On Duncan Garner

Yesterday Duncan Garner is a fit of envy (I think) launched a nasty little attack on me. That post was used by a creepy stalker and Martyn Bradbury (both of whom seem to have a fixation with me) to launch more attacks. They, frankly are water off a ducks back….attacks that are like being gummed by a nana.

No matter. I am not going to address the shark-jumping of a so-called reputable journalist paid a six figure salary by a major network being so incensed over one sentence in a blog post on a blog he claims is read by only “dozens of followers” that he feels the need to write a special post on the 3News website.

In a sense he is right…on the day he posted his attack on me only 3237 dozens read my site. The day before 3633 dozens viewed my site. In any month your care to choose only 46731 dozens view my site. So yeah he is right when he says dozens of followers.

Someone asked me on Facebook what I was going to do about it. I told them that I was going to do nothing. The fact that Duncan Garner, a so-called professional journalist felt the need to post a petulant, nasty  and ill advised post simply means that I am being an effective blogger. I have already won the battle., it needs no more of my attention.

Duncan and I have since had a pleasant conversation about the issue. That conversation will remain between us. I hope he leaves his post up, it serves as a marker for the time Duncan lost his rag to a blogger with only “dozens of followers”.


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  • Euan Rt

    At least he posted my comment. There were others he blocked it would seem.

    • Mickrodge

       Mine didn’t make it through despite being nice & polite.

      Same moderation policy as the Standard obviously.

    • Philip ure a cock

      Mine too – as I keep saying: he’s a big red fag hag in the orgy of mediocrity that is NZ journalism.

  • Mully

    Can we refer to him as “Duncie” going forward? Especially after he referrred to someone as “Dougie”. To me, Duncie conjures up an image of a “special” kid wearing one of those propeller hats. With Garner’s face.

  • Agent BallSack

    We’ll see Euan :) I notice 10 minutes ago he put in another sly dig at the Whale being bigger than Farrar, interesting he has his own snide comments unmoderated, I will be keen to see if he allows my petulant whiny bitch one.

    • toby_toby

      Garner is hardly slim himself. Rich.

  • LesleyNZ

    Oh Duncan – what has happened to you lately?

  • Agent BallSack

    Plus he probably really wont like my suggestion that TV3 give Whale Duncan’s job or that at least Whale declares his political leanings, unlike Duncan.

    • It’s funny how perceptions change – up until the last election I could have accepted hearing he was a National person – He’d even wear mainly blue shaded ties – but since then he’s gone completely unabashedly to the left – maybe Key turned him down for future press secretary work?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Jealousy and envy – the plight of the left – because they can’t be arsed to get off their butts and do it for themselves.

    Seems Garner really doth complain too much eh. Even with a NZ wide audience often invited freely into homes all around NZ – Garner and TV3 still aren’t anywhere near as popular / honest / respected as WO.

    Garner has lost the small bit of credibility he had when he took comments made in 2008 out of context and attempted to spin it as a “flip flop” Even worse – he and TV3 tried to tell NZ that Shearer’s speach yesterday went ok. What a frigin’ joke!

    One should feel angry that Garner has the temerity to think he and TV3 can slant an article and think NZ would swallow it whole as gospel. NEWSFLASH Garner and TV3 – some of us can think for ourselves and believe taking comments 4 hears old, taken out of context and spun far to the political left, only dilutes your credibility as a worthy news hub.

    As for the thinly veiled sledge on WO’s health…. I pity you, but hope you sleep well at nights once your conscience catches up with you Mr Garner.

    • Agent BallSack

      They had credibility as a worthy news hub? I blocked them from my facebook news feed a year ago and have gained an IQ point every day since that time.

      Edit: someone bring me coffee….and food!

  • Duncan states that the lie was because you asserted that the video came from the PSA, when in fact it had been footage in their library. Wait… this has been in the library at TV3 since 2008 and yet it was pulled out and used as a full on dramatic headline item? Suggesting that the footage had been supplied by the PSA could hardly be considered as the misleading part of this sorry “news” item. 

