Michael Laws vs Winston Peters

Michael Laws has had a good crack at Winston Peters on his show today. Nice of Winston Peters to use rape victims to push his political action. Listen to Winston dance on the head of a pin:

He doesn’t like it up him…

Other questions for Winston could include:

Why did he continue to deal with Owen Glenn after accepting gifts from him? And who was approached on the Monaco job again?

Which stable picked up a good chunk of the extra taxpayer stakes that he arranged as Racing Minister?

Why did he say No when the real answer was Yes?

Why did NZ First fail to declare donations in contravention of electoral laws?

Why has NZ First failed to repay the $158,000 of taxpayers money they misappropriated?


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  • Tht’s two big scalps for Laws in the space of 24 hours. Frankly, Peters’ claim that he was talking about rape victims is so false that it is grossly offensive.

    And he is wrong when he says that 6000-odd files were sent in error to Bronwyn Pullar. What she received was one file; a spreadsheet with 6000-odd names on it, and very little other information.

  • thor42

    That $158K that Winston First owes – can’t someone lodge an official complaint about that with the police?
    Maybe an OIA request could work too. Something like this –
    “How much money does the New Zealand First Party owe the taxpayers of New Zealand?”   

  • Odd – considering Laws was begging Peters for a job this time two years ago. 

    Maybe he is still spewing that the answer was no. 

    • Jarkinson

      Or maybe he was just interviewing him and he put his personal relationship to one side. Pity you can’t do the same. As his producer I think this as a great interview. I know you won’t feel the same Jackie but you know what they say about scorned women and all huh?

      • insider

        It was a terrible interview because it meandered down strange pathways regarding some knighthood 20 years ago for someone most will never have heard of. It was hard to understand exactly what Laws’ point was. He needs to tighten up on his question lines and keep to the point.

      • Tony

        The point, Insider, was that Peters complained about a conflict of interest with Nick Smith when it could be said that Peters’ had one as well. The length of time was about 4-years – not 20.

        Do you understand yet or should you enroll in EASL classes?

      • Peter Wilson

        Sounds more like you are Winston Peter’s “producer” with innuendos like that. Name dropping won’t get you far on here.

  • Macca

    THANK GOD!!!!!!   I just had this really bad dream that a huge chunk of the elderly population had actually voted for this idiot and he was back in Parliament with his foul and poisonous brand of politics for another three years! 
    God I hope I wake up soon because this nightmare can’t possibly be happening again!

  • Cactus Kate

    What a dreadful interview.

    • Vlad

      Absolutely, could have been conducted much more effectively.  Too much Michael harping on about some who cares sht that happened or didn’t when he was in NZ First etc.  But nevertheless, left, right or centre it is very hard to like Winston, a true McArthyite, all innuendo and slipping and sliding. 

  • Grandstream

    To paraphrase Alex Downer, I dont use the c-word very often, but Winstons really is a C**t.  I often wondered why WO was so anti- Peters….this interviews sums it all up.  Having spent time working with the clinically insane, it is clear to me that Winston is demonstrating characteristics of someone with delusions, and a weak grip on reality.  I’m not a laws fan, but he actually making a good point re Roger MoneyBhags……

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Peters states “this man is morally conflicted” referring to Dr Smith.

    Better morally conflicted than morally corrupted eh Winston?

  • Evan Johnson

    Michael Laws loses the plot again, never got over his NZ First experience apparently.

    Winston Peters is the BEST opposition MP in the house.  He is always a jump ahead of Labour.  Take his reference to “sex” wrt Nick and Bronwyn for example.  

    Also his question to the house on an enquiry was perceptive and piercing.

    We might as well bring up Michael Laws and his Napier City Council days if it is history we wish to discuss, and not current affairs.  Affairs being an operative word.

    • TroyN

      Winston avoided answering the question. His question was perceptive & peircing? Rubbish – it was designed to get him attention in the house. He is now back peddling when asked about it outside the house.

    • Peter Wilson

      Winston Peters is the BEST opposition MP in the house

      Hard to disagree there. But who was the best opposition MP in the last term of Parliament? Clearly John Key, after all, he’s now the PM.

      By your reasonin, if Winston is the best opposition MP, he’s odds on to be PM after the next election. I think not.

      • Peter Wilson

        Yes, yes, I meant in the last decade.

      •  Winston is a very good opposition MP. But his record as a government MP is deplorable; three times a Minister; three times he hasn’t lasted a three-year term.

        Opposition is easy, but Peters lacks the courage and commitment to actually do something rather than just oppose everything.

    • Liberty

      “Winston Peters is the BEST opposition MP in
      the house”

      That was a long time ago.

      Now he is just a little old man  chasing 

  • maninblack

    peters is unbelivably corrupt.
    How people can think he has one ounce of dignity..
    he never ever ever gives a straight answer. He would say white is black.
    Tomorrow he is on willy and JTs show with Rodney hide and the same time!

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Unfortunately, our lazy MSM don’t have the ability or integrity to ever go after him.

  • Phar Lap

    Sadly with Peters rumour and innuendo on Nick Smith ,i have heard it said that Peters has damned the Nick Smith family to a lifetime of derision and cat calling in the school playground and backbiting, and smut behind Mrs Smith’s back.Shame on Peters bringing Nick’s innocent family into parliamentary debate. Surely if Peter’s has any backbone left, after his verbal slanderous attacks on Smith, he should at least withdraw the insinuations .Or is he just a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up.

    • Rockfield


      These are the consequences of living in the public eye in NZ (or anywhere, for that matter). 

      From what I have observed, there are about three Winston’s per 100 head of population in this fair country.  Just that one of them has raised himself to the height of his inconsequence.


      ps. Did someone say ‘short’ ??

  • johnbronkhorst

    Bloody slippery snake isn’t he. He most certainly implied if not stated, a sexual relationship between Nick Smith and Ms Pullar.

    • James Stephenson

       Hooton, on with Jackson and Tamiere earlier today, said that there had been a “close friendship” between the two of them about a decade ago when Smith was having marriage problems with his first wife and for Winston to imply that it was still going on at the time the letter was written was a lie.

  • johnbronkhorst

    We have no allegation, or proof or evidence of bribary but winnie wants an inquiry. So we have no evidence, or proof or allegation that winston has been probed by little green men, so we need to spend money having an enquiry.

    •  I don’t know how long you’ve been around John, but Winston has never needed proof to launch a good conspiracy theory; it is his stock in trade. His comments on Tuesday were grossly provocative and misleading, but his “explanation” for them today is absoilutely galling.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Plenty long enough to have seen winnie from his beginnings!!!

  • Mickrodge

    “I’m not going to ask you if you still beat your wife”.

    Classic street fighting from Winston Peters & exactly what you’d expect when two of the country’s most morally distorted individuals go head to head.

    Imagine the bile these two could throw at each other behind closed doors (or hiding behind parliamentary privilege in Winston’s case).

  • Ghostofsirrob

    Laws was fairly lucid here probably because he isnt frothing at the mouth about feral maori. But Peters is still the master and easily out does Laws in this little exchange
    Best politician in the house

  • Brian Smaller

    Winston Peters is am enbarrassment.