MUNZ initiating illegal secondary strikes

The Maritime Union appears to be breaking the law by initiating secondary strikes. They are now stopping a ship at the Port of Tauranga being worked when there is no dispute with the Port of Tauranga.

You may be aware that as a result of picket action by the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) at the Tauranga Container Terminal, a Maersk vessel has not worked since berthing at approximately 2130 Saturday 3 March 2012.

This action taken by MUNZ has nothing to do with any labour issues at Port of Tauranga and we understand it relates to their dispute with the Ports of Auckland.

Port of Tauranga is currently seeking injunctions from the Employment Court against the Rail and Maritime Transport Union and our own staff who have refused to cross the picket line in what we consider to be an unlawful action.

We expect normal services to recommence later today or early Monday.

The Maritime Union will lose that battle, just as surely as they will lose the war. So far they have shown themselves to be liars, racists, bullies and now they are breaking the law with secondary strikes.

UPDATE: As predicted the union lost this battle. The Employment court has issued an injunction forcing the Tauranga workers back to work.  The working of Irene’s Remedy is due to restart as soon as labour can be deployed. The Maritime Union has just found out that secondary strikes are illegal.

UPDATE 2: The injunction reads:

  1. The first defendant and the defendants officers, employees (including the second defendant) and/or agents are restrained from participating in, or continuing to participate in, counselling, procuring, aiding and/or abetting strike action against the plaintiff during the term of the current collective agreement between the plaintiff and the first defendant;
  2. The first and second defendants are restrained from advising members of the first defendant employed by the plaintiff (including the third defendant) not to cross the picket line established by MUNZ at Tauranga;
  3. The third defendants are restrained from participating or continuing to participate in unlawful strike action by refusing to cross a picket line established by MUNZ at Tauranga.

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  • mps

    the “picket line” appears to be a car and 2 unionists leaning on it

    though inexact, click onTauranga cam, but it looks like a ship is being worked from about 1230

    • Biker

      Yeah, looks like they’re enjoying taking a day off. POT’s supposed to be working the Dahlia this afternoon so it will be interesting to see if the RMTU workers can muster themselves to show for that vessel.   Pickets were also out in Wellington for the Maersk Aberdeen apparently – anyone got any info on what’s happening there?

    • Frangi

      They’re there again this morning (Monday 5/3) about half a dozen of them.  I don’t know what the legalities here are.  They’re up from the port on private land – is this picket illegal? or is it just the guys who didn’t front for work? and can the Port sue the union for costs involved over an illegal strike?

  • Frangi

    This is the work of the MUA and MUNZ together.  The MUA should now be classified as an official pest like Didymo, the Varoa Beemite and Giant African snails that we don’t want inside NZ borders. 

    • Philip ure a cock

      Genetically, they are closer to snakes

  • ConwayCaptain

    As I am not a leagle eagle, can someone tell me why????  If the contract between MUNZ and POAL has run out and after protracted negotiations nothing has happened, why cant the POAL just walk away and say we will employ who we want and not pay these people any redundancy.

    • Biker

      It’s all the legal stuff.  Just as the union is obliged to give POA 14 days notice before a strike is to take place, so POA has to go through an official consultation process, sit through various talks and negotiations and complete its obligatory legal requirements.  When they get to the end of that we’ll see them move.  In the mean time the scum needs to keep out of other cities.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Thank You

      • Biker

        You’re most welcome.  As soon as the Port moves MUNZ will seek a court injunction and try to slow everything down and tie POA up in legal battles.  And when in the inevitable can no longer be avoided then they will fight for better redundancies and to make sure their members get full fat payouts.   

  • Manquito

    Two were there this morning at about 6am any then another 6 showed up.  I believe numbers have fluctuated throughout the night and today but the picket has remained in place.  Across the road there is a takeaway so that must be an added attraction.

    • Taillight

      I’m in the RMTU as it handles the CEA for Kiwirail and if those fuckers take the RMTU down the toilet with them and I lose my job I will be going to Auckland and picketing outside MUNZ and Garry Parsloe’s Auckland apartment.  Off to write to RMTU ….

      • You would not be the only one either – I can tell you that much

  • Jimbob

    If it is not based on health and safety surely then this is an illegal strike by members of the RMTU workers! Most of them will probably be stewing in their boots. This is a lucrative time for Tauranga and there are ample of job opportunities as they grow the business. It seems that you have to do it the union way or no way at all at the expense of ones employment. This seems to be going against the grain of labour and union policy unless it is true that you can’t get a job if you aren’t union. (bully bully) Honestly just bus them in and if they stand in the way, accelerate! Make sure the fat bastard, the mullet man with his Nancy satchel bag and the old timer who would look more comfortable if they had allowed his zimmer frame on the plane, stand at the front!

