Nick Smith – Personal Statement

Here is Nick Smith’s personal statement to parliament today, where he announced his resignation from all portfolios.


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  • Swifty

    A classy personal statement.

    • Vlad

      Comprehensive, obviously sincere … it’s a tough arena, you wonder why they do it & hope that good ones are not deterred.  Kind of like company directors isn’t it, we are stuck with the ones we get rather than the ones we need.  He had to go though, a foolish series of misjudgements. 

  • Blair Mulholland
  • Mickrodge

    I have a lot of admiration for Nick Smith after listening to that. Much respect.

  • Smith should now resign from parliament altogether.

    One of those most responsible for the utterly shameful decline and surrender to the left of of the National Party.

    Only another thirty or so to go.

    • Petal

      Can we apply the same standards to other parties?

      Who will be left?

      •  Who cares, there’s not many of the regulating stealing taxing vote buying socialist bastards that I need.

    • Travdog

      Well what an idiotic thing to say. What’s your big solution then eh Einstein? Surely with a statement like that you’ve have a genius plan, or are you just blowing ballast?

      • Chrishill

        you are just a dork ..simple as that

      • Chrishill

        i meant redbaiter

      • Kosh103

        This is RB – it is just blow hard nonsense. He is wearing his tinfoil hat too tight again.

  • joe bloggs

    Spoken with integrity and dignity, clearly passionate about his work, clearly prepared to stand up and take responsibility for his actions.

    Those seated in opposition would do well to watch this tape many, many times. Perhaps some lessons may be learned.

  • BJ

    A crying shame

  • Cadwallader

    He ought leave completely and take his love affair with global warming with him. It is interesting to contrast the decisive leadership shown by Key compared to the stuttering crap from Goff a year ago re Dazza Hughes.

    • Gazzaw

      I agree with you on his love affair with AGW and Key’s decisiveness but the fact remains that he is a very popular and effective consitituency MP. Five terms with crushing majorities in a row at age 47 is not a bad effort in what had been a labour stronghold for 48 years prior to that. Plus two terms in Tasman before that. His constituents will be delighted to see him spending more time on local issues but you can bet your bottom dollar that the Nelson Nats will be applying a lot of pressure to reinstate him in the cabinet in the 2014 government.

      You and I may disagree with his attitude towards AGW but thousands of ‘green’ Nats strongly approve and that is important given MMP.

      • Cadwallader

        Yes, but the fact remains too, that he did something dumb to end up in  pincers he could not  escape from. If he was a first term MP there may be an excuse but Mr Smith ought know how to conduct himself in a manner where he isn’t prone to others’ deceptions.

  • Michael

    I am glad he resigned. It shows some personal ownership. Something many other MPs could learn or people in general. 

    • Troy

      Agreed.  Many others could arguably have resigned in the past… take the previous ACC Ministor Marion Street – thru absolute mismanagement of ACC and lots of lying, snuck away on the skirt tails of her “very close” girlfriend Helen Clark when it was revealed she’d completely fucked up as ACC Minister – she’d still in parliament collecting a wage.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Listening to Andrew Little on radio was sickening. Saying Smith was one of the harder working MP’s blah, blah, blah then demanding there be an inquiry and that the PM had showed a lack of standards in not dealing with it immediately.

    Well Mr Little, front up with an inquiry and release of information on Daryn Hughes then lets see.

    As for Peters, at least he wasnt slurring his words when espousing innuendo in the house….drunken skank. Yes Winston, I said that out of the confines of parliamentary privelidge you spineless prick.

  • jay cee

    the only honourable thing he could have have to respect him for doing it.

    • Taxpayer


  • Taxpayer

    See ya Smithy, Take your ETS with ya.

  • Kosh103

    He has always had a bit of a problem with keeping his nose clean.

    • Dion

      Agreed.  I also agree that his position has become untenable and that resigning is the correct decision.

      That said, imagine how much better off we’d be if only Cunliffe, Field and to a lesser extent Clark had shown similar grace when the scandals they were embroiled with were exposed.  
      And FIeld isn’t the only ex Labour minister who has had the police after him.”The signing of those two letters is not up to the standard this parliament expects from its ministers”.  Had Smith replaced the word “parliament” with “government” I’d have nothing negative to say about how he conducted himself once the scandal broke.

    • Peter Wilson

      Agreed also. But I think it’s how you respond to mistakes that define your life, not how many or what mistakes you make, and here, Smith comes out of it pretty well. And we’d all agree the same applies to the PM.

  • davewin

    And who here cannot but think “There but for the Grace of God go I”

  • Bob

    Good luck to him, he has my respect.

    On the other hand the TV ONE ‘news’ at six was a disgusting and revolting display of how low and scum like the supposed press have become, wankers!

    • Kosh103

      Even though he is a National MP – yea I agree. The way he was, for lack of a better word, hunted down. Not TV Ones finest hour.

  • Vikingonmars

    Well say your respects to him when you buy yourself a rotting house.  He was in charge then and made that a disaster for many thousands of Liwi’s Pleased the clown has gone.

  • mara

    Not so long ago, decent, upstanding  folk took picnic lunches for a good day out to public executions; come to think of it, some still do.

  • CCCG

    If Labour members were held to the same account there would be no one left  

    • Kosh103

      You really have no idea what some of those Nat MPs get up to/have gotten up to.

      • Travdog

        tell us then. Go on, give us a list.

      • Tom

        Trav, he can’t. Ms Kosh is 100% bullshit. 

      • Kosh103

        Ohhh Tom, there has been all sorts of goings on including sex, drink, money.

        But unlike Winnie I dont get Parl. privilege and I am not that silly as to name names.

        I will say there are more queers (be it part time queers) on the govt benches than the one. ;0)

  • Philip ure a cock

    A sad day. A scalp for a scalp: Hughes ballsed up and the liars lost him and Smith slipped up, so we have to lose him. He should stay in Parliament, serve his time, and then make a comeback. So glad he got the local govt reforms underway before this!!

  • Thegenets

    How sad he got exposed, if he had put his hand up without being squeezed I might feel more sympathetic

  • Chrishill

    i am sick and tired of the news media in this country destroying peoples reputations and careers whilst they hide behind the ‘priviledges’ of their’profession’. they are a pack of scavaging hounds looking for a few moments of glory with no accountability. i hope they are happy to have ruined the life of someone who appears to have worked hard for his constituency….brave bastards!!

    • Kosh103

      To be fair, Smith had already destroyed his reputation and career before the media got to him today.

  • Kosh103

    Watching a rerun of Question Time – is David Cunliffe growing a beard??

    • niggly

      Perhaps he should try a close shaved one (but like with “DC” cut in) so he can look the part when hanging out with his new found bro friends?

    • DaveG

      No its mould through lack of movement.

  • Hagues

    Look up what he said about ETS/Carbon taxes prior to 2008 election, then look at what he said and done after the election. I’m glad he’s gone just for being a spineless, hypocritical sell out. Good riddance.