More Union Bullying

Yesterday as 2000 unionists annoyed motorists at the bottom of Auckland a couple of young counter protestors got roughed up by the union thugs:

So David (former AoC Auckland President) and I decided to take to the streets with placards, joining the march from the opposite side of the road that they were on. My placard read “Union Strikes, Efficiency up 25%” and David’s read “Who still has their jobs? Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe”. I had made a decision from the start that this would be a silent protest, as I knew we would be shouted at and thought that we would have been just as bad as them if we shouted profanities back.

As predicted, during the march we were screamed at, being called things such as “Fascist pigs”, “f**ken scumbags”, and “NAZIs”. Although I was expecting people to shout at us, I was not expecting that extreme verbal abuse. Those are names I would never use to describe anyone, simply because they are extremist and are offensive to both the person you’re shouting at, and the people who were victims to the NAZIs. I would think that the people who like to think they fight most for so called freedom would understand that.*Sigh* I guess not.

Into about fifteen minutes of marching, we were rushed by a bunch of protesters. One of the protesters knocked my arm and stole my placard, one punched David in the back of his head and stole his placard. They both ripped the placards and chucked the pieces onto the road, receiving cheers from many of the marchers. One of the protesters had been filming it, and came up to us, narrating his ‘film’ by continuously calling us “f**king fascists” and “fascist pigs”, telling us that we were going to be famous on Facebook. Within about 30 seconds, one of the police officers that had been on duty came running and that seemed to be the cue for the protesters to run back into the mob.

And what did the Police do?

The police officer, instead of pursuing the people who had offended, came to ask us to leave. He had seen everything, but told us that there were too many protesters for them to protect our right to protest. At the time, I was quite shaken. I was in no mood or state of mind to argue with the officer, and so we left peacefully. Although David and I have protested and counter-protested before, this was the first time things had become physical, which is something we thought New Zealand was above. It seems we were wrong there too.

As usual the union exhibits violence, intimidation and bullying as their main tactic. No wonder Ports management have given them the arse.


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  • Louis

    Hardly surprising actions by the unionists, but the police reaction disturbs me. After witnessing assault and property destruction they just tell the victims to piss off?

    • Travdog

      read it again Louis.

      ” ……but told us that there were too many protesters for them to protect our right to protest.”

      • Louis

        The fact remains, a cop witnessed two crimes and did nothing more than telling the VICTIMS to move along. It seems an extraordinarily passive attitude toward violence, in fact it indicates that police had decided that a certain amount of violence during such an event was somehow tolerable.

      • Rhonda

         It is also a fact that the cops prevented any further voilence from erupting by removing them thereby ensuring their safety as well as others.  In these types of situations there is always an outside chance for riot and the cops mandate may well be to do what it takes to keep it as peaceful a protest as it can be.

    • Janis

      MUNZ would have thought nothing of doing over the cops as well.  Seems there was only one cop nearby and he/she knew they could not be effective in that situation.

    • Troy

      Need a stronger force, how about a para-military – this fucked up situation is no doubt going to get worse, no point being all soft-cocked about, time for action to deal with these asshole unionists and their whinging bitching followers.

    • Frycook

      A blow to the back of someone’s head – also known as a King Hit – is the mark of a coward

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  • Balanced View

    This result was hardly surprising based on the antagonistic actions of Brogan and David. Whilst I don’t at all agree with MUNZ position on all of this, and fully support POALs decisions, we must all accept that there are some very upset people and that this march was an opportunity to voice their opinions. Sure, Brogan also wanted to voice his opinion, but the time and place was specifically designed to draw this sort of response, so it’s pathetic to complain about it now.

    • AzaleaB

      In no way do I support how Brogan and David were treated, but ‘Balanced View’, I agree. One cannot expect a rational tolerant response in the face of so much emotion running high.

      In terms of the Police – they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    • Brian Smaller

       What bullshit. I have been on quite a few protest marches – remember going on ones in Wellington about the EFA, and several times bunches of Labour Party counter-protesters ran infront of the march to get ‘in the shot” for the TV news with their own banners. Were they assaulted? No.  Were their banners ripped up? No. This case in Auckland was Union bully-boy thugism at it’s best.

