Meet the Union Bully

Tamati Davie

I’ve been a bit busy today.

So have taken a bit of time to track down the bully.

This is him appearing in a MUNZ newletter (Page 19).

Tamati, I don’t take kindly to bullies, I don’t take kindly to threats.

I’ll keep telling the truth about bullies and cowards like you and your pals Andrew Angus, Graham McKean, Craig Harrison, Carl Findlay and Grant Williams and yes Mita Skipper and your “bro” Cecil Walker.

So long as you continue with the intimidation, the bullying, the racism and the lies I will continue to shine a light in your very dark corner.

You guys are cowards. No wonder you want more time off to go shopping with the missus…blouse shopping.

I am not afraid of bullies. I will stand up to it anytime it raises its head.


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  • Michael

    Awesome WO.. Name and Shame. 

    • Grandstream

      And the truth shall set them free !  The wharfies of 51 must be spinning in their graves to see what has become of the 2012 movement……

    • Troy

      WO, cannot this guy be arrested by the Police for threatening to kill or implying harm that could lead to injury or death?  Isn’t it time the law dealt to this guy?  Surely have enough evidence to put forth.


    Better photo then his facebook page.Guess his email will be full of spam,and gay porn since this mornings post.Fucking bullies,weak ignorant cowards the lot of ya.You and your Union can sink into the pages of history,cause you lot are a dying breed in this country now.Good riddance to bad rubbish,and good luck with getting a new job.Try Aussie,cause NZ dont want you lot.Keep up the great work Cam,arseholes need exposing in this country.

  • hoha

    That is so typical of them threatening someone  when they think they can hide behind an IP address and not be identified, just like Monday morning hiding behind a balaclava and darkness. 

  • johnbronkhorst

    Shine the light on them…watch the roaches scurry.

  • Sarrs

    Are you able to track him to any comments previously made or disqus handles used prior to the email? Would be interesting to see if he was ‘doshi’ 

    • Grumpy

      Nah, Doshi could spell, sort of.

  • Wayne

    Well done Cam, these gutless cowards need to be exposed for their shaemeful antics. The time has come to break Union intimidation in this country and, to drive out liars like Gary Parsloe, Helen Kelly and their ilk. We have all moved on from the 1950’s, except a few ignorant arseholes like this lot.  

  • Shaun McC

    He looks like a proud carrier of the warrior gene, what a credit to his people.

  • Work for a living

    Reading that MUNZ Newsletter is great for a laugh. Their Winter 2011 comment on POA –

    “The link between all our negotiations and the success of talks still depends on the strength and unity of membership. To put it simply, we are sick of the terms and conditions gained by fee paying members being automatically passed onto non-union. The old saying of if you want to ride the tram you have to clip the ticket”

    So c’mon workers, join the union today. And see how things turn out for you in March 2012 :-)

    And Seafarers Retirement Fund gained net 5.4% growth – capitalist scum !

    • Bunswalla

      Bingo! That is exactly the reason this dispute started – they took industrial action to protest the POAL paying non-union employees the same as union employees.

      Their story has changed a fair few times since then…

    • In Vino Veritas

      The irony of the “clip the ticket” statement, is that if any non union staff negotiate a better package that the union, the union then use that to increase their members pay. That’d be riding the tram! Pot, kettle, black.

  • Scanner

    What a vile document that rag is, the saddest part is some people actually believe what is written there,I do hope they don’t print that newsletter on glossy paper, the shit would slide straight off.

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder what is the difference between him and Willie Jackson.All i can think is Jackson is protected because he is of the same persuasion as Harawira.Seems that guy with a reverse name,is it Tamati Davie or Davie Tamati.Reason why i comment on all three ,is none of them know their arse from their elbows. THEY ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON,no prizes,except they are all protected because of their face,or is it their race.

  • Agent BallSack

    Interesting how the unionists have no problem on reporting ‘facts’ as long as it was vetted by them first. Bring the truth out and they get all shit festered and ass hurt. Like a certain Tamati Davie.

  • Super_Guest

    Better know your union hacks.

  • Agent BallSack

    The poor dude was sitting down this morning having a crap and tossing off to his missuses Cleo magazine when a TREMENDOUS idea hit him. “I know – I’ll Fuck with NZs top blogger. Hes never been known to seek revenge”. “Whats more i’ll use my personal email to do it then fuck off down the picket and have a chuckle with the boys”.

    Arrives home, missus beating him with her glued together Cleo and a thousand spam emails in his inbox, Duncan Garner, Holmes, Campbell all have rung 3 times each to get his side of the story.

  • Super_Guest

    Also, I think the biggest problem with the union, as evidenced by the email “threat” and the influx of mongoloids into WOBH is the complete idiocy of them. They’re like a hive mind, a really really stupid hive mind. I suppose when you leave school at 15, with no skills the only way you can survive being that stupid is to hop in with a union. Then again looking at H3 and Gary Parsole, Tamati here probably brings the average IQ up into double digits.

  • Agent BallSack

    I hope Tamati Davie doesn’t want any prospective employer to google search his name any time soon, he’s already the top 5 hits.

    • Scanner

       Bullet meet foot.

    • Mully

       Bwahahahahahaaaaa!! Awesome.

      Nicely done Cam…

      Poor little wood pigeon..

