Not National, Just Boag

NZ Herald

John Armstrong thinks Close Up shows how National works behind the scenes pulling strings to influence.

Close Up failed to prove any such connection between Pullar, a one-time National Party activist, and Key – something confirmed by Pullar herself yesterday when she said her contact with him had been only passing.

Even so, the programme was damaging enough in offering further insight into how the National Party wields influence to pulls strings behind the scenes.

He, and anyone making that assumption is wrong, it isn’t how National works, but it is how Michelle Boag works. I’m glad that her unethical behaviour is having the disinfectant of sunlight shone upon it.


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  • Peter Wilson

    Not how National works, absolutely not. Apart from Nick Smith of course.

    • He learned from Boag. Good mates they were.

  • Phar Lap

    John Armstrong.A redundant news hack in waiting.He is what Lange called reef fish ,forever trolling other peoples rumour and innuendos just to justify his own existence as a glorified journalist,his mismanagement of news events is legendary.

  • dragon

    The New Zealand public elected a National Govt. Not Michelle Boag.