Maritime Union and Kelly breach court order

As I was driving home tonight I heard a news item that said that MUNZ and the CTU “were thrilled that Ports of Auckland had agreed to halt the recruitment process, and that workers could now head back to the Port”.

I was surprised to say the least, and immediately rang a contact at the Port to clarify the situation.

I was told in no uncertain terms that the Port and MUNZ were still part of the Judicial Conference process, and as such no comment was possible. It was emphasised that both parties had agreed to the confidentiality process, and that, again, no comment was possible.

I asked about the news item and was told that they were aware of the item, but reinforced that no comment was possible. Ports of Auckland has now issued a press release.

Here is a copy of the court minute from yesterday. (PDF)

Nowhere in this can I find what the Union and CTU are claiming.

The final point is the most telling:

“The court requests that both parties exercise appropriate discretion and restraint regarding any media statements in relation to this matter given the continuation of bargaining”

You can read the decision yourself, and interpret it accordingly.

there is no way you can read into the court minute what Helen Kelly and the Maritime Union are claiming.

Essentially the substantive hearing has been adjourned to a later date, not set, but there is a reference in section 3 to “this one month period”.

The Port have agreed (it has not been ordered) to hold their actions. This is in effect a freezing of the situation and does not represent a withdrawal of the Port’s position in any way.

Point 2 may in fact point to the situation. That an amended timetable is to be set may in fact mean that one of the parties is not prepared completely for the case. If that is so, then I would anticipate that the Union have not prepared their case, and needs time to get their act together.

So it seems that once again the Maritime Union and Helen Kelly are playing fast and loose with the truth and may infact have attracted the ire of the Emplyment Court Judge by breaching the agreement to refrain from media comment.

It just shows that they are desperate to spin anything at all as a possible victory, even when it clearly is not.



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  • Michael

    A victory for POAL, if the union want to go back to work and negotiate that means member resolve is waning.

    Suspect the Union is set to agree to POAL conditions for productivity.

  • Phar Lap

    Heard Union Kelly on earlier news bulletins,claiming victory and intimating POAL were running scared.Wonder how she would go with a joint face of the day with Boag.The screaming sculls just cant keep their mouths or lips closed just for a few seconds.

    • Gazzaw

      Claiming victory? POAL running scared? A couple of hours is a long time eh Helen.

  • Tremor

    By now the wharfies will really be feeling it in their pocket and it may well be that they’ve discovered they prefer not being broke to being a supporter of MUNZ strikes. 

  • Cobolt

    It appears to me the judge sent them back to mediation, Sine die means until further notice or in this case if either party requests a return to the court.

    Whatever the case this can only be good news for POAL, they had a pathway out of this mess – contracting. MUNZ had their backs to the wall with only two options, lose or go back to mediation and eventually accept the POALs offer.

  • Natalie

    The National programme’s ‘Morning report” interviewed Parsloe after the 7am news this morning and he just could not help himself. At every opportunity he put the boot into the Port – no humility there.

    • And breaking the court orders every time he does. He is handing the Port justification for not returning to mediation…he is acting in bad faith.

      • Guest

        By definition MUNZ can only in bad faith. At best, POAL should continue recruiting, take a month to have a fully prepared & trained workforce including armed security sworn as special constables – and then just go in as soon as the order is over and wipe MUNZ off the wharves once and for all. 

        The only thing POAL needs from the court is an order terminating the ruinously high redundancy payments POAL, the council & the ratepayes simply cannot afford

        It’s time MUNZ and every other union was wiped out of NZ

  • does the port boss coming out in the media saying ‘nothing has changed’..and ‘we are still calling on the wharfies to apply for a (casual) job’..?

    how does that fit in this ‘contempt’-scenario..?

    (you know what i reckon..?..i reckon the port bosses have been told to get this sorted out.. forget about breaking the union…

    ..or they are for the high-jump…)

    [email protected]

    • and given the port-bosses have refused all previous call to re-enter mediation/negotiation…

      ..and now they have been ordered to by the courts.. any real world…how is that able to be spun as a victory for those port bosses..?

