Money doesn’t win elections

Mitt Romney got hammered in the southern primaries.

With his two-state sweep of the Dixie Primary, Rick Santorum ensured that the Republican Party’s long campaign of attrition in 2012 will continue. Mitt Romney had conceded last week that Mississippi and Alabama were “away games” for him, but they were far from Santorum’s Pennsylvania home, too — and he won both.

The biggest loser of the night was Newt Gingrich, who had predicted success in Tuesday’s primaries but couldn’t follow up his lone Super Tuesday victory — in his home state of Georgia — with a win even in the neighboring state of Alabama. Gingrich finished second in both Alabama and Mississippi, with Romney a close third. Ron Paul ran a distant fourth in both states.

And he spent a fortune, outspending his opponents by massive amounts.

The pinko’s and commies here reckon that spending alters results.

It doesn’t if you have a dud candidate as Mitt Romney is finding out.


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  • Gravedodger

    That is at odds with the evidence advanced by Will Rogers in the side bar.

    Will this go down as the most expensive loss in the history of American Presidential contests.

    Looking more and more likely to go to the convention undecided,  then get out the popcorn and settle back.

  • allanspear

    I didn’t think Romney had much of a chance in the “Bible belt”, being a Mormon is probably percieved to be not Christian enough.

    • Blair Mulholland

      I think it has more to do with Romney being a lying sleazebag than him believing in imaginary golden tablets.

  • Raider580

    Most of Ricks win are in preportional states so Mitt still takes plenty of delegates.

  • Until yesterday, Santorum had only won landlocked states. Those ones where nobody has a passport. The redneck zone. Bible Belt. Mississippi and Alabama aren’t much better. 
    I don’t think Santorum will do well anywhere on the Western or Eastern seaboards. 

    • Blair Mulholland

       Joel, you appear to be an ignorant bigot – I don’t know what your politics are but currying favour with the elite and turning your nose up at hard-working people you feel superior to does you no credit.