McCarten turns on Len Brown

Matt McCarten has turned on Len Brown:

I voted for Brown as mayor. Most Aucklanders did, too, but I suspect it was more because he wasn’t Banks.

Although most didn’t know much about Brown’s politics we knew enough about Banks to know we wouldn’t like his vision for Auckland.

Since Brown was elected he seems to have been doing a reasonable job, although his detractors and political enemies claim he’s a lightweight and easily intimidated by his officials and business leaders.

They scoff behind his back that he hates confrontation and is too ready to be a pleaser. That’s always a great weakness in a politician and may explain some of his recent behaviour.

Brown’s actions, or lack of them, over the port fiasco are perplexing.

His officials set an impossible 12 per cent return for his port’s directors.

When they ran into trouble I’m told the board offered the mayor their resignations. If true it was a master stroke. Because once he assured them of his support he was their puppet.

No experienced politician who knows what they stand for would have been manoeuvred like this.

With the biggest citizens’ revolt for 60 years about to erupt in his city, he is pathetically reduced to whimpering that he doesn’t have any real power. He looks weak.

Anyone can be a leader when the going is easy. Leaders are judged by how they respond in a crisis.

Our mayor built his career on the backs of the working class and the poor. He is now being tested whether he deserves their past loyalty or whether he was just another slick opportunist.

In the next few weeks the real character and calibre of our mayor will be revealed. All of Auckland is watching. His chances of re-election and his legacy teeters.


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  • Gosh, the leftists have an inflated vision of their own achievements.
    “Greatest citizens’ revolt for 60 years”

    What, 2,000 people marched? Pardon my ignorance, but it’s been a very quiet sexagenary if this port dispute is going to cause the biggest ruckus since the 50’s. 

  • Jobbie

    From Joe Bloggs post on the Blame Mike Lee thread – it’s such a goodie it has to be repeated:

    Autophagy is common in some lower species:

    – the short-tailed cricket eats its own wings- the sea-squirt will absorb its own brain once it attaches to a rock- rat snakes have been known to choke to death while eating themselves- and of the marginally higher life forms, bloggers at the Stranded are prone to turning on their own

    And now we have Matt McCarten eating Len Brown

    • Jester

      Matt seems a little uptight. But i guess with a partner like Cathy Casey its no wonder he wakes up in a shit mood every morning.

      Poor fucking prick.

      • Troy

        Now that’s a right pair of whining bitching socialists – I wonder what their small talk in bed consists of at night.

  • Mully

    I’d be very surprised if the POAL board offered their resignations to Brown over this.

    “I’m told” covers all manner of fabrications.

  • Warehi

    Clown Brown is an absolute tosser. He appeared at a public meeting in Birkenhead prior to the Auckland mayoral election. I asked him if he had sought help in respect of the time he was filmed beating himself about the head. His response was; “have you got a problem?” He hasn’t got the faintest idea. He is a loser a shower of shit,just  another failed lawyer.