  • Vlad

    This has resonance with the dingbat failure of the Hobbit-haters.  An Australian union which does not give a flying fuck about NZ or NZrs, joining together with rabid or naive NZ wallies to bring about the destruction of NZ jobs.  Same outcome awaited. 

  • Lunacy08

    just sack these guys on the tauranga picket line for refusing to work, refusing to do as instructed, and illegally striking.

  • Vij

    Has anyone checked the balance in the MUNZ superannuation fund?

    • ConwayCaptain


      It will be HUGE.  When at sea it was COMPULSORY for all NZSU members to belomg to the fund.  If my memory serves me right, and this was in the late 80’s it was 5% from the memebr and 10% from the employer.

      • Beenthere

        I presume you are talking about WISF (waterfront industry superannuation fund)
        When I worked there a few years back, it was a maximum of 7% from each member, which was matched by the employer.

      • politically unstable

        Not all members contribute to that fund -some of them went to other funds back in early 2000’s. The MUNZ fund has tended to perform poorly against other super funds.

    • Phar Lap

      It is massive,they run their own.Twenty mumble years ago it was set up by a very astute and well respected man ,name of Sam Jennings.At the time he ran rings aroung the huge insurance company AMP,who according to the Watersiders Federation,they were completely ineffective.Last i heard it was a master stroke by Jennings for to make such a positive decision for the watersiders and their families.

  • wiltinpenis

    I can only conclude; that the striking port workers are all delusional; perhaps “brainwashed” ?  Nope, it doesn’t add up!
    It must be – They are all too shit-scared to admit their real feelings. 

    • Clopper

      Time to get in mantrol and admit – they made a mistake, they want their jobs

  • ConwayCaptain

    I see someone from the ILWU on WCNA has been speaking at the picket today.

    SWonder if he told them what the container rates ph are on WCNA compared to AKL.

    A wharffie on WCNA is on FAR MORE than at POAL and workd a damn site harder

  • Centreport in Wellington is also going to seek an injunction against workers tomorrow. Good on them.

  • Vikingonmars

     here they are closeup.
    Please note they are facing away from the Mirriless rd asnd are parked just arond the corner from the food shop. They are some distance from the wharf gates. One suspects they are on private property as well.

  • Andrew

    The Port of Tauranga has just been granted an injunction requiring staff to return to work. Irene’s Remedy due to restart work as soon as labour can be deployed

    • Clopper

      Great to hear.  Now because of what MUNZ has done the Port will have to re-jig the rosters to make sure there is enough coverage to work her through the night.  Luckily for them, they have the flexibility to do it.

  • Biker

    A victory for common sense.

  • doshi

    injunctions have not really worried us in MUNZ as we are there to protect not only our workers but workers throughout NZ and all of you tory bastards of little intelligence can moan all you like but MUNZ will win here and all workers in NZ will be glad of our stance.
    great to see RMTU who are a weak bunch supporting us for a change

    • davcav

       Tui anyone???

      • Travdog

        already on it, quota reached.

    • thor42

      MUNZ will win? Piss off…. they’re in their death-throes.
      Ships have already been worked with **hard-working** non-union labour, and they will continue to be worked.
      I only hope that the weather packs it in so that the lazy MUNZ pricks have to stand in the rain on the picket-line.

      “Irene’s Remedy – for strong-smelling MUNZ pricks.”

    • Super_Guest

      “Tory bastards”. Welcome the modern unionism, it’s the same as 1970s unionism, only now no-one has any time for anything the hacks say. Good way to keep your friends there as well, calling RTMU a “weak bunch”. Why? Because they actually go to work and don’t piss and moan on the streets like right children.

    • DJ

      There is no doubt you don’t care about doing things legally.  There’s also no doubt you’ll use and abuse other unions – it’s in your history.  Getting other unions to go out on strike in sympathy for you and never returning the favour.  You might also find that all the workers who lose their jobs because there’s no work for them since you’ve buggered up the supply chain hate your guts. Same as the casuals you use and then throw away without a care about how they’ll survive when you go on yet another one of your negotiation year strikes – you sure know how to look after people. The public support for you is as weak as it is for Labour.  You’ve had it good for a very long time – retire gracefully and be proud of your contribution.  It’s time for new blood.

