No Grassroots members anymore?

Labour is shutting down their Grassroots Labour site. Poor souls, clearly it is a dying party.

Dear Grassroots Labour members,

Grassroots Labour will be shutting down in a month’s time.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm over the past few years. There have been some great discussions and ideas here, however we’re finding that people are increasingly turning to Facebook for these type of interactions – chances are you already have.

Please use the next 4 weeks to make sure you back up any posts or information on here that you don’t want to lose access to. Once we close down we won’t be able to retrieve any of it.

Then come join us on Facebook, the best way is start by liking our page: and our leader:

And of course, if you’re not already, become a full member of the Party. You can sign up today in just a few clicks at:

Best wishes,

Chris Flatt


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  • One way for a broke party to save money, I suppose; use a free social media service rather than pay for a website.

  • Alloytoo

    Of course censorship on Facebook is just so much harder.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Tone sounds a bit forelorn…..or it just me …poor soles.

    • Pete George

       Do you think it sounds a bit flatt?

  • Kosh103

    I wonder if you will still be using the term “dying party” when Labour form the Govt after the next election.

    •  You’re quite right Kosh; Labour isn’t a “dying” party; the real Labour Party died a number of years ago, and the party that uses the name today is but a pale imitation.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Kosh, just because they get to be part of a coalition, doesn’t mean they are not a dying party.

      On the grassroots thing, their constituency has left them and “grassroots” is not a moniker that Labour can claim anymore, since their constituency has been narrowed down to fringe extremists, like for example, unions and unionists.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Really…those dreams of yours are getting really intence huh?…With out any policies apart from the ones that saw you THRASHED at the last election, you may get even less votes next time!


      They could end up 2nd fidddle to the Greens,as they seem to be taking a good proportion of labours vote.The hippies are not as revolting as they once were.

    • Cullen’s Sidekick

      Well said Kash103, our dear leader – “sit on the backside, do nothing” Sheep Shearer will ensure that our glorious party will win the next election. My sources tell me that the next opinion poll will show the gap between Labour and National has reduced to 5 points. Glory to our dear leader.

    • Chris

       Maybe on Planet Kosh 103 ( sounds like something from Star Trek) but here on Earth its a Party in its Death Throes. In the land of Oz its begining of the end for Labor to. Happy times.

      • Kosh103

        Only a fool believes Labour will die.

        It is the same as when National idiots were out there saying National was dead after English lead them to a crushing defeat. (Worse than Labours current count BTW).

      • AnonWgtn

        Labour will not die – they still have MUNZ and EPMU (possibly) but the Greens will take a serious number of the possible Labour younger people.
        The new mainly middle class educated who saw the left as their party.
        Now they want to save the world as well from their lofty double incomes they can afford to save the snails.
        Now they see Labour as an old man’s party (circa 1951 – MUNZ) past it time.
        Note Trevor.

    • Super_Guest

      Like the NZ public are going to vote for a stammering public servant and his egomaniac “LOOK I’M GAY” sidekick.

      They’ll get rolled and Labour will lose, as it should, always/

      • davewin

         Remember when any Labour  could recite the catch cry of the Party – “Nationalisation of the means of Production, Distribution and Exchange”. Was even printed on their membership cards.

        What is the catch cry today?

    • motorizer


    • CJA

       Seriously Kosh? If, and that is a Hollywood sign size IF, Labour were able to form the next government it would be a hotch potch government including the Greens, NZ First, Mana and possibly the Maori Party. Disaster waiting to happen mate. Shearer would start stammering and stuttering his way through cabinet meetings. Russel would return to his Stalinist roots and take people’s cows off them and then milk them and give the milk to the people. Winnie would go into a fit of rage because someone poured him two fingers of whiskey and not the standard four and Hone just wouldn’t deal with the White Man. Anyway all in all a total f*ck up waiting to happen.

  • BJ

    Ah but with Facebook they can be in everyones face and bombard everyone frequently and get pally wally  – the insidious creep …

  • insider

    Labour is outsourcing to facebook? How does that fit with asset sales policy?

  • Doug

    Labour must be in competition with NSW Labor, to see who can
    get the least possible seats.

  • Kosh103

    Everyone seems to forget – National are the Govt by 2 seats.

    Would not take much of a swing to let Labour govern.

    • Gazzaw

      It will take more than a bit of a swing. Do you think that the public will seriously contemplate a hotch potch collection of disparate lefties running the country? A look across the Tasman is enough to convince most intelligent people what a labor/green/loony independent coalition is all about.

      • Kosh103

        The fact that it would be the same number of parties as we have in Govt now, your argument is a tad silly.

    • Chris

      Like the swing to Labor in Queenlsand. Oops sorry that was LANDSLDE to LNP,

      Queensland election massacre ” >Wake up Kosh103, its like falling of the Berlin Wall all over again.

      • Kosh103

        Sigh another person who doesnt understand that we work under a different voting system.

        National could easily get the most seats next time, but be in opposition.

      • Super_Guest

         And that will be the end of MMP. No-one’s going to tolerate David Shearer (or whoever rolls him next year) as PM if he’s only got 33% of the seats while National have upwards of 40%.

  • James

    So the socialists are outsourcing to a shining example of capitalist free market private enterprise…? Golly…

  • jay cee

    just like employers set up their own union but called it a “federation”