Michelle Boag is a Lying, Poisonous Scumbag

Tonight on Close Up Michelle Boag was outed for the lying scumbag she is. She told Sovereign Insurance that she had 28 people supporting Bronwyn Pullar’s $14m claim against Sovereign Insurance.

Among the 28 was the then leader of the National Party, John Key. Key denies he was involved, which means Michelle Boag lied.

This isn’t a surprise. Michelle Boag has always used the little lie to get what she wants. She is a nasty, manipulative woman who first turns to the lie, and then the threat to get what she wants.

In 2009 at National Conference Boag was promoting Wira Gardiner for the board and to be President. In her inimitable way she let the media know that the Prime Minister wanted Wira as President. Knowing what a liar Boag was I fact checked her, and called her out by repeatedly blogging about Boag’s lie. The inevitable happened, the truth came out, Wira had to deny the public stories and he was not elected to the National Board.

Michelle Boag’s attempt to blackmail ACC into another vast pay out in exchange for silence over a mistakenly sent email has bought down one minister, bought about a defamation action by another, and stopped National’s local government reforms in their tracks. This is a step too far, and if she isn’t pushed by the party hierarchy then party members should tell her firmly she is not welcome when they see her at any National Party event.

Tonights Close Up show vindicated what I said from the beginning about her methods. I blogged about how these two had done a standover on an insurance company, and tonight we found out that the insurance company was Sovereign.

What concerns me is how many other companies Michelle Boag has threatened to get her own way and how many other names are on pieces of paper, used by Boag to give the impression she was connected.

One could argue that the use of these documents to blackmail insurance companies and government departments is in fact a very large fraud.

Michelle Boag is a cancer on the body politic of this country. She needs to be excised. Along with her long list of acolytes and supporters. She is as popular as herpes and as lethal as cancer.


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  • “Key denies he was involved, which means Michelle Boag lied.”

    Yes, because John Key could never lie. I’m not saying he did – I did vote for National. But I don’t think it’s fair to say that John Key is definitely the innocent party without the full story.

    • Chris

      Don’t get sucked up in the sound bite Daniel. The reports are bullshit…and I don’t have a shred of proof to back that up….only common sense, which is a lost commodity in today’s news reporting. Predictibly the Herald has a headline intimating Key’s involvement but, read the article and there is NOTHING that links him apart from the ‘dream’ as noted by the author of that letter where there was a team of 28. Dellusions of grandure here in spades. F**Kn idiots.

      • Pelasafuta

        Chris! Daniel is RIGHT, John Key never lie. Bigs have been flying ever since John Key became the leader of the National Party and your Prime Minister. ROT from the TOP I say.

    • Kosh103

      I think (and I await the rants and raves for saying this) Key knows more than he is letting on.

      • grumpy

        I think Key knows exactly what is going on.  He will be well briefed and this is turning into a “suck in Labour and the media” situation.

        Very well plated, he sorts out the pink media, an inept Labour and a loose cannon former National President – all in one go!

      • Chris

        Of course you do Kosh. It’s how it works these days…..not letting the facts get in the way is the most efficient and effective way for the MSM to run their scoops.

      • Kosh103

        Oh Chris National would not know a real fact if it bit them on the arse.

      • Tony

        Unlike you Kosh – you know a lot less than you talk about!

      • kehua

        Fact #1 Kosh, we won you lost, Stick that right up your own arse.

      • Super_Guest

        Fact #2: In the long run we always win. See many of the reforms of the 80s and 90s being reversed any time soon? Hell no. See any government promising softer sentences for criminals and getting elected? Hell no.

  • Gazzadelsud

    maybe Dan, but Boag has form, a lot of form.  who would you trust in your corner?

  • Petal

    Michelle Boag is a cancer on the body politic of this country. She needs to be excised. Along with her long list of acolytes and supporters”

    ** applause **

  • Jimbob

    What really disgusts me is the sum!  Who needs $14 million dollars and who in their right (and sane) mind would try to extort this money through underhanded tactics to benefit themselves and in so doing robbing this money from people that really need it.  It appears that Boag and Pullar are mates and you could possibly assume that there has to be a benefit to both parties here, as why would Boag attach herself to this if she had nothing to gain?  Regardless the Serious Fraud Office not to mention the Privacy Commission needs to get involved here.  I was further disturbed this morning when I read WO’s post on Pullar instaling hacking software!  As an honest individual, what would ever possess you to think you need to have hacking software to track your emails.  Honestly who is that anally retentitive that they feel that they must have ultimate control over where their emails go?  Did Nick Smith resign so that these two would be exposed for the extortionists they are?  Honestly, bring these money laundering whores to justice!!