  • HSV325

    Trailer trash union scum. Nobody in their right minds are going to employ all these fuckers

  • Blokeintakapuna

    That MUNZ propaganda sheet has all the contact details for their executive – hopefully someone will sign up Parsloe and his renta-thugs to all manner of 0900 text services – or get autopmated wake up calls every 5 mins – starting about 2am…

    • tas

      Don’t sink to their level.

    • guest

      “Blokeintakapuna” – you are an oxymoron. i just hope there are no bed bugs in your sheets tonight as you will find it difficult to read your nz boy scouts special edition photospread of “summer fun at the swiming pool”. with a name tag like that are you advertising someman?

      • guest

        i forgot mention your satin sheets would have been unloaded by those wharfies you so despise

      • guest

        the only Blokesintakapuna i have observed from a distance are the ones than are known to consume red wine and blue cheese and walk around in their drain pipe designer jeans, fake suntans, with their buttocks clenched as a result of their mediterainian diet. all products being unloaded by the poor old meat and 3 veg jokers at the wharf

      • EpochNZ

         Most probably in Tauranga….

    • guest

      in the army they have names for blokes like you = trench dodgers

  • Scanner

    Just looking back through some of their newsletters one thing seems to stand, there seems to be a lot of photos of Parsloe with Caropotimus, he needs to be careful or someone may accuse him of having an offensive person on his weapon.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I feel very sorry for the older retired members of the NZSU which became part of the MUNZ.  I sailed with some real GENTLMEN> Ardent unionists and when you knew where they came from you could understand, BUT you could have a really good discussion with them and walk away having the greatest respect for them.
    My Bosuns Mate on a deep sea ship with the SCONZ was a real seamen and a gentleman in all meanings of the word.  On deck and on business it was Mr [email protected]@#$ to him and Mr Mate to me.  Off deck was on a first name basis and we had the GREATEST respect for each other.  I had Bosuns and AB’s I was on 1st name terms with and when one of the OS’s or Deck Boys called me by my 1st name Heavens fell on them.  When you have the experience and expertise of [email protected]#$%^ and work like then then you can call me [email protected]#$%$% Until then it is SIR or Mr [email protected]#$%$%^^&
    I was told by the Marine Supt of SCONZ after coming back from a 7 month voyage that I had the best run and smartest vessel in the fleet.  I had a Union Delegate on board who was a real union man BUT
    we had our differences but he made sure that there was no friction on board and any diferences were between the Co and the Union.  He didnt drink and if he was on the wheel coming in and out of port you knew you had a good hand.  Didnt agree with a lot of his thinking but there was mutual respect.
    Not like a lot of this SHIT.

  • Travdog

    I suggest the same advice for Tamati as for Mallard and Fenton: stay off the internet, you won’t do yourself any favours.

  • Johnboy

     Handsome bastard. Looks like he needs a new set of bottom dentures to puff his juju lips back out.

  • bruno32

    Keys cossacks has a ring to it.This is gods work.Kelly putting the threats into Radio Rhema confirms it. Bringing all the horses into the home paddock and waiting for the call. 

  • dad4justice

    Need a hand too deal with these bully union poofs then give us a yell Whale.
    Love to have a go at these cowardly wimps.

  • BJ

    WO do you ever think its time to raise the standard of posts that you allow here? I ‘m feeling somewhat queazy. 

    • starboard

      go to the strandard

    • Travdog

      Thats the second time you’ve whinged about “the standard of posts” recently. Plainly put, if you don’t like it, fuck off. Use some common sense for goodness sake. If you want censorship, go to The Standard. People say things that rub me up the wrong way too, but I don’t bitch about it. I prescribe a cup of cement to fix the problem.

      • BJ


      • Travdog

        ok BJ maybe I was a little harsh, but most of us here don’t want to see this blog end up an over-moderated wank fest like some of the other blogs… know the ones…

    • motorizer

      you miss the point bj. 

      WO does not delete comments that he does not like.
      this is what gives him his integrity. This is why he is followed by so many.if i thought any censorship was going on i would not even bother reading 4 comments that were censored. dork.

  • starboard

    He looks like a fag. With a name like Tamati Im sure he is bent. Poofy mouth , gay smile , yeah hes a fag.

    • Watch it…calm down…if I am not angry you shouldn’t be.

  • whitepride

    Piece of shits (the horis) better stay off the benefit and further drag us down

  • Johno1234

    Cam, you might need to get the broom out and tidy things up a bit here….

    • motorizer

      wah wah. why dont you ask them politely yourself before you go whining to dad?




    • Greg M

       The union doesn’t have enough lightning to power a porchlight

  • jay cee

    have all you greek gods and and adonis’ taken a look in the mirror lately? i was told off here for slinging off at somebodys looks.  

    • Orange

       What the… are you stalking me???!!

    • Greg M

      I did actually Jay cee, and I’m pleased to report to all I am an absolute stud muffin.

      But I seem to be half deaf, now need glasses and it takes ten minutes to go wees in the morning so I could be wrong.

  • James

    Get the popcorn ready….;-)

  • Vincent Vega

    Haha fair play WO! Oh and good luck applying for your new job Tamati because these days the first thing they will do is google you to check your ‘character’….at least it will be a fair reflection.