NZ First MP describes welfare reforms as Nazi

Asenati Lole-Taylor is a nasty piece of work. On her Facebook page she has said:

So I get a lot of calls from people who said that Bennett’s Nazi welfare reform must be stopped.

She is then backed up in her nastiness by Curwen Rolinson, who actually makes a joke of it all:

I’m not sure it’s fair to compare National’s welfare reforms to the Nazis.

Hitler, after all, had a stronger emphasis on job creation.

Asenati Lole-Taylor doesn;t tell off the Young NZ First President, instead she eggs him on:

 Yes, but on the expense of some lives?

He agrees with her, that Paula Bennett’s welfare reforms might indeed cost lives:

Why yes, Bennett’s welfare reforms MIGHT be at the expense of some lives.

Lole-taylor concurs:

True true indeed.

When Labour supporter Angus Hodgson points out the nastiness of such a comparison Asenati Lole-Taylor just excuses it, pretending that Curwen Rolinson is just a random constituent discussing things in a free fashion. She must know that Curwen Rolinson is the Young NZ First President.

Samuel Hill is very perspicacious which just encourages Curwen Rolinson to say something on Facebook he would be afraid to say to my face.

NZ First are seriously challenging Labour for the dishonour of being the nasty party.

Nz First MP Nazi Comments on Facebook


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  • fifibelle

    Out of line on so many levels. I bet she’s hoping that the NZ First demographic don’t do Facebook –  I’m pretty sure they’d find this faaaar more offensive than anything said in teapot-gate (which got them in to Parliament).Yet another example of why the party list system needs a major overhaul

  • gazzmaniac

    NZ First has a youth wing?

    • Better believe it. The Nationalist and Socialist (hmm, that sounds a bit like Nazi, doesn’t it?) Curwen Rolinson heads it up. Like most members of NZ First, he is mostly just a Winston Peterphile. 

    • Dion

      Yes – they cater for the under 75’s

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    They’re probably getting some great media advice from the booze addled pensioner they call a leader.

  • parorchestia

    To compare those implementing necessary welfare reforms with the Nazis is disgusting and denigrates those poor millions who suffered terribly at the hands of the Germans.  Asenati Lole-Taylor should immediately apologise and Curwen Rolison should immediately apologise.  What fools they are.

  • thor42

    The welfare reforms are bloody SOFT. 
    They haven’t even addressed the most obvious area – paying beneficiaries to have babies. 

  • It’s a shame, I thought she was one of the sharper NZ First MPs. I recall her maiden speech, where she called for “short, sharp sentences for offenders”, and demanded that they work while in prison.

    “The deterrent is the fact that you’re in prison and have to work hard like the rest of us.”

    I wonder why this doesn’t apply to welfare dependants?

  • Phar Lap

    To think that such dribble gives one of lifes great losers   a voice of poison  all because of a cup of tea. Wonder what her background really is.Seems somewhere she has two daddies,and a front name that can be mistaken for something else.

  • Hey FailOil … if you’re so up in arms about this, mind telling me why you’ve got an entire tag section on Nazis? And another one entitled ‘Are Hitler”…? 

    Both of which appear predominantly filled with attacks on Helen Clark, David Lange and other left figures? 

    • Guest

      Something’s not quite right with young Curwen. I think he might need some help, perhaps someone to talk to.

      Curwen buddy, you don’t have to be angry and full of hate. 

    • Scanner

       So Curwen, you little twerp, are the youth division of Wigston’s party any more enthusiastic about paying back the money STOLEN from the taxpayer?

    • Fuck off Curwen, you are a coward.

      No idea what he Are Hitler tag was…must have been a corruption in the conversion from Drupal to WordPress…have now removed it…there were 5 posts that were totally unrelated to Hitler.

      The other tags are valid in that labour and union people compared Anne Tolley to Adolf Hitler or nazi behaviour…so fuck off.

    • Markm

      Your a disgrace Curwen, a real moron , but what could be expected of sycophants of Winston Peters, the most self centered politician in Nz History.

      • Jacob77712

        At least they are not white right wing middle class male red necks like you guys who frequent working girls because women are disgusted by your feral and breeder comments.

    • Pharmachick

      Mr. Rolinson, if you are indeed the same Mr. Rolinson that heads the “Young NZ First” division, it behooves you to behave in a professional and courteous manner, even on the internet. 

      Regardless of party affiliation(s), a person usually joins a “young party” as a signal that they intend a future in politics. Perhaps you should, therefore consider that one of the finest things one has is ones reputation. It does not help your reputation to be spewing bile and rude comments at Cameron Slater (or anyone else for that matter). 

      In politics, people are often attacked and maligned through little or no fault fo their own. It is the game. May I suggest that a thicker skin and a more polished public persona will be necessary before you present yourself to the NZ public for a vote. Even if you’re  planning [in advance] on a list position, the Political Machine is somewhat leery (regardless again of parties) of giving high list positions to publically embarassing people. 

      Here’s another piece of free advice: there is a famous saying … never wrestle with a pig: you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it. (Sorry for any inadvertent negative connotations Mr. Slater, but I am sure you get it).    

      • davewin

        You have put it well. Our young friend has learned well at the feet of the Master. Simply slag off anyone with an idea which may be remotely at variance with the Dear Leader. I really hope Curwen you are fortunate enough in life never to meet up with a genuine 40 carat Nazi. I think they would quickly teach you the error of your ways.

      • Pharmachick

        Thank you davewin

      • rockstar543

        mr slater is related he sure does.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Does the lithium help? If not I hear cyanide is quite good although considered a more final solution.

    • YNFEM

      Curwen I think you have some serious issues when it comes to women. Within the space of about a month you have referred to various women as pigs, horses, and Nazis. For a NZ First Board Member and head of NZ First Youth this is very concerning, combined with the hate-filled statuses I have seen you post about your mother. Winston needs to put some of the 150k he stole towards some intensive counselling for you, if you don’t seek help then I’m very worried about how the unhealthy views of women might end. 

  • Rockfield

    Fairly obvious they are a pair of idiots.


  • Peter Wilson

    So, NZ First think the welform reforms are akin to Nazism, and are feeble at the same time. I thought it was impossible to hold two contradicting thoughts in the mind simultaneously.

  • AnonWgtn

    Has Winston really got a toupee ?
    I understand yes – he has several.

  • RP

    I think this is a pathetic attempt to make something bigger than it really is, sometimes governmental issues need attention brought to them,  we have to stop being so P.C!! nothing would get done. The Nazi regime if you look it up can describe a way of practice, it can also be referred to by academics as a method of governance. Its more so a name to a certain style of governance. I think the welfare system is appalling, and you only have to look at certain areas of this country to see that child poverty is a huge issue, if you don’t see it, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Wake up and look at the importance of the welfare issue. Having your own malicious agenda Cameron in this blog, means you turn a blind eye to what really needs to get done!  

  • Jacob77712

    super needs to be means tested as it is the biggest part of the welfare bill start with winnie peters