Meet the Wharfies – Carl Findlay

The media keep on putting up Maritime Union strikers without checking their backgrounds.Last night on One News they used Carl Findlay to tell us all about skills and safety, I suppose it is a blessing they didn’t use Andrew Angus.

This is Carl Findlay:

via the tipline

Last night on TV One they had a story about the new contractors and TV One used a quote from Carl Findlay. You should know a bit about Carl Findlay.

He is a MUNZ Executive member and its national vice-president. He was given a final written warning in February this year (not the first time either) for taking company property and interfering in a company investigation. He was caught using a ruler to retrieve an envelope from under his manager’s locked door. The envelope was addressed to the manager. It contained a statement from another employee about an internal investigation into the leaking to MUNZ of confidential company information.

He is currently suing the port as his response to the final warning.

also via the tipline:

I saw Carl Findlay on TV last night. Your readers need to know about him. In 2010 he threatened my mate and his family at work with violence and as a result recieved a final written warning for serious mis-conduct.

I can’t believe that the news people don’t check these bullies and thugs out. So glad you came down to the wharf to find out the true story.


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  • Grizz30

    It appears there were elements of the ports workforce that needed to be cleansed. It is a shame the MUNZ were prepared to die in a ditch over them.

    • Biker

      Mr Findlay is one of those “do as I say and not as I do” kind of people.  Whilst he goes hard core in the face of everyone telling them they have to support the union and do what the union says, he’s also openly admitted he’s looking for jobs in OZ.  He’s got one foot on either side of the ditch.  He knows they’re going to lose and he won’t get a job with a contracting company because of his history.  So Mr Findlay wants negotiations to fail so that he can get a nice fat redundancy but in the mean time – everyone has to do what he says.

      • Corbett12

        well as his wife i think i would know if he wanted to go to aussie but as it goe’s people are getting there facts wrong again.  your all  full of shit and get your facts right.

      • SJ00

        Ok then Mrs Findlay, tell us what the facts are. Don’t spin them, don’t MUNZ slant them, tell us all the truth. Is what is written in the main article above, from the tipline, shit. If it is, tell us what is right, and what is wrong.

      • VOAKL

        God I hope its not some troll trying to bait us.
        But taking it isnt then Mrs Findlay you might want to get your own house in order first before telling us to get our house in alleged order which I believe it already is.

        Militant action, thuggery, intimidation and can not tell the truth if you life depended on it right now.

        Oh and how cowardly that you and your husband resort to this  Bringing in children into battle and war is beyond disgusting. Fight your own battles.

        I wish Ruth Richardson was the Minister of Labour right about NOW!!!

        You lot would never know where your collective arses were by the time Richardson kicked it – a real shame.

        Oh and we are waiting for your reply please if this site is full of shit as you say – silence is deafening you know.

        You and your husband and your ilk appal me being a member of your sister union. 

  • Why would TV One tell NZers the truth about Findlay?

    The TV Newsroom is made up of people who come from the exact same side of the political spectrum as Findlay.

    Findlay is only a small part of the problem.

    The long time politicization of NZ’s most watched news outlet is a far greater problem for this country.

    • AzaleaB

      It’s a bit of both – lazy and leftie. Have worked with some and the left lean would cast a shadow with the sun in the right place.

  • LesleyNZ

    Our NZ media – especially government owned One News are a disgrace. Hope more Wharfies speak out. Time to STOP generations of Union intimidation and manipulation of workers.

    •  Notice they never try and defend their position?

      Guilty as sin and arrogant as all hell. They don’t even care they we know they’re lying Marxist scum.

      • Vlad

        I usually prefer the explanation that it’s a fuck-up to the belief that it is a conspiracy.  Truth is that the reporters are not very smart, and pretty lazy.  Crank out the soundbite, hit the bars in the Viaduct.  Not that they are part of some vast conspiracy of the left.  WO’s description on them as “repeaters” is right on the mark.

  • ConwayCaptain

    When NZ had a shiping fleet of a considerable size, Lyttelton was an UNION town.  They were either wharfies or seamen.  If you got a full Lyttelton crew heaven help you.

    They imbibed the UNION line with their mother’s milk.

    • politically unstable

       CC, Bluff would have been the same?

  • thor42

    Who’s Andrew Angus, WO? Never heard of him. 

  •  nice to see the sydney wharfies are refusing to unload a scab-ship…

    ..this ain’t over yet…eh..?

    [email protected]

    • Secondary strikes are illegal in Australia too…the union will lose there as well

      •  well..they are doing it..not a full-strike..(which may well be illegal..)

        ..but just blacklisting scab-ships/shipping companies..

        ..and then there are the american wharfies..

        ..and the european wharfies…

        ..bit of a downside of that globalisation..for the

        ..that ‘globalisation’ of the union movement..

        [email protected]

      • Sarrs

        Phil – go back and read the other posts relating to secondary strikes and the definition of ‘blacklisting’. It constitutes an illegal strike. 

      • thor42

        Really? That’s great! 

      • Biker

        Great, Australia can have its supply chain go down the toilet too to support a few kiwi thugs.  It’ll be a great topic for their politician’s to do a bit of petty point scoring over.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Now I wonder if the Chinese/Japanese/Malaysian/Singapore wharfies will blackball the ships???

