Nobody wants them

 National Business Review

It seems nobody wants the striking wharfies. I mean who would want them infecting their workplace with their bullying, racism and thuggery:

Sacked Auckland wharfies, who promised to do community work, haven’t done any and won’t give details of a job they claim is being “finalised.”

It seem no-one has taken up the maritime unionists’ March 2 offer to do community work, or go on working bees.

Strikers offered themselves to community organisations, maraes and schools in the form of ‘wharfie working bees.

In the absence of any request from the public,union spokesman Sam Huggard says a more “proactive approach” is needed,

Union members have suggested, but haven’t yet, donated blood and details of one community project were being finalised but could not be revealed, Mr Huggard says.


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  • Euan Rt

    I doubt many will be able to donate blood with drugs in their systems – yet another own goal.

  • hoha

    It was all just a PR stunt.
    They don’t even want to work when they are getting paid what makes you think they would work for free.

  • rouppe

    Rather than donate blood – which has a 3 month stand-down between donations – and if they pass the drug test, they should be told to donate plasma, so they can donate every 2 weeks

  • johnbronkhorst

    What ever it is ….it smells like that stuff cockies scrape off their boots everyday…..BULL SHIT!

  • Mark C

    My toilet needs cleaning – who do I call to get a wharfie around?

    • Scanner

       Only if he uses his toothbrush.

    • I thought you wanted the loo clean (of or from shit) not backed up with even more unremoveable shit…

  • Scanner

    Some of these guys specalise in washing BBQ’s, if anyone is interested, the rest will come and watch, they can’t do anything as they are all on compo.

  • Jester

    Perhaps they are still negotiating with the recipient of the charitable act a two hour lunch break, a collective dispute process and wet weather allowance.

    • EpochNZ

       Apparently negotiations were called off abruptly after the recipient, when asked about breaks, replied “Oh, dont worry, we like to keep things casual around here…”

  • Gazzaw

    I wonder what it’s like on the picket lines today with the rain hosing down and 50 knot gusts. Just a foretaste of what’s to come in the winter but about 15 degrees colder! I’ll bet that the Aussie league boys were happy to be flying home this morning.

    • Charlie the farmer

      It wet, they will all be down in the pub planning their next round of drinks

      • Greg M

         It is, and they are, Britomart tavern.

      • Gazzaw

        What a bunch of tossers. The 1951 boys will be turning in their graves.

    • AzaleaB

      Isn’t that what they are supposed to be used to? I thought that this was part of their claim…how hard the job was and in all weathers. Perhaps they can use the POAL issue raincoact, POAL boots and other gear to keep the foul weather at bay.

      Wharvies are tuff bruvvers!!

  • Charlie the farmer

    Champion, Is’nt that a bus terminal as well? Lets grab a couple of buses and block them in there. Its a win win they get to do what they want (drink all day) and it allows all the great people still working at port to do their job without harrassment

  • Ronnie Chow

      This whole saga really is like getting rid of that last bit of tooth decay . Suddenly the headache’s gone . Now can we get MAF and Customs to be ready when the ships come instead of waiting ’till Monday morning ?.

    • Charlie the farmer

      Would be nice, but since they are all one now Minstry of Primery Industries or what ever it is I doubt it

  • politically unstable

    A bit off the subject….POAL will find that they can now estimate their real labour requirements based on productive non-union staff, now that the MUNZ staff have been offsite for a few weeks. So they may actually find that their requirement is 30% less than original estimates….

    Its like when a poor performing employee finally takes some leave – they get “found out” based on what happens or does not happen while they are on leave.