On comments and commenting

Andrew Sullivan

Once again I am receiving emails from loyal readers who are sick of rubbish comments from trolls.

Andrew Sullivan, who doesn’t have comments, comments:

Dan O’Connor blasts what blog comment sections have become:

It is time, I think, for us to accept that disabling or deleting idiot comments is no more anti-democratic or elitist than refusing to engage with a person harrassing you on the street. Just because everyone is allowed to have their say, it does not follow that the bilge they say is worth listening to. I love the internet. I love social media. And the only way we will save them from themselves is by accepting that, more often than not, comments are rubbish.

Gawker is implementing a new comment system to deal with the problem. Recent Dish on a wildly successful comment section here. We’re sticking with posting the best and most informative of your emails. For the Dish, reader input plays a key role in airing debates and discovering facts from readers with deep knowledge of the subjects at hand. There is a way, in other words, to create a web space where readers add and don’t detract from the experience.

It’s called editing.

My own preference is to have a free reign with comments, but smack down outrageously racist, misogynistic or hateful comments. I have a firm belief that my “army’ will deal with any silliness. I don’t want a heavily moderated and sanitised comments section like Red Alert. I enjoy comments from Kosh now he is well trained, less so from Phil who seems untrainable and still posts tl;dr comments.

Personal unfounded attacks on me are dealt with swiftly and permanently with no recourse.

However I think that Dan O’Connor as quoted above does have a valid point.

Is it time for me to start doing this too, or do I need some volunteer moderators to deal with the more foolish of trolls?


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  • Symgardiner

    I would say it is better to let the trolls. Occasionally they have a point (very rarely). They do serve a purpose of showing the foolishness of the opposing arguments. And the lack of censorship/editing is a massive embarrassment to the mafia at the stranded and red ablurt.

    And they can be give a right dealing to if they get too silly. 

  • Peter Wilson

    I think you know the answer WO. No moderation is the only way, otherwise where would it end? Nearly every comment made could be argued as either racist, bigoted, prejudiced, or even worse, lacking in correct grammar and punctuation.

    Possibly volunteer editors such as kosh might be the answer, but I’m not 100% convinced!

    The only real possibility might be to flag comments somehow, asking commenters to “rephrase” as they do in parliament, and it would be taken down after x days if not. That way you would be balancing free speech with responsibility.

    Positive and thought provoking contributions will always overwhelm the more gutter minded of us.

    • Pharmachick


  • tas

    I think the best solution is to auto hide troll comments. That means you can control thread pollution, but readers can still read the hidden comments if you want to. I’d love to see this “soft moderation” implemented.

    Every post should have a “dislike” button and, if enough people click it, the post is automatically collapsed for future viewers.

    • Pete George

      This was tried on Kiwiblog a couple of years ago, and on The Standard briefly too I think. It tended to result in gang censorship although individuals could do it too by hitting multiple dislikes (there were ways of doing that).

      • heh..!..farrar stopped using the downtick thing when i started getting as many  up-ticks as down-ticks…

        …that was funny to watch unfold..

        ..btw..what does ‘tl;dr’  mean..?

        [email protected]

      • Dion

        Too long; didn’t read.


  • Will

    I’d say leave them be. Censorship is a slippery slope, before you know it you’re as crazed as your opponents. Engage with the better ones, ignore the loonies. But in the end, it’s your site. Do as you please.

  • Jimmie

    Nah, leave it as it is Cam. A few trolls adds a bit of liveliness to the debate if for no other reason it provides a challenge to be knocked down by the other commentators. I reckon banning trolls is similar to using a nuke to kill deer. Sure if you drop a nuke in the middle of the Urewera you would kill a few hundred deer real easy, but is it as much fun as sneaking through the bush with a rifle?

    Save the nuke option for the occasional moron who does not troll with any sense of wit or reason and I reckon the rule should be general and simple: Piss the Whale off too much and you get the chop. With or without warning.

    If you wanted you could throw in a vote option like on Trademe and if you see a particular commentator getting too many kill votes, see if their comments piss you off and do the big nuke…….or send them an friendly email to pull their heads in or they will get the chop.

    You could also run a gallery of nuked trolls (trophy cabinet??)

    I would suggest though to use it sparingly like you do now – you don’t want it to end up like the standard morons where you can get the chop for any vague disagreement with posts.

