No charges over radio show

NZ Herald

Watch the opposition parties whine like turbine engines about this:

Police will not lay charges against Radio Live over its decision to broadcast an hour-long programme hosted by Prime Minister John Key weeks before the 2011 election.

Radio Live hosted “The PM’s Hour” on September 30 last year.

It featured Mr Key interviewing famous guests including Sir Peter Jackson and Richard Branson in what was billed a politics-free hour.

The show was referred to police by the Electoral Commission after it found breaches of election rules.

Detective Superintendent Rod Drew said police had considered the findings of the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Electoral Commission before making a call on prosecution.

“We have determined that there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the requirements for prosecution.



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  • Mr_Blobby

    They mean not in the Public interest.

  • Evan Johnson

    “Insufficient evidence” indeed?  Was no transcript?  John Key needs to learn that any communication with the public on his part carries with it the authority of a prime minister.
    Inappropriate stuff.

  • NotLen

    It would be very hard to prove in a court of law that he was electioneering, if the election was not mentioned.  Courts deal in fact and it would have taken a decent QC about 5 minutes to have the case dismissed.

  • rouppe

    I’m surprised they didn’t say “there was a prima facie case, but it wasn’t in the public interest”

    • That was the old Howard Broad days. You will note they said that there was no evidence. Also that Radio Live sought guidance from the electoral commission and acted upon that guidance…very hard to obtain a prosecution in that case.

      • insider

        I seem to recall directors being prosecuted despite the skilled advice of managers and auditors.

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK one down and the ACC Bullshit to go…I am waiting for the presenter of a current affairs show who created such a ruckus about corruption and scandal in his program yesterday to eat humble pie. Such a sensationalism for nothing.

  • Basil

    John and Radio live did nothing wrong. If you don’t like John then don’t listen.Simple.It’s a non-event.

  • Peter WIlson

    It’s obvious the police don’t want to set a precedent. As soon as you take politics into the court system, the tit for tat would never end.

    Now, if someone could please let Judith Collins know same.

  • toby_toby

    Hardly a surprise. The police have a history of failing to act on things referred to them by the electoral commission. Not that I think Key ought to be charged, just that the cops always come back with the same conclusion.

  • Landy

    Amazing how this indignation never arose when Linda Clark and Brian Edwards, at that time powrful media figures, were selectively promoting Helen Clark.  That was just before an election.   It was off the scale for bias.   The subject matter was very political. 

    • Peter Wilson

      You’re not suggesting a program by two journalists which may or may not be political is the same as a Prime Minister hosting a radio show?

      What I’m getting at it would be a matter of opinion whether Edwards/Clark were biased or not promoting Helen Clarke. Not sure if you could say the same about John Key’s…..ummm promoting John Key.

      I’m a huge Key supporter, and good on him for getting away with it, but let’s be honest about it….lmao.

      • Landy

        “A program by two journalists…”?    That’s not how it was.   Were you not born then?  

        Clark and Edwards were separate media figures, each with powerful platforms.   Linda Clark did some regular show that was morning long, from memory.   They operated at different times and on different shows.

        Once, true, I heard them interview each other.   That was about as exciting as sucking used bathwater up out of the drain and letting it flow out again.  

        I guess the National supporters were too busy to get indignant about perceived lack of fairness.   Working, or something like that maybe.

  • Duncan Brown

    Rules that can’t be enforced are just stupid, and encourage rule-breakers. The Electoral Commission needs to be given some teeth, and deal out consequences. No wonder they say the law is an ass…
    They should be judged similarly to civil cases where the pass line is “to the balance of probabilities” – a much more realistic proposition