Mister Nasty

Last night at the introduction of his bill, on behalf of the Hutt City Council, Trevor Mallard couldn’t help himself from being Mister Nasty.

Despite the platitudes of David Shearer that Labour will avoid the “Gotcha” politics of the past Trevor Mallard just can;t give it up. He took time to mock someone not even in the House, take umbrage at Lockwood Smith allegedly going to London and wishing a National member (unnamed) an early demise.

Of course it matters not that Aaron Gilmore is next on National’s list and so perhaps Mallard is wishing several National members would have heart attacks. It certainly seems that way from his little speech of nastiness.


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  • Treasures

    “Politicians are like nappies. They both need changing regularly, and for the same reason.” Unknown

  • AnonWgtn

    Has anybody asked – “has Trevor taken a bang on the head when coming off his bike ?”
    Shearer must be embarrased by him, but has not the guts to cut him off.
    What does Trevor know ?

    • Gazzaw

      Unlikely. Mallard seems to have labour by the balls for some reason.

  • Uncle Helen still has all labours balls, including Trev’s

  • Agent BallSack

    Mallard reminds me of the class clown. Continually disruptive and looking for juvenile approval of his pranks. 

  • Jester

    Trevs a washed up old has been. End of story!

  • dad4justice

    I see not so clever trevor’s anger mangement course was a wait of time. Is he really a pollie on the taxpayer tit?

    God help NZ.

  • Christopher Penk

    I sincerely hope that Mallard’s mention of “someone dying” wasn’t in reference to the passing of Allan Peachey, who was after all a higher-ranked person on the National list than the ex-MP he’s referring to.

    I’d like to think not, but the level of nastiness from Mallard at least raises the possibility, which isn’t much to his credit.