McCully will go Postal

Murray McCully isn’t a forgiving person.

All those foolish MFaT officials who are leaking furiously to a grateful Phil Goff are going to find out that he isn’t forgiving at all.

I’d say that every leak, every document that Phil Goff produces will just mean another 10 staff added to the list, and another $10 million shaved off the budget.

The thing is McCully knows that most people think that MFaT bureaucrats are fat cat, shiny pants troughers living life on the large. He will swing his axe even harder and then the leaking will stop, because the leakers will have an axe between their shoulders.


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  • Mighty1

    The MFat Empire needs to be busted. A bleat to self righteous moaning Phil shows complete incompetence, not to mention that if they have time to bleat to Phil then they are not very busy at all and obviously good at whiling away their day wasting their time and our money.

  • Mr Wayne

    Never a truer word said – it is the McCully way. Be afraid troughers, be very afraid. Bwhhahhaahhaa

    • Troy

      Absolutely for sure.  I was based in Singapore a few years back and I can testify 100% that the mfat staff there spent more time at lunches, cocktail dinners and functions than they would have in putting an honest day’s work.  They are troughers of the highest order and they are threatened by their good life being diminished… about time to.

  • Hakim of phut

    If I see Muzza hitch-hiking Ill give him a lift.
    Will they ditch the fancy Wellington tower, especially built for MFAT with carparking on the lower floors, to save money. Is there space in a Johnsonville strip mall?
    Not likely as that would affect the CEO and his coterie of ex postal clerks

    • Budap

      keep digging moron…..

  • Hakim of phut

    Fat shiny cats ?

    Considering that Muzza is on the way to being the next – make that last – Elvis

    • Pukakidon

       Your friend has got camel toe

    • Hakim of phut

      Its the new Mfat consultant hired to  tell them can achieve anything they want.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Question: Did this MFAT “official that went to Algeria to negotiate on behalf of the woman to get her familly back, actually have permission from our govt. to do this? They were in the Egytian embassy, we don’t have an embassy in Algeria! Did she have clearance to speak on behalf of NZ in this case from both the Algerian govt and our govt. This is how sticky international incidents occur, rouge employees going off half cocked without looking at the bigger picture?

  • johnjack

    McCully can go apeshit with me Cam – I’m not a government employee.

    But I do know that in Allen’s “senior leadership team” of ten people who with “consultant” support decided the shape and form of these cuts, only five had any ‘field’ experience ie had served their country in a diplomatic role overseas, and that not one of these five had ever served in Asia.

    Peter Hamilton, our HC in Singapore, is right to point out that our proposed cuts are not in keeping with our supposed commitment to Asia and Asean. The dollars we spend don’t matter if we get a substantial return on their investment; and McCully is proving himself an ignorant oaf in accepting the recommendations of MFAT’s dynamic, upthrusting and singularly stupid Chief Executive.

    By the way – and this is especially germaine to your literary efforts, Cam – the “Consultants” employed don’t know the difference between a plural and a possessive: always a good sign of mediocre thinking abilities.