      Doubt it along with the wharfies in the med and Caribbean

      • Biker

        I doubt it. They’re usually ripping the first boxes off as the linesmen are still trying to tie her up.  I can’t confirm this as fact but I believe that striking is illegal in Asia??

    • Jimbob

      I don’t understand why you use the term scab? As far as I am aware it is not compulsory to join a union. If a company employs you, then as an individual you have “freedom of choice” to belong to a union. If you choose not to belong to a union, then why are you a scab? It’s set out under the human rights! The company still employs you and have no grounds to fire people because
      they do or do not join a union! Your argument Philip is flawed! I find your argument weak when nobody prior to these negotiations and strikes bothered to refuse to work ships worked by non union staff working alongside union staff. Surely there should be no difference in circumstance and clearly there is not. You are setting a bad example here Philip. If it’s untenable for non union staff to work ships then it should have been untenable for non union staff to be working ships with union staff. From every angle you are wrong!

  • jay cee

    don’t be too hard on the journos they do have deadlines to work to and if they did background checks to weed out every rogue and thug out there, on all sides of the political spectrum,there wouldn’t be much to watch.

    • AzaleaB

      Good point but in many instances those being interviewed ‘offer’ their availability. This should raise a red flag(pardon the pun).

      • Biker

        Yeah, everyone that MUNZ is putting forward as media bait is a hard core union man with an axe to grind and a dodgy history.  These are the guys who stand to lose the most if they are forced to get with the times.  They’re not your run of the mill stevedore who just wants to work but isn’t allowed to vote and has been bullied into silence.  Notice how MUNZ are keeping these guys away from the cameras.

    • LesleyNZ

      No excuse – journos need to investigate and do their homework – not just speculate and hope that what they write is OK. Standard of journalism in NZ is the pits at present. This story proves it. Thank goodness we have the blogs to give us the full story and the truth.

      • Euan Rt

        I agree. If it is not the truth then it is not news.

      • Vlad

        You’ve got it, lazy and shallow journos’s, weak editors.  It is interesting that WO’s comments about the original, clumsy, Jock Hobbs story for example resulted in a rapid correction.  Even if you only have a day to turn a story around, you should apporoach it with a questioning mind and a knowledge of context.  I must say, this blog has its attitude but it is a very honest piece of energetic journalism.  MSM has a future ( I hope) but it can’t be so regularly scooped & exposed by hard-working people on the internet.

      • Gazzaw

        Too many bimbette journalism graduates on TV, too much Aussie editorial control at Pravda & Fairfax, Radio Red posing as the voice of the nation……………

        If you havent got the resources to watch international TV news channels and source news online then your totally buggered.   

  • politically unstable

    you know what they say…..never let the truth get in the way of a good story…

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sounds like our sad Justice system. How many last warnings does the fool get? Sack him and forget him.

    • Travdog

      is now!

  • Doug_S

    He looks like a toothless freakin layabout thug..he just has that look about him. The type Darion Fenton and Sue Bradford would go for. “Taking Company Property” that sounds to me like theft as a servant and POAL has gone very soft on him…I wonder why..could it be he intimidated his way out of that one as well? On ya bike you steaming sack of shit!  

  • SJ00

    I am sick of only hearing one side of any news story lately. Welfare reform for example, out comes the usual bleaters like Sue Bradford.. noone is interviewing me, taking the opposite view and saying how good they are (or could go further). Same with the wharf strike. For every Carl Findlay, why are they finding someone with the counter view. And plus I don’t get how these whingers get on the news. Benefit story comes out, is there a call list they hit, 1. Sue Bradford, 2. some useless Labout MP, 3. … ? Or do these people ring up TV1 or 3 or whatever and say ‘talk to me, I have a view’ and then they put their shit on the tv or radio?
    Or is it like a joke.. ‘hey lets get Sue Bradford on here, she is mad enough to make herself look a fool’ and then us sensible people can have a laugh? Trouble with that, is the other mad people listen and agree.
    Thanks god for WO!

    • Biker

      That’s how Parsloe gets on, he rings them, the TV and the Herald.  Then he knows when they’re coming to the picket line and he gets everyone to turn up and after the cameras stop they drift off and leave a few there for a token presence.

      • Jobbie

        Yip,a typical media set up.  Must be hard on the makeup people to get them camera ready

  • Work for a living

    My concern is the reliance on ‘tip-line’ for story sources.

    In any other normal circumstance, free information on the background of people would be vetted and well researched, yes ? Rather than taken as gospel ?

    What’s the research WO ?

    • Jobbie

      Can’t be worse than the media

    • Corbett12

      Yep tip-line got it wrong again they should research before putting online  and check their sources.  And the familys know everthing they are not lied to in any way.

  • Foul ole Ron

    When you are only hearing from one side – the MUNZ side, then its prudent to get the other side of the story.  I think you will find that WO is getting a lot of tips from the “other side”.  The silent people that are just as affected by this whole sorry saga but have no voice other than this blog site.  I have seen more than enough blogs on this site and on this story to know you are getting a LOT of information direct from the workers inside the red fence. 

  • bruno32

     TV 1 and 3 keep the masses under controll. If the people got all their news from whaleoil There would be mass civil disruption.TV companies are responsible to their shareholders ,and They don’t give a monkeys arse about the truth.