More blackmail from MUNZ

Fresh from his nice time in Sydney Garry Parsloe has returned and issued a press statement which basically amounts to an “agree to our demands or we’ll keep striking” statement:

Maritime Union In Mediation With Ports Of Auckland
Press Release by Maritime Union of New Zealand at 4:00 pm, 01 Mar 2012

The Maritime Union is in mediation with the Ports of Auckland on Thursday and Friday this week and is hopeful an agreement can be made on a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

The Maritime Union also advises that given the legal requirement for 14 days notice, it has given such notice for a further weeks strike commencing 16 March 2012 at 7am.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National President Garry Parsloe says that “if we can achieve a settlement in collective bargaining, the strike action will be lifted.”

I don’t really think they are in a position to negotiate. The port is working without them, Parsloe said that not a single ship would berth or would be unloaded and so far two have since he made that statement. Each ship that berths and is unloaded drives a dagger into the heart of the union.

If he had any courage he would hold a secret ballot and see what the members really think.


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  • Guest

    Given that just yesterday he begged the Auckland Council to rein in the Ports of Auckland management, I’m surprised he’s gone back to the table…….

  • Doug_S

    Gary puts in a call to a mate he helped into office a while ago:

    Parsloe: Put a call in to Len…Yes that sounds like a good idea

    Parsloe: Len, it’s Gary here…

    Len: Gary who??

    Parsloe: It’s me Gary Parsloe MUNZ



  • Bawaugh

    The Union should call of their strikes and do a deal right now. Otherwise the Port wins and they all end up on the dole.

    The Port is working hard to change and if they do not change with the port they will be out of a job.

    The Union is running a big risk, not having any workers at the port. Now that is a big revenue drop.

    • Beenthere

      It’s likely that some of the more influential older members of munz, have no problem with being laid off, as they can then collect their redundancy, which they wont get if they just left.

    • Toerag

      Remember, they will have fat redundancies to chew through first before WINZ will allow them to go on the 26 week stand-down period to claim the dole.  After all, they currently have jobs, they just don’t want to do what the employer is asking of them and really its not a sacking, its abondment of work. 

      Garry Parlsoe and Helen Hobbit Hater Kelly are both compulsive liars.  They wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them repeatedly in the face!  How can you cry such tears when the first offer that they company put on the table was a rollover of the same terms and conditionsthat they have now with a 2.5% pay increase and a $200 backpay – with guarantee of no contracting out and no redundancies for one year.  All the company asked for in exchange was a chance to talk to their stevedoring staff to find out what ideas they had which would be feasible to make the Port more productive.  When Parsloe found this out, his power hunger ego could not accept the fact that should his members actually work constructively with the Company it may jeopordise the need for his officialdom, so thinking solely for the best interests of his members, he put in a strike notice.  As a result the company lost services, revenue and volume.  At that point they had to make changes.  Parsloe still could not put this membership first.  He repeadtedly put in strike notices.  Now after 3 or 4 months of negotiating they are spewing money hand over fist in ad campaigns saying that all they want is the same terms and conditions that they have always had.  If this was always in the best interest of their members, then why did Garry Parsloe reject the first offer?  It was totally based on self interested ego. He is clearly a power hungry fool! I cant believe that those members of the Union cannot put two and two together and vote for a NO CONFIDENCE of Parsloe.  He and the Hobbit Hater are admittedly doing a great job in the brainwashing of these men with their lies and deceit that they are now unable to see logic!  Thank God that most Aucklanders and New Zealand can see through all the lies. 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    We all know what happened to the dinosaurs when they ignored change…

  • Gazzaw

    I haven’t heard via the media that Auckland bound cargo has been embargoed in Aussie, UK or American ports where Parsloe claimed that his brothers would halt all movements. He did trumpet this morning that there had been a donation made by the union in Sydney but a whipround in the lunchroom hardly constitutes substantial action.

  • thor42

    MUNZ are doing NZ a really big favour by reminding us what things used to be like in the 70s and 80s.
    The endless series of strikes on the Cook Strait ferries.
    The BNZ centre in Wellington sitting unfinished for years and years due to the boilermakers strike.
    The unions have no-one to blame but themselves for the pile of poo that they are now in. They’re on a long downhill slide towards extinction.

    • Gazzaw

      8.8% of the workforce and shrinking. Pretty soon there will just be Kelly sitting on her tod in CTU House. CEO of fuck all.

    • Guest

      Yeah, well, I want to remind them of what happened after July 14, 1984..

  • Hoha

    If the union had had a secret ballet in the first place in stead of how they did do it ( in a bar with alcohol with everyone knowing who is voting what) then non of this would have happened.

    • Exclamation Mark

       I don’t know about the rest of you but I would pay good money to see the union’s secret ballet.  I bet it’s exquisite!  ;p

  • parorchestia

    This evil interlude (the Auckland Port action) has further diminished the union movement.  There is a proper and just role for unions that take their role seriously and who work with management to improve working conditions, productivity and wages (if possible).  But Kelly and Co. are destroying unionism.