    If you can, don’t take on any moderators as I reckon you are to blogging what a cabinet maker is to furniture – no one wants an apprentice to build them a sloppy dining set – keep it personal as that has built WO to what it is.

  • Roger

    I’m with Jimmie and Tas – a dislike notice feature works well at Jo Nova’s place. 

  • thor42

    +1 for a dislike button.
    With the option to dislike posts, the regular trolls will know that they have to smarten up or be ignored.  

    • Peter Wilson

      No to dislike buttons or any kind of voting system. It would lead to a mainstreaming of the blog, where commenters will tend to post what other people would like to hear, or be afraid of offending WO or moderators.

      Again, the solution is to have thought provoking posts and comments to drown out the less able commenters. And if someone annoys you, be annoying back, or ignore them.

      I have to admit though, I’m unsure as to what a troll is?

      • Vij

        A “troll” is someone who posts inflammatory, off-topic comments which many times are factually incorrect and a figment of their narrow-minded imagination.  The primary purpose is to disrupt discussion on the topic.  Good examples of such people are Phil U and previously Kosh103.  This is what I believe a troll is.  Hope that helps.

      • Pete George

         A troll is a term used by people who don’t like commenters and are too lazy to debate, so they just call people names.

        Savage Micky often calls me a troll – he lurks on The Standard and jumps out from under his bridge calling me a troll and abusing me. He is actually what I think is a good description of a troll.

      • I use the strict definition of Troll. VIJ is correct. Gweg Pwesland calls anyone who posts a dissenting view a troll. This is incorrect.

        Phil isn’t always a troll, but is easily tempted into trolldom…if he manages his proclivities then he is fine, and if he manages to shorten what he is saying then same.

        Not you can use ellispis, as I did above without it becoming overwhelming and annoying…got it Phil?

      • Kosh103

        Oh vij, you and your lies. You were the one who could never stay on topic and had to attack attack attack.

        Do try to get the facts right.

    •  that dislike button is bullshit…the greens are one of the few still to use it..

      ..and i got much more than most…

      ..and most view those downticks as more a vote on the person than the content of the comment…

      ..and as such meaningless…

      ..plus they are easily manipulated to record multiple downticks..

      ..and as i (and others) pointed out to frog..in an argument i/we presented to do away with them…

      ..they didn’t stop me…

      ..and actually get quite boringly predictable after a while..

      ..and dislike my eschewing capital letters/some of the other current ‘rules’ of punctuation/layout etc..as some of you obviously do..

      ..but i have been writing this way for over five years..

      ..so that us just how i write..

      ..and those who don’t like it…find it difficult to read..

      ..have an easy solution to their problem at hand..

      ..it’s called a scroll-button/screen-flick…

      [email protected]

      • nzd.gbp

        I’m going to make yet another comment about Phillip’s punctuation so if you don’t want to waste your time in an off topic comment then please skip this.

        Phillip, an ellipsis will force the reader to pause for about 1 or 2 seconds. It’s too long for those of us who haven’t fried our brains. 
        It looks like too much makeup. Your opinions don’t need that much makeup.

        In light of that, I don’t see the relevance of you hitting the 5 year mark with your ellipses. Your loyalty to them is misguided. They don’t reciprocate, in fact…they disrupt the flow.


      • Jagg

        you know how whale mentioned tl;dr and you didn’t know what it meant…

        …well… eh?

  • Than

    Agree with the general view above – leave it open, possibly add a dislike button.

    If I don’t agree with somebody’s opinion (which can just as easily be somebody further to the right than me as somebody on the left) I can easily ignore them.

    The only poster I wish you would ban is phil. And that’s not about his politics, it’s his irritating (and frankly rude) refusal to post in something even close to English punctuation.

    • davcav

       I just don’t read anything the twat posts. If he can’t make the effort to be legible then I can’t make the effort to read it.

    • Euan Rt

      I get annoyed with phil because he posts for attention. He gets off on people responding to him, and he just goes on and on and hijacks the thread.

      •  i think you will find i respond to what people say to me..

        ..people like euan…

        ..if you don’t like the answers…

        ..don’t ask..


        [email protected]

  • Jman

    The problem with internet commenting, is that it takes a lot of good, intelligent regular commenters to build a up a site where it’s worth being part of that community and taking the trouble to read what people have to say. But it only takes 1 or 2 idiots to collapse the whole thing and make a site unreadable. This is because the main problems with trolls is that everyone pays attention to them.

