Monster gets 17 years

Another feral baby killer has been locked up:

A man who picked his partner’s 6-month-old son up by his leg, violently shook him and dropped him on his head has received a sentence of life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years for murder.

James Allan Frederick Hemana was found guilty by an Auckland High Court jury in December of murdering baby Cezar Taylor in 2010.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to failing to provide the necessaries of life.

During his trial, the court was told how Cezar’s mother Victoria Taylor, at the age of 20, had three children. Cezar was her youngest.

She broke up with her children’s father before meeting Hemana and renting a home in Mangere.

The Crown said Hemana violently shook Cezar on two occasions in July 2010 but it was the second occasion which led to the baby’s fatal injuries.

This animal has always maintained that he was just a bit rough.


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  • Mike

    Calling the poor little baby a zombie and lazy while he was dying from his injuries, which this monster was responsible for just takes the cake for me. Bring back the death penalty!

  • I have always thought the Death Penalty was not enough for monsters like this piece – too quick and easy. You need something that would serve real fear into the males of our species – a punishment that would keep them alive but the constant pain and reminder of something missing about their manhood which men “treasure” so dearly (heterosexual or homosexual) 

  • Boss Hogg

    Again and Again and Again I go – Singapore Law.

    They have only strung up ~400 drug dealers and murderers since 2001.

    NZ probably has more than 400 drug dealers in Auckland alone an dwe seem to have at least one murder per week.

    • jonno1

      Had some spare time on a trip to Singapore so took a bus tour – someone asked the guide about this; his reply: “better one dead drug runner than 1000s of users either dead or with their lives destroyed”. No answer to that one really.

      • A-random-reader

        There’s no shortage of drugs in Singapore.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Problem with the death penalty is you cant rectify a mistake!!!  Aosthumous pardon is no good to the poor bugger 6′ under.

    What we should have is that MARVELLOUS UK sentence:

    “Detained during Her Majesty’s pleasure”.  In other words you go in and dont come out.  We should have somewhere like Broadmoor, the prison for the criminally insane.  That is where the Noors Murderes ended up.

    This bugger and the bloke from Turangi and Bell and the ones that murdered the Pizza delivery bloke would have ended up there.

    • Boss Hogg

      Captain, Sir, I agree with your first sentence.  BUT, how about those that admit guilt or are found guilty without any shadow of doubt?

      I have no sympathy for those ones – dispose of them and consign them to history asap.

      • Quintin Hogg

        David Docherty was one of the “…guilty with out shadow of doubt…” types al beit in a sexual assault case but DNA evidence proved later the conviction entered against him unsafe.
        Then you have Arthur Allan Thomas and young Mr Bain…

      • sthn.jeff

        All convictions carry the test of beyond a reasonable doubt yet mistakes are sometimes made

      • Boss Hogg

        Quintin, Jeff,  Always the same problems with these arguments and I accept what you say.  The core issue is the overall approach to crime in NZ is weak and a few law makers talk about getting tough and get no real support.  As far as I can see the basic “Rule of Law” is under threat in NZ and the Police are basically hogg tied and barely allowed to do the job they bravely volunteer for.

        It is wrong and broken from the top and it really pisses me off that this sort of scum get to be allowed to breath.

        I would not have lost any sleep about Bain or Docherty suffering a neck injury.  Thomas should not have been convicted in my opinion and a few cops should probably have done some time.

      • Bunswalla

        Well if young Mr Bain had been summarily shot it would have been a far better outcome all round. Justice done for his murdered family and in particular his poor father, falsely accused and unable to defend himself. Would have saved millions in legal fees, court costs and the cost of feeding the multiple-killing bastard.

      • Travdog

        Bunswalla: for all we know the “multiple-killing bastard” might already be in the ground. You don’t know any more than anyone else. Robin was no saint…..

    • HeinB

      The way I like to think about the death penalty is ‘net benefit’ to society as a whole. Keeping this rubbish in prison for 17 years will cost us $2mil and when released will he really be a valued addition to society ? $2 bullet for him.

      • peterwn

        In USA the death penalty is considered by some to be uneconomic compared with imprisonment for life. The condemned prisoners stay on death row for years then there are the unending appeals and the enormous distraction on the time of governors, state legislatures, officials, etc.

      • Mr_Blobby

        The argument that mistakes happen is very valid. But the people that you are talking about are career criminals who were a net economic loss to the country the day they were born. It is highly unlikely that there will be 5 pages of prior mistakes. 3 Strikes and your dead.

    • Drea

       Captain… we do it’s called preventative detention and it is not use nearly enough in thios country.  You basically have to be a serial killer to get it.

  • Stevenp

    Well, fuck. This woman separates from her childrens’ father (of course, we’ve got no idea what he’s like) and shacks up with this guy. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it wasn’t some impressive knowledge of Wittgenstein that attracted her to him.

    When you yield the rules of society to nature, then the rules of nature will assert themselves:

  • Greg M

     A SOCK with SFNS, The poor little guy didn’t really have much of a chance.
    It just sickens me, and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. RIP little one.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Quintin – agree – except for those proven beyond a doubt.
    Any doubt or hint of doubt – ship them off to China for the duration of their sentance. Probably 1/10th the cost, plus these scum won’t be in NZ.
    The FTA wiht China has to swing both ways – surely if they can export their shit to us – we can do the same!

  • Budapet

    Just like that Child rapist POS from Turangi, not his fault !

  • Steve p

    If you really wanted to stop this from happening – a guy killing his gfirlfriend’s children by her previous boyfriend – you would make it legal. I guarantee you this would work.

  • titanuranus

    He will be back out in 17 years ready to it again,angry that he got put away for doing it the first time.
    BTW, can someone tell the fuckwitted MSM that the word is  necessities  , the necessities of life , fucking morons  english `aint that hard.

    • jonno1

      Agree it’s dodgy english, but for some obscure reason the Crimes Act uses the term “necessaries of life” in this context. See s151 and others.

  • Sandndude

    One thing is for sure the kid is not destined to follow in the footsteps of the savages that were rearing it.

  • angry beaver

    Piece of shit, for those who say maybe he’s innocent , these guys are always guilty of something so kill the fucker anyway

    • Patriot

      Where are the maori Leaders — as invisible as David Shearer … looks like another maori child abuse case — time they owned their abuse problem and fronted up

      Child abuse IS a maori issue  

      •  Shearer is only invisible to the media –

  • Killjoy

    Maybe with this guy we should be “a bit rough”…

    • Patriot

      Wheres his whanau support — still drunk from the last Mongrel Mob party

      • Travdog

        and about time a nz judge handed out a decent sentence. Shouldn’t be a matter of making an example of him, ALL child bashers/killers need to have the book thrown at them. Although 17 years isn’t enough in my book, it’s a start.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Many years ago there was a v good article on the death penalty in The Listener.  It bought out many facts that were never mentioned.

    The strain on the prison staff who had to look after a prisoner in the run up to the execution.  In those days it was usually 3 weeks from sentencing to the execution as there were not long drawn out appeals.

    The starin on the staff having to deal with the NOK of the condemned person and also having to deal with the prisoners during and after the execution.

    Apparently there were many instances of prison staff, especially the Govenros, who after having to carry out several executions buckled under the strain’

    The last execution in NZ was botched by the hangman.  Pierrepoint never had a botched hanging and took pride in his work.  Fastest one he did was 7 seconds from entering the cell to the drop!!