      • jay cee

        same thing happened during the ’81 tour. peaceful protest up queen st was highjacked by hart-minto and co and made to look  like everyone behind their banners was there to support them. i’ve never taken part in a protest march since because of that.

    • Janis

      So by comparison if a gang came into town and the members were all drunk and violent we should all go away and hide because it’s there time to express themselves and they should be allowed to do it without opposition?

    • Atlantica

      So, if I wanted to express that I have a different view to MUNZ and I went down to the picket and sat across the road from them with my own placard I could be pretty sure that I would not get the same treatment?

    • Bunswalla

      What complete bullshit. That’s like saying, well if Auckland ratepayers, business owners and consumers, all sick and tired of the shit the skiving greedy lazy union scum have been perpetrating, came out and assulted them all and destroyed their placards, that would be fine. In fact given that the union protest was specifically designed to elicit this sort of response, it’s pathetic to even complain about it. What a cock you are sir.

  • Minga

    First mistake Whale was not having your own camera on watch.

    • rouppe

      Exactly. Next time, come prepared with a separate person with a camera who is not immediately identifiable with your protest, or have a buttonhole camera on your person

  • Travdog

    Should have given me a yell WO, would have been more than happy to join you.

    • James

      I was toying with going along with David…wish I had now. I would love to have smashed a few of those union pricks in the face for thier shit.

  • Grizz30

    Lesson here. When you counter protest, make sure you have planted a hidden cameraman. You have stated there is video footage of the assault. No doubt it will end up on the internet somewhere. Use it to file an assault case and take the attackers to court.

    • Gandalf

      If they’re sensible they wont put that footage anywhere, here’s hoping they do!

  • Mully

    Well, I’m shocked. Union thugs unable to offer a proper verbal argument to something reducing to violence.

    Wait, not shocked. What’s the opposite?

  • wiltinpenis

    Typical commie thug behaviour 
     ” everyone is entitled to free speech – unless we don’t like what they’re saying”

  • leata

    Can we rally enough together to have our own march? 

    • Travdog

      as long as it’s on a weekend, because unlike the unionists, I have to work during the week heh:)

    • hugo

      not a smart idea, I would love to, but you would be assulted by the union thugs and deligates and probably end up in hospital.

      • Gandalf

        I’m a current port worker (individual contract and LOVE my job), doing round the bays next week, and this has definitely cemented my decision not to wear the Ports shirt – what could they do when we’re running? I don’t like to think. Not worth taking the risk though

      • Nobbs

        At least you can wear the shirt to work.  You can’t trust these guys.

      • hugo

        hello gandalf, ill see you monday and find out who you are. im going to take the guys on the picket lines shirts, always need a spare or two. love my job as well

    •  yeah..!..please do..!…why don’t you get colin craig to promote it for you..?

      ..he always guarantees a good!..)

      ..i’ll cover it/report on it..honest..!

      ..i did with craigs’ pro-smacking one..

      ..remember that one..?..craig spent a half a mill on ads etc…..(so he claimed..)…

      ..that was a hoot/source of much material..

      ..material i use ’till this day..

      [email protected]

  • leata

    Sweet lets start planning…..who’s in?

    • Balanced View

      I don’t see this being a good idea. Traditionally difficult to gather numbers to support a decision, much easier to gather numbers against. MUNZ would love it if a support rally gathered less than theirs.

      • Travdog

        Good point, if the port chairman says its over, I guess its best to leave it at that, than to feed the opposition and give them the idea that they still have something to fight for, even though dillusional Parsehole seems to think it’s only the beginning. No it’s not Garry. Its the end. I’m sure Leata will get a job easy enough, being a non unionist and all.

      • leata

        I agree, it was just a thought and now after a coffee and cigarette i am over it. 

      • Charlie the farmer

        Agree, Helen Kelly is doing an excellent job of screwing the union movement as it is, we all remember how she turned Robyn Malcom from loved star into the unclean actress during the Hobbit issue. The best laid plan is to stay put for the moment and feed info to the ratepayers of Auckland on how high their rates will become due to lost income from port as I and my farming comrades start turning trucks right instead of left of the gate towards Napier port. Sorry Auckland but the unions have caused a lot of concern with our customers and need their food security if not from us then they will buy from somewhere else and like hell we will let that happen!!