      ..(and another ‘i reckon’…i reckon key is looking so grumpy because he realises the difference between last term and this like night and day…

      ..he had such an easy ride last time…eh..?

      ..a fawning media largely driving that…

      ..and it is his own fault that media have turned on him..

      ..(and are now assidiously mining old film-clips for contradictory-statements/w.h.y…)

      ..key is going to really regret screwing them over with that cup-of-tea-business… any postscript on key..that will go down as the moment it all changed for him/went pear-shaped…..

      [email protected]

      • hoha

        Phillip can you not read there has not been any orders to return to mediation, the judge has asked and the ports have done so in good faith. And for the port trying to break the union that is a load of crap. What they wanted is for the union members to stop fucking around and get the job done.
        Even if they are working for a contractor they still have the right to be in a union, so once again a load of CRAP in trying to break the union.

      • Recogniseanyone

        And given the memo from the court, how can you come to your conclusions Phillip?

        “..and now they have been ordered to by the courts..” – that, I am afraid, is just made up, since the court has not ordered anything. POAL has “agreed” to do it

      • Agent BallSack

        Good to see you’ve managed to break your ellipse habit into doubles rather than triples…One day  you may be able to go cold turkey.

      • Doug_S


  • Balanced View

    Yes very poor, and very unhelpful at this time. Once again, more reason to feel sympathy for the workers caught in the middle of all of this.
    As it is unlikely Whale will post anything on this, it is a shame that it appears that a POAL manager that was in the negotiations has been found recruiting non union wharfies to a newly created contracting business. This provides MUNZ plenty of opportunity to scream and shout.

    • Jester

      Once again, a wonderfully constructed “balanced view” from its namesake.

    • Light

      I would like to see this story that the Herald are referring to.  So far their reporting has been very haphazard and they are indicating that they either have a story or are holding a story over POAL. Do you have a link?

      • Vlad

        Agree, and not only that they are outright claiming that the Port’s “backdown followed a Herald investigation”.  WTF?   Never seen this so-called investigation, no reference to this in the Court Minute.  Beyond a beat-up, this is pretty strange journalism. 

    • Never mind the bullies, racists and thugs in the Union negotiating team…that’s ok, they are union heroes.

    • Light

      I do feel sympathy for the workers, the workers inside the fence who have been given their redundancy notices and are due to finish up in 2 weeks.  They won’t know what is happening to them now and their lives are being seriously disrupted by this dispute which is not of their making.  MUNZ has a callous disregard for how their actions affect others indirectly. 

      I also feel sympathy for those who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced because of the supply chain failure. 

      I do not feel sympathy for those on strike.  They have made each choice put before them, either by choosing to let others make their decisions for them, by actively deciding to put their weight behind the MUNZ cause, by refusing to stand up to bullying or by being silent.  Each one a choice, each choice having its own result. 

      • Sweetd

        The workers inside the fence would only ever be technically redundant for about 5 seconds, the time it takes for them to end the old contract and sign the new contract with POAL.  They don’t have anything to worry about. 

        Its the striking buggers outside the fence that need to be worried, the ones that will not be offered a new contract.  They are the ones with their picture up on POAL’s wall with a big red cross through it

  • Mully

    I really hope Parsloe and Kelly do a Septic Tank; claiming “victory” and finishing up being beaten *and* embarrassed.

  • Peter S

    It is unfortunate that Pearson stated this morning the POAL still wants to contract out the work.   His off the cuff utterances have not been helpful since he took over from Gibson as the spokesman.

    • He is way smarter than Gibson.

      •  but its’ all relative eh..?

        especially if starting from a really low base-line…

        ..and given how ill-thought out his statements have been…

        ..that could be quite a dodgy/unsafe definition of ‘smart’…

        ..and my big dog is way smarter than my small dog..

        ..but they are both still dogs..

        [email protected]

    • Light

      I wonder what the context of pearson’s comments were and who put the question to him. I doubt he would approach the media himself off his own bat and jeopardize the port.

  • politically unstable

    I think it is still goodbye for MUNZ….even if MUNZ agree to all the POAL terms regarding work hours, and they go back to work, POAL still have the right at any time to “contract out” the work.