    This blog is a good example of that. There are lots of good commenters here who I like reading, but the people who seem to get all the attention are trolls like Kosh and Phil.

    • Euan Rt

      I agree, though kosh has got a lot better and now generally uses reasoned arguments unlike earlier. I can handle people with differing and opposing opinions and enjoy being challenged as to why I believe differently. In my book kosh can stay but postings on sexuality will always bring him out!

      •  see kosh..!

        i am the fat chick to yr spunky chick…

        ..i make you look good..


        [email protected]

      • Kosh103

        Oh gee wizz thanks for your approval.

        Oh and phill, its ok,  I think your a spunky chick, you ignore the nay sayers. ;0)

    • Kosh has improved a great deal…but he will descend into trolldom if I so much as post on education, a topic he is the world expert on…in his mind.

      • Kosh103

        If you upskilled in the area of education and didnt make such uninformed and incorect posts on the topic, perhaps I would not have to slap you around so hard.

  • Hagues

    Totally agree that censoring should not be an option. However banning blatant trolls or those that distract from the site should be on the cards. If people aren’t going to stay on topic, write with decent grammar, etc they should be gone. Likewise the ‘army’ can and does deal to stupid posts, but sometimes this results in the comments section become about the trolls rather than the topic. 

  • Euan Rt

    An alternative would be to use a 3 strikes policy say in a calender month. You give out occasional warnings but I think with a 3 strikes policy you could give more warnings. I sometimes wonder if my comments are on line and would have no trouble receiving a first warning if you thought I wasn’t adding anything and being negative. I think you can decide what is ok as it is your site, but people like phil who take up whole pages of thread on their own make the reading cumbersome. I skip over his prose (that is a polite term for it).  I read for info and wit, but  some ‘alternative’ who thinks it is cool to be different needs to be commenting to an audience of alternative people – and then again I see Phil is banned from the greens blog as well. So he can’t take the hint from his own kind, I think therefore it is cruel to let him think that we enjoy it! I do not think comments should be moderated out, but commenters should be if they can’t pull their heads in.

    • Can’t be bothered administering it…Farrar has his cumbersome demerits. I’m not going to do that. I run a one strike rule, lie about and insult the host and your gone.

    •  “..I see Phil is banned from the greens blog as well. So he can’t take the hint from his own kind,..”

      i actually take as a measure of ideological-independence that i have just come off a ban at kiwiblog..

      ..am banned at the standard…

      ..am banned by brian edwards…

      ..and am banned by the greens at frogblog..

      ..(and as for me being ‘one of them’…they dislike me more than you do…

      ..’cos i constantly call them on their hypocrisies of animal-eating/wearing animal skins…etc etc..)

      ..but i’m not trying to be popular..eh..?

      ..i am here ..and there..to argue political-ideas…

      [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        No likelihood of you ever being popular Phil, I said that you crave attention – very different. And with you confirming being banned on so many sites, IMHO only proves how much you crave attention. Here’s an idea for you, get a job in a big factory, and you’ll have lots of coworkers to talk to.

      • Ronnie Chow

         Modus Operandi ; .”.’cos i constantly call them on their hypocrisies”

        Stop and think a minute , Phillip . Do you spend all day posting your alternate opinions simply to wind people up? What’s the bottom line? It can’t be vegan cave-dwelling . Stop beating around the bush and give us a living , breathing example of your utopia .

      • davewin

         “But I’m not trying to be popular – eh!”

        And you sir are singularly successful at it.

  • EpochNZ

    But doesnt this blog already have a “Flag for review” button?  If I hover the mouse over the timestamp and/or likes, a wee flag symbol comes up   I would have thought that would have the same effect, unless I’m completely wrong (has happened in the past, BTW).

    I say leave it be.  Although I’ve only become a frequent reader and commenter since the POAL stoush, its become quite apparent that the trolls are quickly spotted and dealt with by the gestalt.  Without that dissenting voice, we all just end up agreeing with each other in a mutual back-slapping club.  Even Koshi and Phil add spice to things if only to bring more arguments out in a debate.


    Hey the odd troll gives your army target practise.Nothing better then shooting down a troll in flames.

