MP for Meerkats perhaps?

Interesting that Paul Goldsmith is describing himself as the MP for Epsom, which is of course incorrect. The Hon. John Banks is the MP for Epsom.

He is a scum List MP who lives in Epsom – a completely different kettle of fish.

Not sure the speaker would agree with Goldsmith’s describing himself as such….perhaps the Member for Meerkats would be more accurate?


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  • Scanner

    Why is this crap allowed, he’s a scum list MP, in parliament on the on the basis of his ability to extend oral favours, nothing more, just the same as all Wigstons deluded dumplings.

    • Gazzaw

      Extending oral favours? Dazza’s gone. 

  • Auto_immune

    You’d think John Banks’ biographer would know better.

  • rouppe

    He could solve this by simply saying “Paul Goldsmith MP from Epsom”

    Most would still assume he was an (the) Epsom MP

    • Hakim of phut

      he not allowed to say that either. He is merely a list MP  from Auckland

  • Guest

    Silly old Goldilocks. He will NEVER be the MP for Epsom, just the plaything for National and Act Presidents to use for fun every three years.

  • Guest

    You know as well as I do that this will have been an error by a staff member, which has sinced been fixed.

    • Hagues

      Well the video discription has been fixed but the title of the whole webpage (the name the shows on the explorer tab) still reads MP for Epson

  • Vlad

    Leave him alone, he took one for the team and it all worked out.  He is a useless List plonker but at least his useless list election got a decent result, unlike others.

  • Hey Jude

    If he lives in Epsom he is allowed to say “National Party List MP resident in Epsom”