NBR Q and A on ACC story

National Business Review

Rob Hosking has a Q and A on the ACC saga:

What is Michelle Boag’s role in all this?

She’s a National Party chum of Bronwyn Pullar’s, apparently. Just a mate. Nothing political going on here at all. Perish the thought.

Really? Michelle Boag is involved, and there’s nothing political going on?

Apparently. Well, it could happen.

It’s a bit of a stretch though, isn’t it?

Well…. you ever seen the photo of the world’s largest rubber band? Something a bit like that.
The story is they are both old National Party mates but Boag says she hasn’t been ‘involved’ in the party for nearly a decade. She was president back then, but hasn’t held an official position since.

So there’s no National Party connection now?

She says, not. She was quoted as saying she’d had no involvement with National for a decade. Apparently she finished as party president and then severed all ties. Didn’t use those contacts she’d built up in that time at all.

You’re not serious?

No, I’m not serious. Apparently Boag is, though.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Is this an attepmt (limp at that) to somehow formulate a “guilt by association”, between Boag and the National party?…Wonder if you did the same thing re Phillip Field, Chris Carter, Darren Hughes etc etc…NO?…they were all MP’s at time of their transgressions, Ms Boag has NOT been president for 10 yrs.

  • Peter Wilson

    I have yet to see the actual blackmail threat. So far, all I can see is an inept policitian(Smith) and an incompetent ACC. It sounds like ACC wanted to hide their mistake as quickly as possible and decided to “pay off” the whistle blower as quickly as possible.

    It seems Pullar has had an ongoing battle with ACC and staff there just assumed they had a problem with the misplaced data.

    I suspect there is some kind of power play going on within National, with people out to malign Boag and those associated with her in the caucus. Why else would die hard National supporters be attacking Boag, one of the chief designers of what National is today.

    • Euan Rt

      Ex-chiefs are mis-chiefs.