dangerously carry around envy and a sabotage mentality, at least subconsciously, all the while they have access to spending others hard earned money. We need politicians in Parliament that have a healthy respect for money – including how to make it, not just collecting a salary and being a spender

      • @BoJangles

         BJ, you are talking about our country’s councillors.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Lets see….Chris Hipkins, Jacinta Ardern, Clare Curren,Andrew little, Sue Maroney, Ruth Dyson, Megan woods…….Did I miss any? Are there more labour idiots that NEVER worked in a real job???

    • ConwayCaptain

      All of them, but to be fair look at the Greens, more Uni degrees than any other party, look at Winnies Mob,  Look at the Nats.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Sure capt., But you will find, that Labour have an (effectively) accadamy for the progression of their MP’s….Student union organisers (why do you think they were so opposed to it being voluntary), union organisers, community activists, local body politician, electorate campaigners, in hipkins case he worked in Helen clarkes office (to be groomed). The failed teachers are the OLD brigade of labour. They are now training politians, as if that was a real job!!! At least many of the others in other parties have been Lawyers, doctors accountants, business owner (including farmers) etc etc.

  • jay cee

    bill english worked as a party researcher before entering parliament that you need to work at “real” job is a myth that the right like to promulgate as some sort of path to wisdom. just because you were a good farmer or small business owner does not make you a clever thinker just shows that you were a grafter. and that is not a criticism.