    MUNZ are only challenging based on the “bargaining in good faith” requirement.
    So POAL can contract out in a couple of months time if they want to.

    Based on already increased productivity while MUNZ has been on unpaid leave, even getting the additional flexibility will not help POAL as it has been proven by the recent productivity increases that MUNZ members are holding back productivity.

  • Jester

    POALs bargaining position have always contained the proviso that they be able to contract out work. This never changed throughout the nine offers to MUNZ so why do you expect him to say any different.
    Are you suggesting the Judge instructed POAL to remove that condition because he certainly didnt within the minutes made public. He instructed them to returm to the table in good faith and try and reach an agreement within one month.
    Why is it unfortunate and unhelpful? Clearly it is their position. Just because it is unhelpful in allowing MUNZ to dictate terms doesnt mean that POAL have assumed a bad faith position.
    Good Faith Bargaining

    Requirement that the parties to a contract (such as a collective bargaining agreement) regularly meet and discuss with a willingness to reach an accord on proposed new contract terms. It does not necessarily mean that any party is required to make a concession or agree to any proposal.”


    • politically unstable

       Jester, the parties were asked to be careful about what they say to the media. We all know POAL’s intentions, so it did not need to be said again to the media in light of the court directive about being careful with media releases.

      AS per my comment just above, nothing realy changes in any case.

      • Jester

        My response was to Peter S.

        But I also think you miss the point about good faith bargaining as well. Good faith bargaining is not just within the confines of the negotiating table. It is all encompassing.

        It could be argued that the press release that sets out clearly POALs position has been issued and complies with good faith principles.

        Good faith principles are not prescriptive laws but key expectations. One of those being acting honestly, openly, and without hidden or ulterior motives.

        Whilst perhap not being what Munz or the workers want to hear,the media release ticks all those boxes above.


  • ConwayCaptain

    Why doesnt Phil Ure get off his glutinae maximae and go and apply for a job on the wharf.  I am sure that the Fraternal Brotherhood of Hoods, Hoodlums, Standover men and Shysters would welcome him with open arms after showing his support throughout to the BRUVVERS

    • Agent BallSack

      Captain that would require working. Its all very good to profess a love of all things communist but once under the hammer and sickle he may realise the error in his judgement.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Someone I have contact with o’seas taught English in the PRC and he told his studenst that waht the PRC needs is a drop of socialism!!!

        Wonder how Parsloe et al would get on in the peopl’s paradise.

    • Sooty

       But Captain that requires a nasty thing called work, even if it is only 26 hors per week

  • Timandtim

    I think it would be very good for your followers WO if you can shed some light on who this mystery person that NZ Hearld is refering to about contracting workers for a new stevedoring company while at the negotiating table. This is news to alot of us or is just a smoke screen by MUNZ. Or is it true.

    If it is then probably a fair cop, if not then it needs to be disclosed.

    Interestingly enough anyone can bring anyone to the table – so POAL could of had the CEO of Mearsk for all we care. MUNZ could of had Helen Kelly.

    •  yes tim..but it is a tad dodgy… have one of the negotiating team also owning the company hiring the casual workers…eh..?

      ..kinda needs a couple more degrees of separation than that…


      ..could there be a more defining benchmark in bad-faith-bargaining than that..?

      [email protected]

      • ConwayCaptain

        What about 4 THUGS on the Union side all who have disciplianry action pending.  Also Parsloe is a director of Akl Stevedoring who wouod want a cut of the action.  So 5 on the union side is OK.

      • Sarrs

        How is it any different to MUNZ owning a contract stevedoring company? There are contracts and sub-contracts galore. 

    • Light

      Yes, there are no details with the Herald story yet they imply it is a dreadful breach, bad enough to have stopped the POAL in its tracks.  The fact they have not supplied details does make me wonder about the authenticity of the statements.  It implies that one person may have been in the negotiations with the ulterior motive of causing the negotiations to fail so that they could benefit by having inside information on MUNZ and thereby being in a position to make an attractive non-union counter offer to POAL.