  • Grumpy

    Leave it as is. I think guys like Kosh add entertainment value, let’s us know how gay schoolteachers think, likewise philu with druggie dole bludgeons. Our own in house reference team…..

  • Sarrs

    I agree, leave it as it is. A dissenting comment always helps me to think more critically about my own views and moderate or improve them. Debate helps to improve your defence of your own views because you actually have to defend them, rather than just have lots of people agreeing with you. Even troll comments make you think more (even though they are a huge pain the arse sometimes!!)

  • Vlad

    Definitely don’t think you should delegate any control of your blog to anyone else through moderators or other mechanisms.   You put in the work; it is your voice & site & that’s why we come here to read and throw in a comment or two.  Personally I wouldn’t mind if you came down a little harder on some of the harsher rants, but if you are happy to have them here, fine, it’s your name on the label.   As for the regular visitors from the other side, Phil’s infuriating writing style drives me nuts &  I wouldn’t mind if he was told to go away until he fixes that.  Not much to ask him if he attaches some value to communicating here.  

  • Johnboy


    I won’t come back till bloody Farrar bans me again!!!!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Maybe you could get a live chat room?
    Then moderators would certainly help.
    OWNING! leftie trolls in real time… PRICELESS!

  • Agent BallSack

    Is this post aimed at me? LOL. Keep the trolls, ban the fucktard lefties when they appear.

  • Korau

    Posters (such as P.U.) are easily dealt with. Just scroll past them without reading.

    My vote for the top response goes to Peter Wilson.

  • Greg M

    Leave it as it is. Trolls are good target practice. No Moderation is a strong point here, if someone oversteps the comment can be flagged.

  • Pharmachick

    I hope this comment does not inflame anybody, because it is sincerely written and sincerely meant.

    One sometimes hears the statement “Nazis burn books”. That has real resonance, even for us grandchildren of the ANZACS. Partly we learned school texts in the 80s and 90s written by people like George Orwell whose masterpieces tackled the suppression of ideas (1984, Animal Farm). Mr. Orwell (among others) highlighted that, to be truly free society needs a free exchange of ideas, freedom of speech and freedom of association.

    I’ve been living stateside for a number of years, and my most enduring respect and admiration for the American people is their First Amendment. The statement I hold dear (sadly, I don’t actually know who said it first) is: “I disagree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it”. The Americans literally get this. It is true that they sometimes let this go too far (IMHO), but once it crosses a legal line, the smack down is swift and harsh and something the legal/judiciary/sentencing in NZ is not even kissing cousins with. 

    And just in case anyone would like to accuse me of “drinking the Cool-Aid” : I didn’t say the US is perfect. But I do say that living here both confirms our (kiwi) prejudices and then opens our eyes to a wonderful culture and system with a lot to offer (simultaneously).    

    Cam, don’t “burn books”… the people here are clever enough to ignore or give-as-good-as-they-get when odd commenters turn up. Even the repeat offenders. However, if it tips into libel,  criminal threatening or other stuff – well, its your house.

    my 0.02

    • Jman

      So if I’m understanding you correctly, you are saying this is about freedom of speech. I couldn’t disagree more. Let me say that I am an ardent defender of freedom of speech and agree absolutely with your quote “I disagree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it”. FYI the person who originally said that was the French philosopher Voltaire. I’m appalled by the stifling of freedom of speech in the Western world by insidious human right and minority protection rackets under the guise of political correctness.

      However this is a different kettle of fish. Whaleoil has absolute right to ban whoever he wants from commenting here and it has nothing to do with breaching their freedom of speech. There is no such thing as a right to comment on a privately owned blog.

      I see blogs as being like private clubs. The owner of the club should be free to block whoever they please from entering or being members. Same with the blog.

      • Pharmachick

        totally understand your position and to some extents I agree (Cam’s house etc). 

        However, here’s an additional idea: should the “most read blog” in NZ be so partisan/censored as to disallow the “other side of the argument” or ban people for being (in the subjective opinion of the Blog owner) “in-appropriate”? (not rhetorical, let me know what you think)

        I think Mr. Slater would be one of the more responsible and less reactionary “moderators”  but then, what is “moderation” and what is “censorship” (and thats a question for a whole ‘nother thread)

  • Gazzaw

    The present policy is fine with me. Why would you ban Kosh just because he represents an opposite viewpoint to most of us? He’s passionate (if misguided) about his cause and very rarely abusive. He also reminds us of what life would be like under a labour administration. General Sun Tzu’s well known statement ‘Know thy enemy’ is a valid reason to allow Kosh to keep posting.

