Mythbusting – James Cameron will live here so that’s alright

During the debate over whether or not we should allow Chinese companies to invest in New Zealand there was another case of selling land to foreigners. that of James Cameron, a Canadian. According to the racists in this country is ok for a white Canadian to buy a farm because he is going to live here and Shanghai Pengxin shouldn’t be allowed to buy a farm because they are Chinee rapists of land.

The Labour party, in order to cover up their racism against Chinese, claimed that James Cameron’s purchase was ok because he was going to live here. they have repeated this ad nauseum.

Well that myth has been well and truly busted with the requirement being that he only has to live here for a paltry 44 days.

He says he wants to make New Zealand home, but the maker of history’s two biggest films will have to spend just 44 days here a year – and he doesn’t have to live here at all in the first year.

Newly released documents show James Cameron – a self-styled “film-maker, explorer and technology entrepreneur” – will need to spend only 88 days over two years to fulfil his residency requirements.

Hell, to maintain residency for your tax status you have to stay longer than that…I think 183 days.

Labour’s argument is in tatters and now with the Court ruling and this sham of a residency claim James Cameron might have to abandon his purchase.


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  • Jester

    The funny thing is that the representatives who are acting for Shanghai Pengxin,whilst carrying out due dillagence, have probably resided in NZ longer than James Camerons year two requirement of 44 days.

  • Arnie

    No one has yet been able to explain to me why the Labor/Greens/Winston did not/have not kicked up about the Iwis selling off tens of thousands of ha. of land & forestry to a Swiss consortium I think in 2010 or was it 2011??

    • Hakim of phut

      Did they have Keys government twist  Landcorps arm to do ‘the actual work on the farms’

      Or did they have their own plan.
       And why  were Crafar farms receivers advertising individual farms in Asia but not in NZ.

  • Hagues

    To be fair there is a difference between minimum requirements for the visa and what he intends to do. According to the report “The Cameron family intends to take up their permanent visas in New
    Zealand as soon as possible and to permanently reside in New Zealand.” Time will tell if this eventuates.

  • Not sure – still what the fuss is. We don’t know what they intend to do (well I don’t) all we now know is what the minimum reqiurements this country requires them to fulfill their obligations….. I still think there is a wide difference between an individual purchasing land they intend to live on with their family to a company buying land they have no intention of living on.

  • Michael

    I see todays lead in the Slowly Sinking Tabloid shows a “heartland” “national party” backlash and speculates that John Key will quit next year because of the reaction to the sales and asset sales.

    I wonder why there is no mention of a backlash for the Swiss, UK, US, Canadian, et al sales – this just confirms the latent racism of the opponents of the sale.

    • Saw that this morning as well.
      Cam any insights from that SST piece this morning?

  • Hakim of phut

    So National will be slamming this ‘loophole’ shut immediately  ?
    After all they are reviewing the legislation and the rules that go with it

  • Patriot

    China politics is one of interference – being Communist . How can we trust China when their ethics include diluting the NZ milk powder that killed 100s of babies .

    China is a Bully state and they ride roughshod over anyone , including sporting organisations to advance their political agenda  eg Tibet , + Taiwan .  What an insult to be telling the USGA  that US cannot list a Taiwan Golfer as Taiwan —  they must be  ” Chinese Taipei ” and use a different flag to that flown in Taiwan .  China has done the same to the Olympics , IOC.  

    NZ should lease the farms to China , not give them control of the farms — James Cameron’s case is totally different  

  • AnonWgtn

    Harteveldt has been conned by Fay’s publicity company.
    Pity he did not do his homework properly, but that’s SST, and its byline writers seeking publicity for dropping circulation – soon be like NOTW, but not so clever.