      I find that hard to believe as well.  POAL made 9 offers in good faith, including offers with significant pay increases which the union turned down based on it’s own MUNZ values.  Garry Parsloe has gone on radio and television repeatedly talking about how the new offers made by POAL would destroy family life and that they wanted permanent hours not flexi hours. 

      I’m not sure that the Port would have come to a different decision about whether to contract out or not given the path that MUNZ took of its own volition.  The pressure from the shipping lines and the shippers to sort it out once and for so that they didn’t have to go through it on a bi-annual basis would have had far more swaying power.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Tim, under certain circumstances, there is nothing to prevent POAL from advertising for other staff, be they contractors or permanent, whatever stage of negotiations they are at.

      This argument re “recruiting whilst at the negotiating table” is propounded by MUNZ and latched upon by a media (with the IQ of a button).

    • Bilcaro

      There is two pole smoking so called managers who have started this Co up. So obvious that they are recruiting for the Port Co. The other two Co’s are just smoke screens

      • Light

        Do you have evidence of this?

      • Light

        The only thing I know about Allied Workforce is that they are large and have staff working in several industries. Drake however have a lot of international experience. They were brought in to assist when one if the northern hemisphere ports unions went on strike for two years. They flew experienced workers in from all over the world and kept the port going. I doubt either of these could be described as smoke screens. Both companies will want this work.

  • politically unstable

    I simply cannot belive the article by Bernard Orsman in the NZ herald today. It reads like a piece of fiction regarding the dispute

    • Bunswalla

      Yep, and I emailed him to commend him on his “balanced” article. Was very surprised to get a reply from him, asking: “If POAL’s legal position was bullet proof why go back to
      mediation and waste another month of talks????

      My reply: “Thanks for the reply.

      It depends what you believe the port wants to achieve.
      What I believe they want to achieve, which has been obvious for the last 6
      months, is greater flexibility in their roster. There’s no point paying people
      not to work, and it’s unproductive to make ships wait until rostered staff turn

      The union has forced the port into this action by their
      intransigent attitude and refusal to engage on this particular point, despite
      it making perfect sense to do so.

      It’s pretty easy to connect the dots. Union goes on
      strike (again), port says right we’ve had enough of this, we’re losing money,
      you’re all redundant and we’ll contract out (which even Parsloe acknowledges
      they’re perfectly entitled to do). Nek minute, the union’s crying hard done by,
      the negotiations aren’t over, we still want to talk etc (in the same breath as
      extending their strike yet again, and illegally preventing people from entering
      the port complex).

      The port managed to change the union’s attitude and have
      now got them back to the table to have one last chance at accepting the
      flexible roster.

      It won’t take a month. The union will either accept the
      flexible roster or the talks will end and the redundancies will happen. That’s
      just my view.

      None of this is why I wrote to you. My point is
      that your article lacked balance. You invited a Green party spokesperson to
      comment negatively on the Port’s decision, and made yourself look like a
      partisan hack.”

      • Quintin Hogg

        Orsman is a partisan hack.  Nothing more nothing less

  • Timandtim

    I hope G Parsloe reads this comment before noon:

    I see they are having a meeting today to call off the strike immediately. If the call it off then they have conceded defeat and the Judge has told them to return to work. A vote to stop the strike is a vote in support of POAL position and the Judges directive.

    If they were serious they would continue the strike.

  • Timandtim

    G Parsloe has a directorships in a Stevedoring Company operating at the wharf. He cant claim this as a defence of good faith bargaining if POAL has someone there with the same interest.

    He is already in conflict – its a poor story and doesnt declare Mr Parsloe directorship as well. Crucial in a media released story.

    I think the Judge will see through this as MUNZ cant claim to be disadvantaged as theya re operating the same game


  • Evan Johnson

    It would be very helpful if everyone read the court minute!!!

    The essential fact of the matter is this :”   The Defendant will not employ or engage Drake Personnel Limited or Allied Workforce Limited, or any other person to preform the work of striking employees in breach of s97 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 and will instruct Drake Personnel Limited, Allied Workforce Limited and ANY OTHER POTENTIAL CONTRACTOR not to undetake any recruitment or training related to the contracting out of work at Ports of Auckland   “Compliance with legislation is an expectation of every employer – and I wonder if the Chief Executive on this occasion is thinking about his future?

