Not a gay ute

NZ Herald

Volkswagon has announced the addition of an auto transmission to their Amarok non-gay ute range:

Volkswagen New Zealand’s successful ute, the Amarok, finally gains an automatic transmission – giving more power, lower fuel consumption and greater towing capacity.

To go on sale in New Zealand this year, the Amarok will beat its main competitors, the Ford Ranger and the Mazda BT50, when it comes to class-leading six-speed auto transmission.

The Argentinian-built utility has a ZF-supplied eight-speed auto gearbox with Sport and manual modes, making it the first vehicle of its type to have such a high number of gear ratios.

The manual’s torque output of 400Nm from 1500-2000rpm stays the same, but the automatic version will deliver 420Nm at 1750rpm.

It has a braked towing capacity of 3200kg (up from 2800kg in the TDI manual), will hit 179km/h in seventh gear and achieve combined fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 199g a kilometre against the TDI400 4×4 manual’s 7.9L/100km and 209g/km – in its most frugal state of tune.

The improved efficiency is a result of idle-stop technology included in the Bluemotion Technologies package, which also includes regenerative braking and low rolling-resistance tyres.

UPDATE: A reader emails me and says:

Cam that ute is a bit gay, maybe bicurious, it has those gay bits on the back.

I think a sports bar or something equally gay.

The reader may be right but this ute definitely doesn’t meet the threshold set by Craig Foss with his incredibly gay ute the Ford Ranger Wildtrak.


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  • Callum

    Sorry, but that is a very gay ute. Low rolling resistance tyres? Bet those will be just brilliant if any buyer is actually brave enough to take one off sealed roads.

    • Grumpy

      I always change the wheels and tyres. Looks the goods apart from that though.

      • Callum

        With regenerative braking and all the other fancy rubbish you may well run into a bit of trouble putting proper wheels and tyres on it so may pay to check that out before you buy.

  • mister nui

    About fucking time!!!

    I would’ve bought an auto Amarok when I renewed my Navara ~14 months ago, as it was, it wasn’t available. So, I ended up with the new 450 Navara with the piece of shit Euro4 auto transmission that changes into 4th gear at 60km/h! A serious backward step from the first D40 Navara that came out.

    The worst thing about my Navara is that Nissan point blank refuse to adjust the shift points, telling me “they’re not allowed”, despite me saying I’m prepared to accept any warranty implications. We’re not subject to Euro4 emissions rules in NZ, so why the hell should we have to put up with a piece of shit product because of it.

    Furthermore, the lying cunt of a salesman told me that I wouldn’t be able to get a 550 for “many months”, approx 1 week after delivery of mine, the release of the 550 was announced.

    I’ll never buy another Nissan again, because of my experience with them over this, and I recommend everybody steer well clear of the new Navara’s.

    • Grumpy

      Thanks mister nui, I need a new ute and Toyota have turned to crap and priced themselves off the market. I had thought of Nissan, but you have cured me of that. Hope you can turn off ” idle stop” I can’t think of anything worse in a 4wd.
      Otherwise it has to be Ford.

      • kehua

        Hey Grumpy do not repeat do not buy Navara, as well as everything Mr nui says the windscreen slope will give give you  neckache ( that is if you are over 5ft 6in.

      • mister nui

        kehua, I’m a damn sight taller than 5’6″, but have never noticed any problems with the windscreen slope, and this is my second D40.

        For the most part, the Navara is the best ute (currently) on the market, but the god awful transmission destroys everything good about it. It is not a pleasant car to drive as it is.

        The Hilux has been left behind since their last proper model revamp in 2004.

      • no no no dont listen to him – nissans rock. and height – aye – my hubby is 6 ft 3 and he has no problems with the windscreen!

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      The harsh reality is that the Nissan D40 is not a real ute, but is a poser town car which rips its front bumper off and sump out as soon as it looks at anything bigger than the paint on the tar-seal, and the Hilux is a sorry unrelaible overpriced bucket trading on its past glories and the gullable tradey who knows no different.  these two are quasi-uts for townies and brand-whores who favour a nice ride and blue-tooth connectivity in a ute over something that will take you places and bring you back again.