    • Taillight

      Thanks, I’m writing to my own union – the RMTU tonight having seen you’re willing to take us down with you in your fight over nothing.  Fortunately Wayne Butson has more brains than your wilted parsnip and that’s why we’ve all got jobs.  I’ll be copying in your reply above in my letter.  Fool

    • Toerag

      Doshi. I don’t need your protection nor asked for it. Munz has jeapordised a nations supply chain all because Garry parsloe is an incompetent arrogant negotiator and he’s promised his membership lies! You are an ignoramus who doesn’t realize that the other 92% of new zealanders are more than capable of taking charge of their own destinies and that’s why a country out of 4 million people you can only drum up 5000 odd supporters. If you can’t see the writing on the wall then you are doing a disservice to your membership and you will all suffer the consequences of bullying, intimidation, harassment, pig headedness, arrogance, egotism and lies. At least you can cuddle up to all of those when your membership (and surely you as well) no longer has a job!

    • Gazzaw

      Doshi, I think that you’re the bastard of little intelligence here. I would hazard a guess that all of us tory bastards are employed and have little prospect of losing our livelihoods to protect the selfinterests of their union management. You’re just political cannon fodder my friend. As for MUNZ winning, spare me the union-fed rhetoric, there will be no winners from this fracas only losers.  

      • Travdog

        2 winners, Newstalk ZB making money off the POA and MUNZ ads, and Ports of Tauranga. POA will eventually come in third place, and MUNZ will be a distant last, consequently ceasing to exist.

  • Leata

    I work at the ports of Auckland and it is really nice not having those idiots there. We all get on with each other and enjoy working there. We are confident we will win against the bullies, racists and out right losers. I will probably loose my job due to all this nonsense but at least i will go out knowing MUNZ have lost!

    • thor42

      Good on you, Leata! 
      If there were 100,000 more like you in this country, it would be a sh*tload better off! 

      • Travdog

        they’ll either keep him, or he’ll get a job with a contractor, no sweat. Loyalty goes a long way, not always, but most times. Not shitting in your own nest always looks good on a cv.

    • Beenthere

      I hope you keep your job, Best of luck to you.

    • Philip ure a cock

      Good on you Leata! The rest of NZ is behind you!

  • Travdog

    ” all of you tory bastards of little intelligence can moan all you like but MUNZ will win here”

    Well this doshi is a bit of a dumb cunt. I think Mike Hosking got it right last week on ZB.

    “There are 2 winners in this dispute, our station making money off the advertising, and Port Of Tauranga.”

    doshi sounds pretty mad because deep down he knows his ass is toast. Must be a prick standing outside the fence with no $ rolling in for the sake of being a stubborn cunt.

  • Portmunz

    leata leata you poor unfortunate individual who is still working as a scab on over $27 an hour and on an 8 hour shift and those people on the picket line on strike and those before them are the ones who have sacrificed to allow you to enjoy this
    I have had 36 years on the waterfront and it makes me extremely pissed off to know a parasite like your self is enjoying the wages and conditions i and many before me have fought for and my family and my fathers family suffered through taking action to allow a low life like yourself to criticize people who are attempting to keep the likes of you in the same conditions.
    tail light you need to have serious words with Butson and aubrey as they have been weak for years and until some of your union show some balls MUNZ will be left to fight the fight alone.
    leata have a think about what i have said here and absorb it as your actions are just helping gibson and is cronies

    • thor42

      Jeez…. cry me a river….
      It must be a bugger being a rich prick on $91K.
      Paid for 40 hours, work just 28, and that’s only when you can be bothered. Free healthcare, free this, free that….
      You poor, poor bastards…….
      If your work conditions aren’t that good, then why are people falling over themselves to do the work that you lazy CUNTS should be doing?
      Go on – FUCK OFF over to Aussie and stuff up their economy instead.   

    • Travdog

      Hope you find a job before winter, she’ll be bloody cold standing out there all day. MUNZ is a sinking ship, and the unionists are too fucking dumb to jump off. I think Leata is the clever one here……

    • Jimbob

      Doshi this shows you are a complete incompetent dumb fuck! There are more staff that work at the ports of Auckland than just stevedores! In fact stevedores make up less than 50% of the workforce! Leata is not a scab but you are! 36 years on the wharf huh? You’ll be angling for a fat redundancy. Your righteous and deplorable actions are jeopardizing support staff at poal and they don’t get to go to your meetings to vote against such one eyed lying actions. The fact you have now informed everyone that you family were also union pigs confirms that you are a tosser who has grown up not knowing right from wrong because you have been indoctrinated into lies. Your complete arrogance here will get IRS comeuppance. There is a reason why this saying has lasted through the ages but when munz loses please remember I told you as, “pride comes before a fool – whoops, a fall”

      • DJ

        Much like you’re doing to your kids and grandkids now

    • Clopper

      Portmunz aka Doshi aka Findlay, Phillips, Bell, Ziegler, Mayn, Turd …
      What an inflated idea you have of yourself! Have you got a little wave you can do to the crowds as you pass by in your red velvet robes and let lesser workers kiss your ring?