    I no longer read anything that Ure posts but it annoys me when he totally threadjacks a good subject to the point where others like me just abandon that thread. It’s at that point Cam where you should step in & apply your right of ownership. 

    • Kosh103

      I love how you call an opposing view misguided.

      Esp given that such a lable so fittingly describes the current Govt.

      • Bunswalla

        It’s not the viewpoint that’s misguided, it’s you. The first clue was the sentence starting: “He’s passionate (if misguided) about his cause…”

        Do you see the difference? It helps if you read the post and maybe count to 10 before you launch into a reply. Might just help you see things in their correct light.

      • Kosh103

        Oh buns, neither my view or myself are misguided. Just not liked by the right would be the correct phrase.

  • Brian Smaller

     This blog would not be the No 1 in NZ if it were seriously moderated.  I think people like the wild west comments sections. Sure, there are trolls, racists and so forth, but Cam usually deals with then as needed. Leave things as they are Whale.

  • Fergus

    we let them vote don’t we?

  • Super_Guest

    Better to keep it a place were people can speak freely without being censored for their political beliefs. Phil may be illiterate, and Kosh may be a two-bit union hack public servant, but it’s better than turning into a fascist circle jerk like the Standard.

  • Jman

    This is a reply to Pharmachick above. Seems that thread replies only go 3 deep here which is kinda annoying. To clarify my position, in no way do I think people with an alternative viewpoint should be banned. Like most sensible right wingers I welcome debate cos I know I’m right. It’s the left that likes to close down debate and try and dictate what is and isn’t acceptable to say. A person with a dissenting view is not a troll. A person with a dissenting view does not hijack a thread but adds value to it. The distinction is quite clear.

    I’m also just as much in favor of trolls being banned as people who continually rise to their bait. They are the real idiots.

    • Pharmachick

      Okay so we’re on pretty much the same page… except: I say let the Trolls free (and let them live and die by their own stupidity!)
      Best, Pharmachck

  • Notrotsky

    If you’re looking for bigotry masquerading as political opinion look no further than the stranded.


  • Pete George

    Relative to other blogs I think it’s actually pretty good here. As far as I can see there is robust comments but very little personal abuse and attacks compared to The Standard and Dim-Post. Red Alert isn’t so bad for abuse but the censors can be trigger happy.

    It’s easy to scroll past Phil’s signature gibberish. And you can’t expect new commenters to get with the culture straight away – every blog and forum has it’s own culture. that you gradually learn (if given a chance).

  • Travdog

    what does it matter? according to Duncan Garner only “dozens” follow the blog!!

    Nearly 500 dozen today Duncan, thats nearly 6000. However, I’ll drink to the day WO finally has enough of phil u. Another nonsense thread hijacker Hakim of Phut has been ejected, I’d love to see phil and his bludging ass ejected.

    …know what I mean eh?….?

  • starboard

    Dont forget that shit starboard..loudmouth agitator., he’s actually not that bad…just misunderstood !

  • NX

    Any good political blog should want a lively comments section – if anything to amuse the people who don’t bother to comment. 

    I don’t get whyThe Standard has such strict censorship.  As it stands now the only interesting comments over there are the ones that get censored, all other comments are just echoes of one another.

    •  i would like to award nx ‘comment-of-the-thread’..

      ..it is for the amusement of the readers…

      ..most adversarial commenters..and some blog owners..don’t understand/get this..

      ..and that mass of non-commenting readers like nothing better than a good to-do..

      ..especially if they are likely to get a laugh..

      ..and that is who i am writing for/to …

      ..who i am presenting new/contrary ideas to..vegan etc etc..

      ..other/adversarial commenters are the foils in that exercise..

      [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg

        Here I go, rising to the bait.

        Phil, what you don’t realise is that the people you make laugh are lauging at you.

        My vote is for open rules – Cheers to All Y’all.

      • Boss Hogg

        Also, forgot to ask two questions:

        1. Still just the echo of your own voice at whore?  or whatever the web site is.
        2. Any advertising revenue coming in to note on your tax return?

  • St Hubbins

    The option to hide posts by individual users would be good.

