Nice little earner

Brisbane Times

I wonder if our Greens have got the same nice little earner that it appears the Australian Greens have scored for themselves:

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the Australian Greens and Queensland environmental campaigners of “treason” in conspiring with US powers to destroy the nation’s coal industry.

Mr Palmer was expected to give his response to the passing of the Gillard government’s mining tax at a media conference called this afternoon, but the multi-billionaire was concerned only with perceived collusion between the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and the environmental lobby.

Mr Palmer turned his attention to a report by Greenpeace and other anti-coal groups, titled Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, which outlined an environmental campaign designed to disrupt and delay the expansion of the industry.

While brandishing a copy of the report this afternoon, Mr Palmer said it was the result of a CIA conspiracy involving the US-based Rockefeller Foundation.

“This is funded by the CIA,” he said.

“You only have to go back and read … the report to the US Congress that sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding.

“You only have to look at the secret budget which was passed by Congress last year – bigger than our whole national economy – with the CIA to ensure that.

“You only have to read the reports to US Congress where the CIA reported to the president that their role was to ensure the US competitive advantage – that’s how you know it’s funded by the CIA.”


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  • Abraham

    Ha! For goodness sake, I knew you were round the bend Cameron but this takes the cake. I’ll bet you spend most of your time denouncing people who disagree with you as having conspiracy theories, yet here you are trying to use this pathetic piece of “evidence” to attack. Yet again, you cease to amaze those of us in the real world.

  • motorizer

    i dont think theres any doubt. we know what lengths greens will go to for their ultimate cause. We have an aussie green. 

  • 6k944827

    Perhaps we could get Nick Smith to write a letter