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Brisbane Times

The Greens got a kicking too in Queensland

The Queensland Greens have failed to win a seat in the state election and have suffered a fall in support.

The party’s biggest hope, Mt Coot-tha candidate Adam Stone, picked up 20.4 per cent of the vote in the western Brisbane seat, about three per cent down from 2009.

Overall, the Greens have picked up only 7.5 per cent of the vote counted so far, a 0.8 per cent drop.

Mr Stone said it was clear Queenslanders were set on kicking out Labor, affecting Greens and other minor party support.

“When voters really want to get rid of the government they tend to swing towards the other major party,” Mr Stone told AAP.


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  • Yeah well, in Queensland they get scrutinized, and get some push back.

    Not like in New Zealand where the Watermelons basically own the TV One and TV 3 newsroom and the major daily newspapers.
    If we were being told the truth about the Greens they would be widely recognised as the economy destroying lying Marxist scum they really are, and not seen as some kind of well intentioned but naive do gooders.

    The Watermelons are an evil force corrupting our children through their propaganda campaigns disguised as education (Example- Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” shown in schools with no countering view) and working for shadowy global socialist interests.

    In Queensland, the people know who the Greens really are.

    Hence, no seats in parliament.

    • AngryTory

      Like MUNZ, Labor etc, the idea that the Greens are tolerated, let alone be in parliament, is yet another sick joke.

  • Gazzaw

    I find it surprising that there is little support for the Greens in Queensland because the state is a southern bennies’ paradise. The hinterland is chocker with dope smoking treehuggers but maybe they don’t vote. Queensland has no upper house either which the likes of Bob Brown seems to use with great effect. I don’t know enough about Aussie politics to comment on that. 

  • Vlad

    Tell me about it, I have seen kids’ essay assignments at primary school, what a load of manipulative bollocks.  Our main problem is the electoral MMP system in its present form that lets these Luddite dingbats into parliament.  FFS, how would the ranting anti-eating shrew Helen Kedgely get elected if not for this system?  Let alone the amiable dreadlocked loon dopesmoker who’s name I have forgotten?

    • AngryTory

      Yep. Because the proportion of LNP:Labor in QLD and Nat:Labour votes in NZ was almost exactly the same

  • Gazzaw


    Anna Bligh has resigned from the leadership AND her electorate seat.

    The big question now for me is not who will be leader of the Qld ALP but if there will need to be a leader as Labor will only be a legitimate parliamentary political party if Premier Newman deems it to be a party.

    What a disgraceful state of affairs for the ALP (or maybe just AL in Queensland!)

    • AngryTory

      He’s not stupid: he’s not going to.

      Labour can’t win federal elections without a QLD party. 

      And Tony Abbot will remove all union funding from parties (by removing unions :-)

      Unless Abbott & Newman wimp out this is the beginning of the end of Labor in Australia

      • Richard McGrath

        God, wouldn’t that be great?

  • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

    Pity that Russell Norman didn’t stay at home and stand in QLD.

  • Richard McGrath

    FPP certainly delivers some lopsided results. Anyone remember the Canadian result a few years ago when Brian Mulroney’s sitting government won about 2 seats and was annihilated? 

    • davewin

       At least with the result in Queensland, there is going to be precious little moaning about “mandates”.