No Class

The left wing is rabid at the moment. They think nothing of violence and anger in their protests even against one of their own.

Yesterday they targeted Len Brown because he has refused to act the way they think he should, in the interests of 300 selfish, striking wharfies.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown was the target of a lamington attack by an angry supporter of Ports of Auckland workers.

Brown had been speaking to students at Auckland University when the incident happened just after 1pm.

It’s understood he was targeted by a dreadlocked man, angry with Brown’s lack of intervention in the Ports of Auckland industrial dispute.

On Wednesday port management announced it would make 300 striking workers redundant following a drawn out disagreement over working conditions.

Brown has been criticised for not intervening in the bitter dispute.

Len Brown is doing what he promised in the election. He promised to be the mayor for all of Auckland. It is just a shame that the lhard left and the selfish unions think that means that he makes decisions just for them.

It just goes to show the perils of dealing with unions or accepting donations from them….they expect a pay off.

Len Brown will be taking this hard, because I think he is a genuine, caring man. But he wanted the big job and so he must make the big decisions and act int he interests of all Auckland. He is doing that….he should be getting kudos not lamingtons.


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  • Jassen

    This is the very reason there IS a class system. So we can tell the difference between left and right.

  • Pete George

    The union/left are in full flame and blame mode. Much of it against there own. Brown, Shearer. And Dunne is also labelled a traitor for sticking with what he campaigned on.

    Yesterday I was blamed for Ohariu voters who “genuinely believed Dunne was saying. Dunne created the perception that
    he was against asset sales – that is what his words made people believe.”

    That’s bullshit, but a standard part of the left “blame anyone but us” mentality.

  • why dosen’t the right embrace brown as their man..?

    ..he could run as your candidate next time…

    ..and p.g..your leader is the worst example of a lying/duplicitous/self-serving politician…

    ..’whichever way the wing blows’-dunne…

    ..and the voters of ohariu won’t forget/forgive him..

    ..he did let them believe the opposite of what he intended…

    ..and he will leave parliament as one of the most reviled politicians ever….

    ..competing with turia and sharples for that title… you intend following him down that hole..?

    [email protected]

    • Pete George

      Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot from the left who previously tried to ignore him and write him off. Now they are trying to both plead and shame him into acting against the Confidence and Supply agreement.

      Dunne was far more honest about asset sales in the campaign than Goff.
      Far more honest than Chauvel and Hughes.
      He was far more honest in his speech in parliament on Thursday than Cunliffe.

      It’s obvious where the lying/duplicitous/self-serving politicians are coming from. Sore losers.

      The loud left are frantically trying to find any way to cover their own ineptitude – they lost the last election and are hissy fitting at another three years of irrelevance.

      The unions are trying to talk up and work up a class war. Stuff the country, stuff the workers, the communists are having another go at getting their revolution. Most of the country is sick of that crap.

      •  at least you drop yr centreist-pretences when you are

        y’know..!..that fake-‘reasonable’-persona you peddle in other forums..? do know you fool absolutely

        ..’the communists’..?

         .. are you having a cold war-flashback..?

        ..the ‘crap’ many are actually getting sick of is our lowest-taxed-in-oecd/no-capital-gains-tax/no financial transaction tax on the banksters rich/1%…constantly mewling for more..

        ..whilst waging war on the rest of us..

        ..and now stealing our common-held/paid-for assets…

        ..and really/seriously..

        .you ain’t seen nothing yet… far as electoral-backlash is concerned..

        ..national are going to condemn themselves to at least another nine years in the wilderness of opposition…

        ..while all around them their bad/neo-lib-works are dismantled…

        ..and yes..yr dunne will be taken out with the rest of the trash.. enjoy this next little while

        ..’cos it sure as hell ain’t gonna last..

        [email protected]

    • ConwayCaptain

      Might I ask poltely

      When are you going to learn to write your posts clearly and succintly so we can all understand them.

      I would have hated to see you have to write up a Master’s Standing Orders which could and end up in a court of law.  The proscecuting counsel would have ripped you to shreads.

  • ‘wing’ is ‘wind’…

    (but you knew that…)

    [email protected]

    • Bunswalla

      Everything you say is ‘wind’

      But you knew that we knew that..)

      •  you get a special best-insult award…

        ..given for veering from the nyah!-nyah! insults usually found here..

        ..but it is a mighty ‘wind’ there buns….

        ..and a ‘wind of/for change..

        [email protected]

  • barry

    sad propaganda today.
    you are really struggling to come up with much at the moment, kitties and titties, len brown and lamington?
    maybe time to get a job?

  • Positan

    Acceptable practice is now light years from 1951 and that oft-touted threat/capability of “unity” is purely imaginary.  The actuality, as demonstrated by the former chest-beating but now unfairness-howling MUNZ wallies who were in no way going to relinquish their “hard-fought-for” but obviously “not-performed-sufficiently-to-justify” rates and conditions is that they’re a self-deluded bunch of gutless “lamington throwing” posturers whose long-standing bluffs have been well and truly called.  They’re done – and so is their union!

    After having been on strike for so long, such free-loaders now have no justification and no entitlements whatsoever.  It beats me why the churches should now seek to become involved “on behalf of the families” when the bombast of those MUNZ reprobates has so clearly showed their complete lack of concern for the outcome on their families.

    Stuff them all. About time they had to re-train in the real world – to learn to live and put in commensurate effort just like the rest of us.

  • hoha

    Im from south Auckland and I voted for Len.Im not sure how I benefit from Aucklanders owning the port but I dont really care either, the fact that they have employed a guy (that has a vision for the ports) and are standing behind him in support can only be a good thing.
    I dont understand this left and right talk that Ive been reading in these blogs, also these communist comments, I will carve a piece and instead of getting cash for it he/she will give me something of theirs that I need, does this make me a communist? In saying that I cash take cash 99% of the time.

    •  you are a totally fake-persona…


      (and have you heard there is now a pill you can swallow..?..that cures racism..?..)

      [email protected]

      • hoha

        where the hell does racism come into it. I asked questions where does left and right come from and am i a communist because i give some of my carvings away for something i need.
        Racism has nothing to do with my question you jackass.

  • hoha

    u should get off the bottle now phillip shit ureass, dont you have to get the herald and start looking for a job 


    Jesus Phil are you here just to piss people off.Can others have a say on here without you turning it into a shit fight.Hey you have your point of view and so do we.If this is not the same as yours so be it.We all like a good rant,and sometimes we poke fun at things.And yes not all of us know everything.But hey Myself,and others enjoy getting on here,and have a read,a laugh,and even learn as we go.Cant help to see what others in this world know,and think.Feel free to contribute,and god forbid educate(lol).This is the right side of the fence,and we know you are on the left.I look forward to my dose of Whale daily,as do others.So have a good day,and continue the lefts good work.Cheers Steve.PS,Koha or Barter is an acceptable form of payment in my book.Not commie or racist in any way.

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree Steve & Monique. This thread initiated a good subject for discussion and before we know where we are it’s threadjacked by Ure and his fuckwitted ramblings.
      Can’t be bothered following it any more.

      Well overtime to get this situation under control Cam.

  • wiltinpenis

    Fuck Phil (as if anyone would – bwahaha)
    What I wonder, is why Whale Oil, you suddenly seem full of admiration for ‘ our Lenny ‘ ?

  • jay cee

    maybe WO is trying to give his blog wider appeal.