Michelle Boag, the Most Shameless Woman in National

Michelle Boag together with Bill English led National to their biggest election loss in 2002. Mr Twenty One Percent had a fair bit of talent for failure, but he wouldn’t have been able to fail with the skill he exhibited without Boag’s totally inept presidency.

Boag left the party with a rumoured million dollar deficit because she was always all talk and no action as a fundraiser.

Rather than retiring gracefully after wrecking both the parliamentary wing and the party wing, Boag’s shamelessness lead her to brazenly turn up to all manner of events with her supercilious, to the manor born attitude.

Boag maintained an air of owning the party, working closely to network where she could and extract value from those networks. She was, is and always has been completely shameless, sticking the knife into an MP or a candidate one day, then introducing them to her corporate clients the next.

Now we also know that Boag used without permission anyone she remotely met in order to name drop them to get what she wanted.


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  • rouppe

    One would imagine that all avenues of communication would for her now be cut off…

    “I’m sorry, they are not available right now. Perhaps you would like to try again some other time.”

  • Bob

    I have seen her in action, wish she would just STFU and FRO! Similar to that last, drunk person at a party that just can’t take a hint a leave!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully someone in national will have the balls to take rule 12 to the board
    ” may cancel or suspend the membership of the party of any person whose actions in their opinion prejudice the interests of the party”

    •  I think she was already out of the membership…..

  • parorchestia

    Thanks for this.  What an awful woman.

  • Richard McGrath

    That’s 20.93% of a 77% turnout, or sweet sixteen percent for Karori Bill.