  • Grizz30

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Reports of counterprotestors relieving unionists of their placards, punching them and calling them scumbags and NAZIs. It would bee all over the MSM.

  • Biker

    This is what MUNZ is all about and obviously, by association, it’s also what firefighters, nurses, meat workers and Labour are all about.  And they did all of this in front of their children who were marching with them and who have gone on camera to say “my Dad’s not a bully” – sorry kids – you’re Dad is a bully and so are his mates.

    And stuck in the thick of all this is the silent majority who cannot speak out.  These are the Port workers who are hard working, who do like their jobs, who don’t believe in the union but for whatever reason can’t go against it.  Now you know why it’s so hard for them.  Some of the non-union have talked about how they’ve been shoulder charged at work and spat on.  What they haven’t said yet is how MUNZ members have got their wives to attack the non-union wives on Facebook and in person.  If you leave the union they’ll show up at your home and abuse you.

    It is time for these guys to break the line and to break MUNZ at the same time.  Do it together or in ones and two’s whatever feels safe for you.  You have the public support.

    As for the person who wrote in:  I tip my hat to your courage. It was outstanding and I’m sorry that it met with thuggery. 

    • Gandalf

      Rumour has it the people from the American Unions are in the Mafia and have threatened a pair of concrete shoes to one individual

      • Biker

        The fuckers

  • Matt Collins

    The Left are complete nutters,enough said there but what i find fascinating is that you (Whaleoil) spend time around David Peterson (i presume that was the David you were refering to?)…or any AoC-ites for that matter-i thought you were non-partisan? 

    • Balanced View

      Sarcasm right?

      • Petal

        Detached from reality, more like it.

    •  heh..!..yep..!..’non-partisan’..

      ..that’s that mr oil…

      ‘non-partisan’ a fault.. seem quite perceptive there..m. collins..?

      ..are you an analyst/predicter at treasury..?

      ..if should apply..

      ..they like/admire/pay well for your kind/level of thinking/analysis there… that treasury..

      [email protected]

      • Mps

        Once again unreadable. Learn how to punctuate and structure a paragraph.

  • Owl

    Quote from this morning on Q & A ….Paul Holmes asked Len brown whether this could been settled earlier…Len brown said…” yes the union could have settled on the first offer….”
    I don’t care what anyone says anymore. A left wing Mayor has made it quite clear. mUNZ should have settled at the very first meeting. Well done Len…MUNZ. You have absolutely stuffed up.

    This is the worst PR disaster in Union history…and the sooner people realize Mr Parsloe is running a union racking up huge losses…has directorships in other companies and has spent over $100k in travel in the last 18 finally get the picture.


    • hugo

      It could have been settled if it had been presented to the union members and done by secret ballot.

  • PeterS

    Now you know why MUNZ just can’t shake that BULLY label

  • motorizer

    good work. 

  • Mr_Blobby

    How was it that they could muster 60-70 officers, 2 helicopters, assault teams, dogs etc for Dotcom who had not assaulted anybody? Yet they can’t protect the right of somebody to protest.
    Not impressed with the Police inaction at all.
    Find the footage, identify the offenders and prosecute. The suspect pool is very limited.

    • hugo

      You can almost guarentee it was actuall munz members.

    • Balanced View

      I also would like to view the footage. In nearly all similar circumstances I can think of, in my view the call of “assault” has been dramatically over stated, particularly in protest situations where the person involved is attempting to draw further attention to their cause.

      • Bunswalla

        Really balanced view there, Mr Cock

      • Mr_Blobby

        Yes I think we would all like to see the footage. Assault is touching some one without permission. If not for common law a handshake would be assault.

  • Super_Guest

    The left is big on silencing dissenting speech, how is this surprising? And they have the gall to call them fascists. 

  • Bawaugh

    Have complaints been laid with the police, these were criminal acts and thus it would be important that they are followed up. Especally as they are related to freedom of speech.

