MUA about to get MUNZd

The Australian

It looks like the Maritime Union of Australia is about to get the same treatment as MUNZ here.

When you look at the tactics and the stories it is same old, same old form intransigent unions refusing to change from the ways of the past:

LOCKING out workers at four ports and withdrawing previously agreed pay rises are among radical options being examined by Asciano to bring to a head its 18-month industrial battle with the Maritime Union of Australia.

Accusing the union of “wantonly destructive behaviour”, Asciano yesterday warned it had “now exhausted all but a few options” under the Fair Work Act to try to settle the dispute at its Patrick operations.

“This is about the union wanting to take away the company’s right to effectively manage its business,” Asciano told The Australian.

But the union last night hit back at the company, accusing management of “foolish” threats which, if enacted, would be a “declaration of industrial mayhem”.

Asciano representatives are due to meet federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese today. The company has held talks with the NSW and West Australian state governments in recent days.

The company has accused union officials of failing to bargain in good faith and reneging on previously agreed terms outlined in an in-principle deal announced last November.

The Australian has been told that Asciano is considering withdrawing its commitment to fund wage rises totalling 22.5 per cent over the life of the agreement.

A more radical option under consideration is to lock out workers in a bid to trigger arbitration of the dispute before Fair Work Australia.

Asked yesterday whether it was considering a lockout, Asciano said it was “looking at all options available within the Fair Work Australia process”.

The company said the union was not serious about seeking a resolution to the dispute.


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  • Euan Rt

    I guess we know where Parsloe and Kelly will be off to in the near future – more junket in support of da bruvers.

  • Euan Rt

    Actually there may even be a few paid holidays to Aus for the Jobless MUNZ ers. As for them headinf off to Aus for work, ummm maybe not. Looks like we’ll be supporting them on the dole here afterall.

    • BJ

      Maybe the MUNZ members that aren’t quick enough to get a contract here  can cancel their membership then go to Oz and work as non-union labour while the MUA are locked out. Wouldn’t that just be laughable.

      • Euan Rt

        Here’s hoping!

  • Scanner

    It now looks like “the worst case scenario” is about to happen, if you happen to be a wharf rat that is, if this goes to what looks like it’s natural conclusion “Poor Old Gary” could be responsible for the global destruction of the “bruvers”, something to be proud of, priceless.

    • Gazzaw

      Not a great place for Parsloe to be should that eventuate. I would venture to say that the Aussie & US union management could become decidedly unpleasant.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I dont know what their productivity is like now but in the mid 80’s it was less than 10 boxes ph.  They were terrible.

    The productivity with conventional cargo was even worse.

    They have been totally brainwashed from birth these buggers and as I pointed out before they have a long standing relationship with the criminal fraternity.

    If MUA and MUNZ are broken then the ILO will have lost two stalwart pillars of their movement.  Will Mr ILWU be standing on the picket in Aus as well and will the heavies from NZ and US be there as well??

    • hoha

      By heavies from nz do you mean the fat lazy pricks?

      • troll

        no by heavies he ment your partner,and by fat lazy pricks well look at yourself hoha

      • Grumpy

        troll ?????????

      • fuckoffmunz

        Ahhhh troll you abuse women , lie, piss on bbqs ,steal, and are an all round bully do you really think that any insult you have would even bother him. You have a small penis and bro (size does matter!) and the only reason you would even want to accuse his partner of being heavy is because you came out of an extremely fat pussy, thats why you think that having a fat head is ok. If that is all you got TROLL then I really dont like your chances of getting a job.

  • thor42

    This is great news! Go Asciano!  

  • Grizz30

    You can see why the MUA bruvvers are here. They do not want to see the beginning of the latest “Domino Effect”.

    • hoha

      Or they might be trying to get jobs with the new contractors. Wouldn’t that piss munz off.

  • Dave

    think back to the maritime strike action in approx 1999, Patrick Corporation locked out its entire workforce, unfortunately just as they were gaining ground, a weak government buckled, so while there were some gains, part two is about to begin.   

    Role on Asciano, get the productivity you need.

  • Guest

    This is a deep rooted problem more serious than people credit.  Aussie Unions held the US Army at ranson during the second world war and MacArtthur never forgave them.  While US and Aussie troops were dying in the pacific,  Aussie Unions were stiking over pay and conditions wouldnt work weekend etc.  Americans used their own troops to offload, in this case the scab were well armed there were no complaints. 
    Workers rights need to be adhered and just like Unions need to catch up with the times, business cannot revert in time and miss treat workers like they used to.   These days  the world has moved on and an ageing population is providing the equilibrium to industry to keep staff happy.  In time there simply wont be the work force size for us to draw upon.
    People Like Gary and Helen are insecure small minded people with grip on what really makes the world go round – money and sex.  They spend other peoples money and as for sex..

    • Jester

      No different in the UK during the early forties. The unions fought tooth and nail over letting women work in the factories. Only relenting when it was agreed that the could but at a reduced pay rate.

    • Vlad

      Interesting to see the subtle differences between the POAL situation and Australia too.  In Australia, there are politicians involved, strings being pulled & legislation being invoked.  Maybe MUNZ thought they were living in the same over-regulated, over-politicised environment?   Nevertheless both unions have miscalculated, the world has moved way past this primitive destructive behaviour & they will find themselves being booted up the backside into the 21st century with everyone else. 

    • Charlie the farmer

      The Nz Unions did the same thing. Refused to offload a ship with supplies for the US marines. Their complaint “It’s raining outside”.

      • Travdog

        come on, could have been acid rain. Can’t take risks!

  • Guest

    And yet the bastards enjoy the freedom paid for buy those troops?  I wonder how well they would have done in communist Russia back in the day?  Commies would have taken the ring leaders out and tapped them in the head.