    • Taillight

      Have just finished and sent off my letter to RMTU.  Have also included your opinions Doshi/Portmunz. Thanks for the ammo, I’d rather do what I can to save our jobs than waste time on trying to save yours.

    • Biker

      Ah, and your revered ancestors took no notice of the hard work and risk taken by business to secure export and import orders so that a job was created which they could get and then embark on decades of regular striking to fuck over the hand that fed them?

    • Doodlebug

      Yes, yes portmunz lets get into the stasis tube in Star Trek so you can keep everything the same year after year as you dribble into your dotage fighting against change with your one tobacco stained tooth and your jagged toenail claw. 

      The ancestry of your union comes from the UK after all, brought out with the immigrants so why not embody the spirit of keeping things as they were.  Drag out your horse and buggy or even your old penny farthing and trot off to the picket line on it tomorrow.  Don’t use anything electronic and forget listening to music on your ipod.  Have a good feed of bread and dripping and then go off down the pub for a pint and a good whinge.  After all, when it comes to change, you can’t have it both ways

    • Leata

      a parasite is a union member that wants to sit around doing nothing but suck the life out of its employers and everyone else,(otherwise known as a leech)  wanting to get paid the same but milking the system all the way through. If you lazy bastards had actually done some productive work we wouldn’t be here, AS for calling me a SCAB – obviously you havent been educated enough to know that will only apply to Union workers that are still working, as i have resigned i am not a union member however you still have so many of your IEA’s happily turning up everyday. And now everyone we can add biggots to the list of names for MUNTED MUNZ

    • You’ve had 36 years and now you can measure the time left in weeks. See ya fool.

    • Leata

      Poor poor Portmunz, you really are as stupid as you have all proven over the last few weeks. What you gonna do, dumbass hit me with your cane? Go Gibson! You fucked with the wrong man this time and your all gonna get your asses kicked…..and im gonna be the poor poor bastad …oh yea WITH A JOB!!!! No matter where i go i will be ok as for you old prick no one is gonna wanna hire a washed up, dumb bastard that spent the last 36 years moaning and back stabbing the hand that fed him….Need a hug?
      Oh and just so you know, yes i am enjoying coming home everynight and seen my happy family eat, laugh, and enjoy the benefits of my hard work!  I negotiated my own term and conditions thank you very much so please dont even try to say you got it for me….
      ABSORB THAT! – get an education u stupid dinosaur.

  • Phar Lap

    A court injunction has forced the Tauranga wharfies back to work.Wellington port is awaiting the same result.Wonder what Parsloe will say about that.Will his directive or the Aussie Wharfie Gangsters ignore the court order.

  • Leata

    Unfortunately i am not a stevedore so our department will not be contracted out however due to the huge losses in business we will be downsized. Hey i’m not worried, i’m smart, intelligent and knew as soon as all this started that the union was lying to us that was why i resigned from them as soon as i heard they were going on strike. the idiots deserved to loose the shuttle to contractors they couldn’t run it for shit. We would wait 4 days to get a box from Bledisloe and only a day from Wiri……. I will either find another job or be one of the few that stay. Either way I’m confident it will be ok.

  • Bawaugh

    Dear MUNZ,

    Please remember that when you are in a hole stop digging. If you can not win a war stop and negotiate while you still have something to negotitate with.

    And mind your own buissness. None of these workers have anything to do with what you are striking over. Their contracts are different and what you are doing is illegal.

    Oh yes the date is 2012 not the 1950’s NZ will simply not let you hold NZ hostage.

    Now where is the nearest dole office by Port of Auckland, you may need it.


  • Hagues

    Leata is awesome. The only problem is I don’t know which of Leata’s posts should get nominated as post of the day, they are all great!!!

  • stumped

    What I don’t get is how a munz member can be so hardcore union when they are on the picket line chanting their slogans and abusing non union members then when they see a non union worker in public when they are away from their union colleagues they are like hows it going bro.