  • hugo

    Should have asked ports of auckland for one of their bbqs(one the union members urinated on), taken it to the picket line via another entrance cooked the union members and friends a free feed. then posted on their facebook page the truth the next day, about the urination on the bbqs

  • Phar Lap

    Seems as reported there were three unions represented at the march of the bullies  TEACHERS UNION,WHARFIES UNION,believe it or not the FIREMANS UNION. The three are  the most protected and featherbedded industries.Notice the saying ,when found out ,thieves scream the loudest.In this instance bullies have been so protected for so long, mostly costing NZ billions over the years. Of course they wont give up without a fight,AS THEIR WAY OF NIL RESULTS WILL BECOME UNEXCEPTABLE WHEN THE REST OF NZ WAKES UP.The way they attacked two lone protestors will become a flood if they are allowed to get away with it.Hope the Police Commissioner Mr Peter Marshall fronts up to his front line police  telling them to realise might is not always right.

  • sP

    That tent those fools have put up in Mechanics Bay… presumably that park is not Union-owned property so they’re in the same boat as those oxygen thieves who camped out in Aotea Square? Why aren’t they being moved on – where are the water-cannon?

  • jay cee

    then their defence lawyers would argue the foolishness of provoking a crowd of some thousands
    in a volatile situation. as for the cheering i didn’t hear much sympathy for the occupy protesters when they were kicked out of wherever. “sauce for the goose” guys. those 2 guys knew what they were doing.stop playing the injured innocent.oh and by the way companies and corporates are pretty adept at closing down opposing views as well. think tobbacco.

  • leata

    oh to see their faces once they have all finished eating then told, PRICELESS

  • Gandalf

    Where were they standing? Trying to watch footage on youtube

  • Vikingonmars

    Parsloe looked the defeated man on Q+A this morning.
    He had no fight left in him. His time has come and he has lost. Maybe there might be some sort of need to investigate the affairs of said MUNZ.

    I wonder if thise same thugs are the kind that beat their wives? One would guess so.And their kids. Call Aunty Sue to sort them out. Now that would be some sort of poetic justice.

  • Gandalf

    Wonder if the footage was caught on CCTV??? Can anyone find out?

  • Jock Barnes

    You guys are so funny, organize a march?.  I’m surprised you manage basic hygiene. 
    Oh well, you’ll all hate yourselves to death eventually so I’ll just ignore you all.

    • Travdog

      So, do you actually have a constructive opinion Jock? or quite happy to be a fuckwit?………or is there underlying anger of having just been made redundant….or just a common ranting pinko…..or all of the above…

    • anti-union

      hygiene that is rich coming from you, I hope you washed your hands after pissing on the bbqs. enjoy being unemployed you fuckwit

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    Whale, what would it take to organise an anti-MUNZ rally, ala what Sir Richard Taylor did in Wellington when Actors Equity nearly killed the NZ film industry?

    • Travdog

      wouldn’t be much point to it really would there? can’t we just sit back and watch Parsloe destroy it himself?

  • Dwayne Jean

    What I find astonishing here is the almost complete lack of emotional intelligence on display by the MUNZ buffoons. They’ve behaved like children. 

    I work for a manufacturing company in a small Waikato town with a population of 6000 people. This company is going through a restructuring process during which about half of its work will be made redundant (approx 30 people). Now, 30 may not sound like a lot, but 30/6000 is a far higher ratio than 300/1.4 mill, so the effect on families and the community is going to be much more significant in our town.

    I have been massively impressed with the way the guys in our company have dealt with this whole thing. It’s incredibly difficult, but they’ve behaved like you would expect any adult to behave.

    Now, I don’t think we can say the same for the wharfies. How can anyone be so far removed from reality that they just do not get it? 

