No credibility left

Cactus Kate calls it:

Forget everything else that has happened until today in the MUNZ v POAL dispute. This morning on Q+A Garry Parsloe, head of MUNZ tried this argument to gather public sympathy.

So it all comes down to not knowing if you could take your wife shopping? How metrosexual.

What has the Union movement come to when Union members are having us believe they:

a) actually want to go shopping; and worse
b) shopping with their wives

No credibility left, that’s what.

Cactus is too kind calling them metrosexual that sort of unmanly behaviour is just gay.


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  • Guest

    It’s a very strange thing to say. 

    Perhaps Parsloe needs a nice cup of tea and to lie down for a while with a damp cloth on his head.

  • Guest

    Define irony – wharfies want to go shopping when they are holding up Auckland’s retail stores with delays.

  • Ff

    F**k me! They are so 70’s it’s not funny – “waiting by the phone” – haven’t they heard of cellphones?

    • Stamper

      Thank you FfAbout time Parsloe found out about cellphone technology.

    • the robberdog

      Aside from it being bullshit of course…

  • LesleyNZ

    Ahhhh – so that is why there are special chairs in the stores in the ladies clothing department. They are for the wharfie husbands to sit in while waiting for their wives to shop! I do like it though how Gary says “wife’ and not “partner”. Kind of old-fashioned but I like it. Gary Parsloe doesn’t tell the whole truth. The shipping line timetable is made weeks in advance. I know because I have sent cargo overseas and you are always given a cut off date and when the sailings are to happen and when the ship is expected to enter foreign port. He needs to take a reality check. Working on the wharf is not a 9-5 job.

    • Qplah

      You’re right there.  If you want a regular job with fixed hours a Port is not the place to be.

    • Bunswalla

      Notice how he also says “wife” and not “husband”? It never entered his head that the person working at the wharves might be a woman.

      Not that MUNZ is against women having jobs of course, someone has to do the baking, keep the kids hair free of lice, and go on Facebook abusing, harassing and threatening the wives of non-union wharfies, right?

    • ConwayCaptain

      In the No 1 Shoe Warehouse in PN there is a “Lost husbands corner”

      • Pokerface


  • BJ

    The Union has been flogging a dead horse all along. It is inherent in their nature to argue till the cows come home – and their arguments are as empty as any I’ve seen. I wonder if Parsloe went home and reflected on his weak argument that has no substance.

    The only fact of the matter is the union want to continue to attend their place of work with every degree of certainty (that none of the rest of us enjoy) that they will not have to work for every hour they get paid. 

    They’re not having hard earned rights taken away  –  they are being brought to account – that  is to earn their pay for a change.

  • Jimmie

    So obviously the wharvie wives are so dumb that they can’t drive themselves to the shop? Gotta have their ‘man’ to drive them everywhere? What a load of dribble. I guess now they will have lotsa time to go shopping except now it will be window shopping as won’t be any more $$ to spend. Such a shame.

    • Guest

      Wharfies probably need to accompany their wives shopping as the little woman can’t be trusted with money and in 50’s style he controls the purse strings. God forbid that she make an independent decision.

      •  does guest get a special strawman-award’..?

        ..with extra points for calling on a deity in his/her final flourish..?

        [email protected]

    • Mully

      Pfft, a woman driving? That’s crazy talk.

  • Parsloe should find a new career. Perhaps a stand up comedian???

    • Gazzaw


      • GRYN


    • Blokeintakapuna

      Next leader of the Labour Party?

  • rouppe

    And they still studiously ignore the fact that POAL was offering 160 hours guaranteed a month, with rosters worked out a month in advance. So that they DID know when they were going to work.

    • the robberdog

      Yeah, but that doesnt sound half as provocative as ‘Casualising the Workforce’. How they came up with that in itself is beyond me – also that the workers themselves actually seem to believe it!! Astonishing! Baa, baa, baa…

  • Duncan Brown

    Oh I see, “…that sort of unmanly behaviour is just gay” So that means I’m gay if I present a dubious argument, of if I shop with my wife? You use it as an insult, yet elsewhere in your blog you promote lesbianism. Inconsistent at best.

    • psst..!..consult an urban dictionary..or ask a teenager..

      ..’gay’ has many nuances/meanings.. are about one meaning

      [email protected]

      • Ronnie Chow

          Just as a matter of interest ill lip , why are you supporting the action of the very well paid watersider’s who are simply refusing to adjust to the evolving reality of  stronger and leaner management systems in a sliding economy , when just about every other worker in NZ has been subject to changes for years  and we are all feeling the pain .
          Why shouldn’t the Wharfies ? They just need a Heavy Trade drivers license plus on site training to do the job , don’t they ? Not exactly indispensable , are they ? I mean , couldn’t any long-haul truck driver do this job ?
         This is the the O.K. Corral for Union featherbedding , and you guy’s have turned out to be not very clever .

    • grumpy


    • joe bloggs

      c’mon Dunc – don’t play the naive outrage –  even Phool Ure is more up with it than that!

  • BJ

    Absolute fools – they have cut off their nose to spite their face. They had so many chances – too many chances and now they have to bare the consequences. The smart people at th ewharf have had individual agreements while those that are weak have trusted others to do their fighting.  Why would the port want to re employ such misguided idiots.

  • Jester

    The only thing their wives really really really need to shop for is contraception.

    12 bloody kids! How did that useless shit for brains manage 12 kids whilst diligently waiting by the phone?

    Sounds like a few of the bruvvers pulled a double shift at his house!