    •  there is an online rip-facility..that kiwiblog commenters used against me..

      (someone should be able to direct you to that..it’s on firefox from memory..)

      ..it makes for a somewhat disjointed exercise for those ripping..tho’..

      ..kinda like listening to one side of a telephone conversation..

      …but to each their own…i guess…

      [email protected]

    •  (reply to boss hogg..)

      “..Still just the echo of your own voice at whore?..”

      nah..!..i just checked on google analytics…

      ..and in the last month whoar was read/’echoed’ in 94 countries…

      ..and translated into 58 languages…

      ..how about you..?

      [email protected]

      • Travdog

        Give us some real stats, not that 94 countries/58 languages nonsense.

        We want to know visits/page views. That’ll paint a real picture.

      • Boss Hogg

        and 22 planets in 7 galaxies……………yeah right phil.

      • Boss Hogg

        To answer your question, sort of – I earn money in two countries, pay tax in two countries and it is all in one language.  I think we provide documentation with our products in about seven languages.

        How about you ?  any income? and tax ?

    • St Hubbins

       Such as by this twat below me, for example.

  • Cadwallader

    Life is fine just the way it is. Besides, it is great to read you telling a troll or two to fuck off.

  • Markp

    Keep all the comments. That’s what I like about this blog (as well as WO’s fearlessness). Banning or deleting comments is piss poor and weak.

  • Adybombs

    It’s not broken, so don’t fix it.  
    The host and many commenters here frequently criticise the left blogs for their “moderation” policies.  In order to avoid being as hypocritical as the left commonly is this blog needs to remain as unmoderated as possible.  I’d like to see us occupy the moral high ground here. 

  • Ronnie Chow

    From Phillip when he’s forced to put his toys away…

    you are a twisted little fucken power-freak..

    whither free speech..eh..?

    read back thru this thread..

    ..i have done fucken nothing..

    ..certainly nothing deserving such a hysterical over-reaction as a permanent ban..

    ..you are an advertisment for the labour party/progressive politics…?


    ..your irrationality/over-reactions/temper borders on mental instability..


    ..go smoke a fucken joint or something..eh…?

    ..you weird little fuck…


    •  i actually lost it again this morning…

      ..the male co-host of that breakfast show on tv one..

      ..interviewed a three year old child..

      ..on the ‘determination’-factor in the strikers’ camp…

      ..and it caused me to hit the wall..

      ..so i did a long overdue demolition job on breakfast television in general..

      ..and the saturday model in particular..

      ..i didn’t hold back..

      ..but it did feel good to get it all off my chest…

      [email protected]

  • Bunswalla

    My view: leave as is. I enjoy the occasional troll-baiting and troll-smashing as much as the next man. I’m sometimes disappointed at fellow commenters that seem to rise to PU’s bait every single time – it’s almost like Pavlov’s dog and I’m sure he only does it for the reaction he knows he’ll get.

    • Travdog

      I disagree. Phil actually believes in what he’s saying, as sad as it is. He thinks that having his own crappy barren wasteland of a website gives credit to the incoherent nonsensical drug induced thoughts he has.

      • Bunswalla

        And that’s the beauty of debate, and one of the reasons comments should remain unmoderated; we can all have our say. For the record, I think you’re giving too much credit to Phil’s incoherent nonsensical drug-induced thoughts, and not enough to his sense of mischief.

        Am I somewhere near it Phil?….eh?

        (Remember: No means Yes and Yes means No)

  • Kosh103

    Well trained??? Like bloody hell I am.

    • Greg M

       Hah! I wondered when you would show up ! G.

      • Kosh103

        I showed up aaaaaagggggggeeeeeeessss ago. But nothing looked worth commenting on today.

        Then I saw that godawful right wing slur against me and was outraged I tell you. Outraged!!!

        I was moved to speak out against it!!!!

  • Kosh103

    My goodness, I had no idea I had made such an impact on so many in such a short time.

    Me oh my, all this fame will go to ma little’ol head.

  • Petal

    What is it about this specific blog management issue Cam?  In all other matters it is your way or the highway.  It’s what we all know and have come to expect.  No matter what you do, someone will find a reason to be upset with it.  No matter what you do not do, someone will find a reason to be upset with it.  So, keep on keeping on like you always have, and stop wringing your hands on this specific issue.