  • doshi

    you people who   actually work here and write to this outfit do not see what will happen should MUNZ lose this battle it will give all employers all the rights to shaft you.this fuckwit prime minister (the smiling assassin) contends we are to bridge the wage gap with Aussie.not very likely when you see what is happening at POAL and wages will reduce.
    the reason most of you who actually work are on good wages and conditions is down to watersiders over the years who have taken action not only for them selves but for all workers in NZ.
    I really feel sorry for the standard of the people who write into this
    the hatred for wharfies is so sad given they owe over the years the scacifices these people made to help working class people in NZ.
    Theses people in auckland are not only fighting for their union but for every worker in NZ who is a casual or should the lose this employers and this poxy government will have a mandate to introduce casualisation into all workforces even the ones some of you work in.
    the hatred shown by the fuckwits writing into this is indeed a sad indictment on where we are in NZ at the moment
    I feel sorry for all of you who should take a deep breath by what I have stated
    this dispute is far from over

    • Sulzeer

      No. They’re not fighting for anything other than their own selfish interests. You really are dreaming if you think they’re doing this for the good of our country.

      • anti-union

        dont worry, doshi used to work at the port and is a munz member, so dont get to upset with him. just another sheep,

    • Travdog

      It’s over doshi.

      use it wisely.

    • Euan Rt

      What do you mean ‘should lose’? Munz has already lost. Smell the coffee. But then lemmings just follow the leader right off the cliff. What is not so fair is the leader has a parachute. The rest of his ‘loyal’ followers have no hope, and they can’t even see it. You may still have a chance although pretty slim now.

    • Euan Rt

      “the reason most of you who actually work are on good wages and conditions is down to watersiders over the years who have taken action not only for them selves but for all workers in NZ”. Doshi I have heard you repeat this lie before. You didn’t come up with this ‘fact’ on your own, someone fed it to you and you believed it. My Grandparents were hardworking farmers who despised the wharfies in the 50’s and 60’s. They and my parents and myself after them have always treated workers with respect and dignity and recompensed them handsomely. I know that my family are not the only good employers in this country, and while I do not dispute that wharfies have indeed won rights in the past, they still have been filled with scum amongst their ranks pilfering and abusing their employers. I am hearing from you fellows still working that things don’t seem to be too different, so don’t preach here about the lies of how much all workers owe to the maritime union because that is lies.

    • Guest

      Well it’s about bloody time! Hard working people always get jobs! Unions only protect the weak and lazy and that is why the are crying foul now Doshi! They can’t stand the thought of having to work a full day and let’s get this out there. I never asked anyone to make my work conditions better in life and I owe nobody anything for the ones I have! Better conditions come down to a more evolved society not because Garry Parsloe enjoyed ferrying ladies of the night down to berthing ships as part of the perks of his job! I don’t find that condition very palatable!

    • GRYN

      Doshi, I have to give you some kudos for standing up for what you believe in. But having worked at the Ports of Auckland for a couple of years I can’t agree with you.

    • toby_toby

      @ doshi
      “should MUNZ lose this battle it will give all employers all the rights to shaft you.”

      No, it really won’t. The law is still the law.

      “the reason most of you who actually work are on good wages and
      conditions is down to watersiders over the years who have taken action
      not only for them selves but for all workers in NZ.”

      This is pure bullshit. You keep repeating it over and over. Don’t you have a better argument?

      “the hatred for wharfies is so sad given they owe over the years the
      scacifices these people made to help working class people in NZ.”

      Wow, you really think the world owes you something, huh?

      “Theses people in auckland are not only fighting for their union but for every worker in NZ who is a casual or should the lose this employers and this poxy government will have a mandate to introduce casualisation into all workforces even the ones some of you work in.”

      Absolute braindead nonsense. The government can’t introduce casualisation any more than the current law allows for. By the way, I really need to point out that employing contractors is not the same as casualisation. Casual labour typically doesn’t have a contract for a start. You need to think of a better buzz word. I challenge you to mount a sound argument without using the word ‘casualise’ or ‘casualisation’.

    • anti-union

      Doshi you really know nothing, they are not doing it for anyone but themselves they are greedy lazy pricks, I believe and support unions but I dont support this union.. Where are the facts and figures from the union… they have none instead they attack the ports of auckland and tony gibson because this is all they can do, they are grasping at straws. Doshi why did they not take the first contract??? it was exactly the same with 2.5 percent increase, fish hooks my arse parsloe just making excuses and trying to shift the blame. my friend works at tauranga unloading containers for a CONTRACTOR he is casual and on 27.00 dollars a hour, wages reducing yeah right..stop believing the properganda fed to you by parsloe..and start using your brain and think for yourself.