    • Jester

      Purely a good faith initiative on the parts of POAL Evan. You will note that the minute states that the defendant “undertakes” and was not a court direction in any sense of the word.

      Also by default, the opportunity to return for relief for “both” parties during this renegotiation period  reinforces that the court decided not to rule in either favour but rather guide them through a good faith period to a conclusion.

  • Light

    Sorry, but there are people being laid off right across the board in departments other than stevedoring in the POAL. These people are not getting new contracts with POAL or Contracting companies.  They’re going to join the many thousands looking for work.

    • Light

      Whoops, posted in the wrong place.  Above is reply to Sweetd

  • Greg M

    POAL has just issued a lockout notice effective in two weeks.That’ll fuck MUNZ right up.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Ports workers have this morning been served an official lock out notice from the Ports of Auckland, to take effect in two weeks. The notice is for an indefinite lockout.”..from Yahooxtra (by First union fuseworks)……HA HA HA HA…Maybe Kelly etc should have kept their mouths SHUT. Adhered to the court ruling re not commenting in the media. They have broken that ruling, giving the PoA carte Blanc to do this…I know it may be seen as tit for tat childishness……..But they started it!…HA HA HA

  • Owl

    I have to say I didn’t see this one coming – the Lockout.

    Brilliant – not that I am particularly happy that resolution is not near but it just goes to show that Employers have the right to lockouts while Unions have the right to strike.

    Been reading the law on legal lockouts – it can only happen 40 days after the end of contract and negotiations (bush lawyer interpretation here and I am sure tere are finer points to the law regarding the rules).

    My useless interpretation of this is:
    MUNZ comes to table – has two weeks to settle – if they refuse or dont – lockout starts. Brilliant.

    Give the man a beer who devised this strategy – still like common sense to prevail in all this but just brilliant strategy.

    As per my previous comments on WO
    We still need Leadership
    Statemanship from our leaders
    and both parties to be gracious….

    Brilliant strategy though – you have to admire it from a tactical point by POAL. As I said in a previous post the OWL will be the first to eat humble pie and I started penning a few words around this morning after last nights “ruling” and reflecting bloggers comments today…the OWL goes back to the tree for a sleep and smiles gently as my eyes close admiring not that POAL pulled a beauty but MUNZ never protected their downside. I was really and truly starting to give MUNZ some credit after revelations of a third recruiting company (based off NZ Hearld report)

    This is better than a soap opera. I am now truly glued to my seat watching this unfold. The think the rest of the nation is as well.

    Take a moment not to reflect not on the issues but on how ineffective “Good Faith Bargaining” is. This law should be scrapped.


    • Greg M

       Very true Owl, absolute masterstroke by POAL, as was their choice of Stevedore providers. Munz have been blindsided again.

    • Light

      I don’t think it was a brilliant masterstroke rather that it was a absolute necessity.  When you go so far down one road it becomes too far to turn around and go back to the point you started from. 

      The threats and behaviours of the MUNZ members to other port workers as well as Whale Oil, the vandalism, intimidation of women in cars, the shoulder charging, throwing of twistlocks in front of non-union straddle drivers, etc.makes it unsafe to bring them back.    There has been no discipline or censure from MUNZ regarding it’s members engaging in this behaviour.  Instead Garry Parsloe and Helen Kelley have repeated to the media that they don’t know anything about this kind of behaviour and they have run with a media campaign with children stating “my Dad is not a bully”.

      Striking MUNZ members are now a super charged angry emotive group with a very recent history of threatening behaviour towards other port workers and an aggressive stance towards manangement and non-union workers. If you were POAL’s insurers I imagine you’d want to want to hike their premiums up through the roof were MUNZ to return in this situation.

      It’s also the second time in this dispute POAL have locked MUNZ out so MUNZ know that a lock out is an option for the port.  An indefinite lock out though must have come as a dreadful shock to its members. 

      Does anyone know – if you are locked out indefinitely, does that mean you don’t have to be made redundant?