    • Seems to me

      Seems to me that a quotient of emaotion in teh comment about Pullar “hacking” teh ACAC system.   Its quite easy to send a “tracker” with yur email to see when its opened etc etc.  People have been using this technique for years (I mean last century timeframe).
      A quick google shows http://www.spypig.com/    Nothing overly sinsister here.
      Sorry to say it seems to me a bad bit of hype. But why spoil a good story:-))

      • seems to me

        Yep sorry still havent got my head around typing on an ipad

      • Jimbob

        Nah, I still don’t get it.  If I send an email that I want to make sure the person got, I ask for a sent and read receipt.  You have to think yourself pretty special if you want to go further than that to find out who opened your email, who forwarded it to and who opened it how many times.  That sounds pretty obsessive to me!!  You clearly think that “everyone” does it, but I don’t and neither do any of my family or friends outside of the standard receipt requests you get with email.  I reckon you have to have some level or paranoia to want to know where, when and who are accessing that email message after it has hit the sendee’s mailbox!

      • MrV

        But would that actually work?
        Relies on the image contained in the email being downloaded. Isn’t alot of software simply set to not download these things.

      • seems to me

        Used a lot by marketeers, Jimbob maybe you have had a sheltered life:-)  I have been involved with email (and its use and abuse) since 1994.  My point was that you dont have to be a hacker.  Just maybe someone who wants to know that the attachment has been read.  Confirmation of receipt doesnt tell you that AND requires the receipient to click on the acknowlege receipt option. Not everyone clicks on that.
        The forwarding thing is a byproduct ie the email attachment opening generates an email saying who opened it….
        Just saying

    • Cadwallader

      Well said Jimbob. A voice of reason.

    • Pelasafuta

      Jimbob you are right, as ACC spells out Pullar’s claim $14m was way,way over the top. UNREAL!!. Everyone mentioned in her support letter are ones with high profile in the National Party. So what was the purpose of their name being on that letter? Only one thing and one purpose only, is to INTIMIDATE ACC officers that she has got friends in higher places. Well, did it backfire on them all. Among other things, it reveals the ROT IN THE NATIONAL PARTY HIERARCHY. It also been found out Pullar is also illegally accessing her own file through the ACC system. Is she above the law to do what she was doing? . They are all running for cover, their  defence mechanism is threatening lawsuits, denial of everything and the other is, John Key do what he does best avoid to give a straight answer and say we’ve move on from that issue.

  • Apolonia

    Why doesn’t Boag join NZ First. They could be well suited. 

    • Pelasafuta

      Apolonia! NZ First don’t need this kind of carbage.

  • LesleyNZ

    Mark Twain was so right:

    “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain (1835 – 1910) “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” Mark Twain (1835 – 1910) 

  • Kimbo

    “Michelle Boag is a cancer on the body politic of this country. She needs
    to be excised. Along with her long list of acolytes and supporters. She
    is as popular as herpes and as lethal as cancer”.

    Stop faffing around, Cam, and being such a panty-waist, and tell us what you really think!

    Gutsy call. Now, what chance Boag is going to put her money where her mouth is, and issue defamation proceedings against you? Good on Collins for calling the bluff. As Boag is a smoke-and-mirrors spin-weasel PR whore, I’d say very little chance of her emulating the Crusher.

    Over to you, Michelle…

  • Phar Lap

    Running true to form are the reef fish,aptly named by David Lange.The Doom Post and the joke of the western world daily rag N Z Herald.They are desperate to sell their lies and half truths.Just wait till their blood sucking stable of reporting hacks get going.Some creep called Armstrong will justify his exixtence for at least another week.Another creep from Doom Post called Small will also get another week grinding out half truths and mishmash.Of course the third creep in all this is Boag,  seems to give oxygen to picture sound and print media.Time for her to stand up and tell the truth about all the events, she keeps telling lies about.

  • Adybombs

    The truly great outcome of this whole affair is that Boag has become so politically toxic that finally the National Party has no choice but to wash their hands of her.  They should have done it after her failed presidency.

  • afinetale.blogspot.co.nz

    Good grief Whaleoil, I don’t like your politics but at least you’ve never come across as naive. Until “Key denies he was involved, which means Boag lied.”

    He’s the Prime Minister for god’s sake, is he going to come out and say, “Oh yes, you’re right, I was involved, I’ll just be resigning now.” 