      These VW are cheaply put together, with weak and overstressed engines and expensive maintenince schedules, and could not pull the skin off a cold rice pudding. I would not even put a log on one: literally or figuratively.

      • nasska

         Totally agree.  The HiLux & D40 prove that there is more money in selling utes to townies to take their hedge trimmings to the recycling facility than designing vehicles of use to farmers & contractors.  There’s not a four cylinder ute on the market today that would be capable of pulling a sick boy off his sister.

        I’ll stick to the Landcruiser 70 series……ugly & corners like a blocked dray but does the job.

      • Grumpy

        Thanks you guys. Looked a bit further and the vw only has a 2kw motor. Must have a Huang of a pressure in the turbo, like land rover diesels.

        Nothing beats a 70 series but way too pricey. I use a ’93 frumpy on the farm and a prado for everyday. Prados are ridiculous priced so thought a double cab vw would do the job. You have me thinking again.

    • Boss Hogg

      Mr Nui, what the hell you doing with an auto in a ute!!!  If the VW gearbox is any relative to the one in the poxy 2.5 litre diesel V6 cross over SW they build I would not go near it.  These have cost heaps.

      I will stick with my 2002 Ford manual.  And I see you have retained your love of sales people over the years.


    • blasphemy! amoraks have nothing on navaras!!!!!

  • Greg M

    VW are going to sell a shitload of these at the price they’re asking. Whole lot of ute for the money. 

    • kehua

      How much?

      • Greg M

         From $43 k, way cheaper than hilux

      • Grumpy

        Yep, how much? Look like the best ute on the market, however wheels and tyres and a bit of thought to optional extras would be a good idea.

    • meh

       Wait til you add the options on and the price skyrockets. $63k was the total they gave me, and that didn’t include a canopy..

      • Greg M

         Very true, all I would do is change the wheels and tyres,no bling extras.

  • nasska

    Where the hell does the “not gay” description of the Amarok come from.  The only things that would make it gayer would be an ensemble of naked dancing boys on the tiny little deck & a few shitty condoms flying from the bank of spotlights.

    It would struggle to climb the kerb outside a K Road nightclub.

  • Jester

    I understand the Argentinian military have ordered several hundred of these for the planned invasion of the Falklands.

    Upgrade with eight speed auto in sport, manual and flee modes.

    • Grumpy

      Like the Italian tank, 6 reverse gears and one forward, (in case they are attacked from the rear).

  • Charlie the farmer

    Bought myself a Mitsi (preparing for loud moans) $20 grand cheaper than nissan, toyota and vw more room in back than a ford or mazda and Mitsi stands behind it for 10 years. 

    • Grumpy

      Must have fixed the gearboxes then……….

      • meh

         My 07 mitsi hasn’t skipped a beat, tows extremely well 9btter than the newer 2.5 model) and the gearbox is pretty good (though it is the older 4 speed variant and the gears are a bit long).

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      But that 10 year warrenty excludes the injectors, the clutch, the …

  • OTGO Hopefully they make a RHD version. The Ford Raptor looks awesome.

    • meh

      The raptor looks like the dogs danglies…..

      But it won’t show up over here. No demand for a 4wd v8 ute according to the manufacturers…..

  • Raider580

    That ute is so Gay that you could probably marry it.Only if your Donkey aggrees to share you.

  • Whalehunter

    That ute is not gay. The gayist utes are the V8’s from ford and holden that all the faggot L platers over in oz buy. 

  • Pukakidon

    Gay vehicle, Gay Name (too close to Anorak).Built to attract the country southern man wanabe poindexters from the city.

    Hilux anyday


    • Greg M

       I’ve had a Rangie for years, I guess I’m a lost cause Don ! hehe!

  • Hitchy

    My D40’s been excellant, except for the excessive use of fuel! Mate’s just bought a raptor from the states, brand new, they are doing mean deals.
    Funny how you dont see forums on utes at the strandard or red blurt, fuckers are too busy moaning to get out and work for anything.

  • Frederico