      • Timandtim

         Have no real idea on the law but you dont have to pay wages – I do know that.
        Even the Union are saying they didnt see this coming.
        I have no idea of POAL motives – time will tell but you do have to admit I think we all said after yesterdays ruling – MUNZ might be right here – unfortunately they couldnt show some humility and opened their mouths to the media (Pearson as well). Difference MUNZ claimed victory, POAL restated their position.

        I think the Owl is saying – dont get hung up on the pros and cons of the dsiput just sit back and admire the strategies unforld.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Surely the POAL casn say “We are paying all workers off and they can re apply for their jobs under these conditions.  We will employ whomsoever we like”

    • Mully

      Not really – there has to be a genuine redundancy situation. In this case, a restructure.

      To simply lay everyone off and re-hire them themselves wouldn’t work.

      I admit the lock out was a bit of a surprise. Very very interesting situation…

  • Light

    I see that Hayden Donnell has the same kind of reporting skills as Bernard Orsman – amping up the sensational with little research behind it.

    Nevertheless, Garry Parsloe continues to make statements to the media, this from the Herald update:

    Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said workers would protest the “unlawful” lockout motion this afternoon.”Ports workers are ready to go back to work and get this Port moving again for Auckland.”It is deeply disturbing that the company’s vision is so blurred on
    this dispute, that they now want to stop the Port functioning.” “Governance at the Ports of Auckland is out of control. It’s time for
    the Mayor and Councils to step in and sack this board, and replace them
    with a group who are willing to run this important asset properly for
    the benefit of Auckland,” he said.

    Quite rich coming from him!

    • EpochNZ

       “Ports workers are ready to go back to work and get this Port moving again for Auckland.”

      Um….sorry Garry, but the port has been moving quite well without you or your union workers anywhere near it.

      I would so love for POAL to front up to the media and smack down each and every one of Parsloe’s and Kelly’s utterances, but I can appreciate they are playing their cards close to their chest at the moment.

  • Umm sorry WO – Surely it was this morning you were travelling? You haven’t bought a De Lorean have you? sorry – just teasing you….LOL!!

  • Bunswalla

    I’m a little confused by POAL’s lockout notice, and wonder if they’ve overplayed their hand slightly. They risk handing MUNZ the ammunition to win the hearts and minds of Aucklanders by pointing at the nasty POAL management taking this step. It seems unnecessary and goes against their stated aim of reaching a settlement with the union.

    I thought (without knowing all the ins and outs of lockout notices and how far in advance you have to issue them) it would be better for them to keep their powder dry, give the union one last chance to accept the new rostering arrangements and reach a settlement. If they refuse to settle a new agreement with the flexibility the port requires, then issue your lock-out notices and go ahead with redundancies and contractors.

    I’m concerned that MUNZ will be able to play the victim here, being forced to negotiate with a loaded gun to their heads. I have no sympathy for them, but they may be able to garner sympathy in others.

    • Mully

       Two weeks is the notice period – same as strike notices.

      I’d be very surprised if there are many people on MUNZ’s side any more. (including, I suspect, many of the striking workers). POAL said earlier that a dozen or so had crossed the picket. That’s a hell of a step under threat of a “smashing, bro”

  • Quintin Hogg

    Under the ERA lockouts are lawful:

    If they relate to bargaining for a single party or multi party collective agreeement and,
    if any existing collective agreement has expired, and
    if the parties began bargaining at least 40 days previously.

    the only employees who can lawfully be locked out are those who will be bound by the collective agreement being bargained for.

    All these pre-conditions appear to be present so the lockout could be seen to be lawful.

    By locking out the MUNZ members POAL have raised the stakes in what is a pretty high stakes game.  If MUNZ can’t get a deal in the next 14 days, (and POAL have sought urgent mediation assistane) then it is good-bye MUNZ members. At least in the immediate future.

    I wouldn’t have wanted to be the person handing out the lockout notices to the workers today.  They have to be served personally so there would have been an immediate adverse reaction.

  • Evan Johnson

    Ports of Auckland are in a hole and they should stop digging!  But they won’t.
    They should also learn what good-faith bargaining is.  