    Is it perhaps possible that denying it was the safest course of action, regardless of his level of involvement? 

    • Kosh103

      My goodness your not suggesting that Key would say one thing but mean another!!

      Thats like saying there will be no increase in GST and then increasing GST.

      • afinetale.blogspot.co.nz

        I’m not suggesting Key is a liar, just that he is a politician. 

      • Kosh103

        Whats the difference? ;0D

      • Tony

        I think that he said that there would be no tax increase (not GST per se). The tax-swap did not alter (in general terms) the amount of tax taken in. Therefore (total) tax did not increase.

        Pretty simple really

    • Pelasafuta

      Well said afinetale

  • Rexgm

    The Hollow Men havent gone away !!

  • guest

    Bloody hell, after reading some of this, thought  I better go read the bible and see if Keys name was mentioned, but couldnt find a copy.   

  • BJ

    If the letter does not identify its author maybe it is just all a fabrication on a Sovereign Insurance letterhead.


    Is it just possible that Boag added names to make here letter,and herself seeem like she had power..Nothing like a little name dropping for impact.Embellishment for the sake of making oneself sound more important.Hate to see her CV.


      Please add conspiracy theories if you like

    • Troy

      Because of Boag’s strong feeling of self-importance, perhaps she thought she had tacit approval to add whoever’s name she liked on the letter (without actually checking those listed beforehand).  It’s just a possibility and if it comes to be true that is the case – she will without doubt have to disappear completely out of public life.  If Key has said he had no involvement (and he is no doubt aware of how public this has become), it’s very unlikely that he wasn’t involved – otherwise he’ll be the next one to leave.

    • Peter WIlson

      How about getting some facts out there, Michelle bashers.

      I read in the dominion today, and I quote

      “Ms Boag told the program she did not remember any letter and never supplied any list.”

      Fine, she’s probably lying, but shouldn’t we see the evidence? Or else this is becoming a witch hunt where it doesn’t matter what she says, “oh she’s lying anyway.”

  • Committed

    Haha like John Key could never lie. What about his Tranzrail lies? What about his lie that GST would never go up? What about lie that frontline services haven’t been affected by budget cuts? Key couldn’t lie straight in bed. I thought you had a little political nous…

  • Committed

    You might recall that Key recently said there was no conflict of interest re Nick Smith’s letter in support of Pullar. But within a day, there was suddently a conflict of interest. It’s amazing how quickly Key can change his mind when his own reputation is on the line.

    • Kosh103

      Sort of like Colins sayin in the House yesterday that she would not answer questions about all this because it was not in the publics intrest – yet she had not long finished running around talking publicly about the issue in the media.

      Gosh she was squirming in the house yesterday.

  • SJ00

    This country is so screwed, firstly this stupid woman gets over $1 million in a pay out from Sovereign, and then she thinks she is entitled to more money from ACC (obviously because she didn’t get the $14 million she thought she was getting). And if anyone reads Sideswipe in the Herald, there are people sending in stories how they have ACC claims abouy paper cuts, and band aids on knees. ACC should really only be for serious accidents, not minor complaints and stupidty. Or just get rid of it all together. Its almost another form of welfare. One that I am paying for and not getting anything out of (much like DPB, dole, etc)

  • Michael

    Can’t the NP board expel members who bring the party into disrepute?

    Oh right, too busy working on ways to punish members with silly directives and empty consequences.

  • Jonathan

    Wow, you really have a problem with women, don’t you Mr. Slater? 

    • Nope, this has nothing to do with women. It has everything to do with integrity which Michelle Boag has none of.

  • Sharda13

    You want her charged excise duty – I think you meant exorcised 

  • Schmoepooh

    Here’s a thought. Who prominent in the party organisation would be well placed to pick up the contract for assessment of teaching performance and training consulting provided of course funds could be squeezed out of the education budget elsewhere, say $140m worth?

  • Tina

    I think Michelle is on the ball, and ACC is the lier, because she has done her homework, she has the facts right in front of them, hence why they want those files to return, if they had nothing to hide why would they ask for the files to return? of course they would stick to there guns for they would all be in jail if they didnt. go Michelle and good luck to you and your journey to take ACC Mangament down. and take over them bastards who are eating our tax money they prob all live in rich homes because of us NZders who are disabled and unable to work. GOO MICHELLE !!!!!! ALL THE BEST TAKE THEM BASTARDS DOWN FOR US NZDERS

    • Ford

      its about time some big corporates got a good kick in the teeth