Mallard’s Alzheimers Moment on Public Service

Trevor Mallard’s overseas junket for beginner MPs doesn’t seem to have helped his judgment.

He’s posted on Red Alert, complaining about restructuring in the public service.

“I now think it is better to have a longer term vision, make changes at the margins and focus on sharing as many services as possible.”

Really? Make changes at the margins? But Labour’s criticised every effort to improve back office performance.

What does the PSA say about Labour’s new policy to promote National’s back-office efficiency drive?

Trevor doesn’t stop there. He mentions the MSD merger and says:

Some of the best people left with very expensive redundancy packages

Perhaps he’s forgotten that Labour pretended to have a policy of no golden handshakes, and that’s why he tried to design the MSD merger to ensure Christine Rankin didn’t get one. At the time, Labour had reports saying the merger was unnecessary, and emails later emerged showing the Minister (Steve Maharey) was against it. This merger wasn’t driven by advice, it was personal.

But to top it all off, Mallard’s main argument back then, was that our public sector was too big. It’s bigger now.

It’s this sort of political baggage and fatal forgetfulness which makes TradeMe Trev an ongoing liability for Labour.


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  • Indeed; and which party grew the public service by 50% in nine short years? Trevor is running with the fox and hunting with the hounds again.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Our core public service grew by 30% (back office) thats 10 000 people. under labour, National have laid off 2500. Still a lot of room left. I remember the Dom post in about 2001, a 1/3 page add for the ministry of Education, looking for 30 jobs…..none of them teachers. Policy analysts etc!!!What a joke they were!

  • When are we going to see ANY cuts in parliament spending – there’s a lot of people out here that are saying stop doing the talking and show some leadership by cutting their own costs.

    Just this last Monday as I was walking along the waterfront to work I was passed by four ministerial cars going in the direction of Parliament – each had one passenger in them, I assumed they were returning to work from the airport, after weekends away. These BMWs were chosen because of their interior room (along with other benefits) couldn’t they have gone together? Just a tiny example of our perception of their contempt for the general population.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Sure lets make Russel norman pay for his own trip to fucushima! Or Jacinta ardern pay for her own trip to where ever this years international socialist get together is. This what you mean? Afterall neither of tehm represent NZ only the govt. does that!!!