    The Management has shown recklessness and people won’t be fooled much longer.Their latest two decisions have been knee-jerk.  The end is nigh.

    • Timandtim

      going on strike is not a knee jerk reaction?- they have given 14 days notice. What is illegal about that.?


      • Evan Johnson

        Richard Pearson is panic-stricken.  He is thumbing his nose at the Court.  He, like Nick Smith, needs to take a hard look at himself.  He is clearly overpaid if the “$3,000/day” billboard is to be believed.  Is it?  I would think that this is the last roll of the dice for this primitive.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Bull Shit…..That should, as an answer, tell you everything you need to know!!!

    • Quintin Hogg

      For MUNZ and it’s members yes.
      Have a look at the ERA on the subject of lockouts.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Evan, the Unions and left wingers have been claiming the end is nigh for weeks (and weeks). The Standard claimed that “POAL would have their arses handed to them, just like in every other industrial dispute”. And guess what, we are still waiting for this to happen.

      The “people” whom you blithely refer to, were never fooled. They understand the grandstanding of MUNZ, and also realise that the Union proponents, Parsloe et al, are intellectual pygmies who’s only stance is that of a bully. And guess what? NZ’rs as a whole, are not swayed by violent bullies and tend to resile against them.

      • Quintin Hogg

        If I wasn’t otherwise engaged tomorrow, lunch at Mikano would be a good option.

    • goaway

      Evan, you and the rest of your bully clan are so far up Parsloes ass your noses are brown and your hair all sticky, what you have left of it. You are all too stupid to see it. However on thing you did get right is that the end is Nigh. Parsloes end when he shits you all out and moves on to ruin others lives with his idiocy. 

  • Euan Rt

    As I said yesterday, it aint over till the fat lady sings. But I do hear her warming up… The ports do not want their workforce back. They have repeatedly stated that they want to contract the work out, and that is what will happen. Then the fat lady sings.

    •  no euan..the fat lady sings to serenade the poal management out the door…

      [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        …and you’ve been wrong before.

      • In Vino Veritas

        And should this remote possibility come to pass, that will be that for POA. End, finsh, finito. No self respecting and qualified person will sit on that Board as it would be a poison chalice. The only people that would sit on its’ Board would be unionists and lightweight left wing policitians like for eg: Denise Roche, Green Party Industrial spokesperson, with her diploma in Labour Relations.

  • Kroese Luis

    In a blaring headline The Herald proclaimed this morning:  ‘Port u-turn: Wharfies back to work’ and then
    proceed to provide a total miss representation of the facts regarding the agreement
    reached at the Employment Court.

    Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly displayed her
    ignorance of due process in the Employment Court by uttering the following
    howler (as reported by The Herald): 

    “Today is a great relief for those workers, but the
    fact they have even had to go through this means the council must now ask
    serious questions about who is running this port and why the board embarked on
    a path that has cost the ratepayers millions and done considerable damage to
    the reputation of the port,” Ms Kelly said.

    Finally Green Party industrial spokeswoman Denise Roche
    showed why the Greens cannot be trusted with complex issues related to anything
    ‘”industrial”. Her lack of understanding is obvious to anyone with
    half a brain when she said, according to The Herald, that companies made this
    kind of backdown only when their legal case was weak.

    “I sincerely hope the contract can be settled quickly
    now the port has run out of legal arguments,” she said.

    Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly displayed her
    ignorance of due process in the Employment Court by uttering the following
    howler (as reported by The Herald): 

    “Today is a great relief for those workers, but the
    fact they have even had to go through this means the council must now ask
    serious questions about who is running this port and why the board embarked on
    a path that has cost the ratepayers millions and done considerable damage to
    the reputation of the port,” Ms Kelly said.

    Finally Green Party industrial spokeswoman Denise Roche
    showed why the Greens cannot be trusted with complex issues related to anything
    ‘”industrial”. Her lack of understanding is obvious to anyone with
    half a brain when she said, according to The Herald, that companies made this
    kind of backdown only when their legal case was weak.

    “I sincerely hope the contract can be settled quickly
    now the port has run out of legal arguments,” she said.