Maybe Chris Trotter could unionise them

It seems that porn superstars have disappeared, because of an over abundance of enthusiastic try-hards:

“The market is oversaturated now,” says Brooklyn Lee. Lee is porn’s latest It girl. At the AVN Awards, Lee, 22, won five awards, including Best New Starlet. She says: “There used to be a few hundred girls and now there are thousands. So porn superstars have fallen by the wayside. There aren’t girls like Tera and Jenna, who transcend the boundary of the industry anymore.” Jesse Jane agrees. “The industry is so oversaturated with girls,” she says. “I’ve been in the business nine and a half years, and I can barely tell you who is in now.”

Perhaps the porn industry could the use the services of Chris Trotter and Garry Parsloe to unionise to improve pay and conditions.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    haha – well the unions (and the Labour Party) are total screw ups and can only have sex on their backs – because they can only fuck up – and they’re pox-ridden parasites – kinda like herpes – they just won’t fuckin’ go away!

    Ahern might make a reasonable porn star – but only on her knees from behind – because you wouldn’t want to try and kiss her with all the bull shit that’s come out of it!

  • SJ00

    Hands up who just googled Brooklyn Lee :) (she isn’t that flash…)

    • Jman

       Hands up :) I’ve seen better

  • Troy

    Something Shane “whip-it” Jones could be a goer for after he gets booted at the next election.

  • gander

    …she says.  “I’ve been in the business nine and a half years, and I can barely tell you who is in now.”


    • politically unstable

       And she is only 22 years old – go figure

      • politically unstable

         oops  that was the other girl who was 22

  • jay cee

    a recent poll reckoned paula benefit would be hot in the sack.obviously some people have been playing solo too much and have gone blind.