Maybe things aren’t so rooted here after all

Andrew Sullivan

A new book compares us with the seppos. Unfortunately we can’t project power with a carrier task force, and the Greens stop us from doing much of anything, but in other ways we are exceptional.

David Hackett Fischer stands up for New Zealand in his new book Fairness and FreedomBenjamin Schwarz reviews:

In some ways [New Zealand’s] achievements seem all the greater when compared with those of the United States. In 2010, its unemployment rate was nearly half of ours. Our economic inequality is the highest of any developed country’s; New Zealand’s hovers much lower on the list. New Zealand ranks first in Transparency International’s global survey of government honesty; the United States ranks 22nd—just ahead of Uruguay!

And comparable divergences, Fischer shows, are found “in trends and measures of political partisanship, legislative stalemate, judicial dysfunction, infrastructure decay, home foreclosures, family distress, drug consumption, and social violence.” … The result: by virtually every measure, New Zealand has a more just and decent society than ours—while resorting far less readily to legalistic and legislative remedies.

That kind of paints a different picture from that which the Labour party scribbles.


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  • Unklefesta

    So does that mean we are pretty good or the US is really crap ?

  • johnbronkhorst

    We are doing better than them and Obama is stuffing it up for them. We need to deal with them, but be ready to cut them loose if they start sinking, lest they drag us down with them.

    • MikepSmith

       ‘Obama is stuffing it up for them’ – Is he? How so?

      • johnbronkhorst

        Lets see…they are borrowing more than they are paying back and have NO plan to reduce the deficit. Obama care is costing 3 times what he said it would, the bailouts created ZERO jobs and ZERO growth, the “Green jobs” turned out to be an expensive con, when the companies GIVEN 100’s of millions of dollars went BROKE…etc etc etc

      • mister nui

        Yes, Obama is stuffing it up, but, more correctly; Ben Bernanke is right royally fucking the place.

  • Mike Smith

    “That kind of paints a different picture from that which the Labour party scribbles.”

    How so? So being bad but NOT as bad as somewhere else is good?

    • johnbronkhorst

      All things are relative on the international market (where we operate). Our unemployment is one of the lowest in the world and falling others are holding steady and rising (including australia). We have growth, others are dreading double dip recession. etc etc Labour couldn’t draw up a plan even if we supplied the crayons.

      • Engineer

         This must be quote of the day “Labour couldn’t draw up a plan even if we supplied the crayons.”

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Shall we talk about the Labour mantra of “Poverty in NZ” Mike?
      Rings kind of hollow in light of what povery means overseas.

  • Steve P

    No, New Zealand is not better than everywhere else. It is merely that – as has always been the case – we are 20 years behind everyone else.