    • Middleagedwhiteguy

       Parsloe and Kelly do not get it.  We are an exporting country, and Parsloe wants to stop overseas ports from unloading the goods we need to sell to pay the bills.   Remember when Kelly didn’t care if the 2 Hobbit films were made in NZ or not?  I do.

      Doshi, you may think that Parsloe and Kelly are saving jobs.  The fact is that they are attempting to do the exact opposite, and they don’t even fucking realise the damage they are doing.    What good is saving a job that no longer exists?

    • Grizz30

      Here we go. You start blaming the hardworking taxpayers that comment on this site. You blame the POAL. You blame the government. You blame the Prime Minister. How about for once taking a good hard look at the man in the Mirror.

      Yes, Unions have fought for better conditions and improved wages. Many of which are now protected in legislation. However you lost support of the most of the population when you stepped beyond what was reasonable.

      Your remuneration package was very generous already. I know highly skilled and qualified workers who have to work longer and more unsociable hours who are on much less than you were. It was hard at times to work out what the sticking point was for MUNZ. All I can work out is that the port wanted you guys to actually work the hours you were paid to do. Sure that may have meant erratic shifts, but there was always a degree of predictability of the shipping timetables. Besides you were well remunerated for the inconvenience and you could have got yourself a 10% pay rise in a recession. You also claim casualisation. You were guaranteed 160hours per month. That is full time work. Hardly worth relieving yourself into a BBQ over. What you were offered was very good and you could not see it. That is your problem not mine. Sure you would have to work the hours to get paid the time, but so does most employees in whatever jobs they have.

      Now that you and your mates have left, I am struck by the attitude of the independent workers left behind. There is a theme developing that a few of the old union heavies have outstayed their welcome. Their bullying, self indulged poor attitudes and lack of work ethics will not be missed. The few that have commented here actually want to improve the ports productivity and efficiency. Ratepayers of Auckland City should be greatful of this change.

      All the best for your future Doshi. Hope you get your CV in order.

      • leata

        He will probably need help writing it up! 

  • thor42

    Parsloe has been the hypocrite in all of this.
    Sitting tight in his comfy little office.
    Buggering off to Aussie for a week or so.
    Talk about “I’m ok, Jack……”  
    When the wharfies are “down the road”, Parsloe will still be there.

    I’m glad that I’m in the I.T. industry.
    We have the skills that are in demand.
    We can set our own conditions – we don’t need any poxy union scum to do it for us.

  • Light

    Doshi, I feel sorry for you and those like you.  I know that men in particular often identify what they do with who they are and when what they do is taken away from them it becomes a personal attack or tragedy for them that many can’t overcome.

    Over the years this union has deliberately gone to staff meetings and told it’s members – you don’t listen to the managers, you listen to me. They have continued to spin a different story than the POAL management and now you’ve got a bunch of workers who can’t understand how this could have happened, a bunch who have already gone off looking for other work and the last group who still hold to the valiant hope that victory is near.

    Doshi, calling in the mafia to do henchmen work for your union has brought nothing but SHAME on your mighty union.  The failure to provide good leadership and negotiation skills has put MUNZ on a downward spiral taking its members with it.  The bringing in of heavies to force a win for your side using threats has been a dreadful turn off for the public, and putting  your biggest bullies in front of the camera has cemented the PR disaster.

    Maybe you’re an idealist and really want to believe in something.  My advice is to put your faith in something else.  You need to have something real to hope for.

  • Guest
  • ConwayCaptain

    How many employers when they get a CV for a posn and it says I worked on the waterfront at POAL for 15 years will take that person

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now MUNZ wants Len to mediate.  Hell they have rejected goodness knows how many proposals from POAL and Len has said that they should have accepted the first offer.

    Parsloe et al now realise that they have reached the end of the road and are grasping at straws.