    • toby_toby

      Too true. It must have been a slow news day for Garner to come up with such a dull piece.

  • Markm

    I suspect from Duncans tone that he has had a huge amount of flack over this article , as you would expect.
    I gave Duncan a very big rev up by email prior to the 2008 election for a very unbalanced (in my opinion) news feature he did on Key.

    I used a few choice words , but he had the decency and balls to respond to me .
    Since then Ive had a high opinion of him but have never agreed with his political positions or tabloid journalism.

    Martyn Bradbury on the other hand is bitter because no one knows or reads his blog , nor do they take the man seriously

  • ???

    I hit your site about 100x per day, mostly to read the redneck comments & for the free porn. :P

    • Euan Rt

      Are you aware what your own statement says about yourself? ??? – a questionable tugger!

      • ???

         Yep, all this tugging certainly slows down the typing.

  • Euan Rt

    It would seem that Duncan has about 20 comments on his post after 2 days. Wow Duncan you’re getting into the big time now.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      dozens of replies…well just 1.5 dozen, but it has only been a month

  • duncan garner

    I will be posting a must-read blog shortly.

    Please stand-by but it will be on the 3news.co.nz website when I get a chance.


    • Agent BallSack

      An apology to Whale?

    • Anonworkerant

       A desperation post to inflate his hit count, however there is no chance it will ever catch up with his inflated ego!

    • Gn35

      While you’re at it Duncan, tell John Campbell’s minions to stop stalking Michael Crawford. Total lack of class. Apparently he’s blocking comments that disagree with him as well.

    • Travdog

      It’ll be a ‘must ignore’ for me. Pretty sure whaleoil doesn’t like people using this site to promote/link to their own site/agenda, just ask Phil Ure.

    • Mark

       Read your post Garner. Geez have you got sand in your vagina?

    • toby_toby

       Nothing yet. Trying to generate hits on your blog as people check, find no update and then check again later to find there’s still no update? Hmmm. Desperate.

    • Spanishbride

       it’s been 5 hours! Where is it?? What a waste of time. How long does take to write another single paragraph so called ‘ Blog post” ???

      • Euan Rt

        I see his previous post was 2 weeks ago, so I wouldn’t hang out waiting. Soon probably means in the next 10 days.

  • Tony

    This is what I wrote on his wall:

    You seem to protest too much Duncan. I infer from your piece that you have never made an error, and that if you did, would immediately apologise (using the same medium on which the mistake was made).

    I don’t for a second believe that you have the humility to do that and hope that you consider your behavior.  

    • Tony

      …and it seems that it has been ‘moderated’ !

      So – he can have an opinion but no-one else??

      • Sulzeer

        Such is the way of the left.

  • Agent BallSack

    Both my comments have been moderated out, yet some illiterate itinerant from Taihape is allowed to vent his not considerable intellect. Perhaps that’s why his comment numbers suck ass?

  • Agent BallSack

    Just posted but I think I would have more luck getting published at The Standard:

    Come on Duncan, let through the right wing posts. If you have the ‘right’ to publish something and leave the comments open, at least have the decency to publish dissenting and opposing views. You know, like in a democracy.


  • MrV

    Maybe DG is getting worried that Pedro is stealing his thunder with lead items these days, the stalking of a govt. head of dept was a classic.

    Can’t find the video, but it related to this story.

  • AnonWgtn

    Poor tubby little prick Dunky.
    Paid hundreds of thousands are small bier when you fall off your perch – you will.

  • Pete George

    Garner stated: “For the record, claims made by the Beached Whale (Whale Oil blogger
    Cameron Slater) that 3 News secured footage of John Key’s 2008 speech
    from the PSA are inaccurate.”

    Of course it is believable the footage was in TV3’s libray – but Garner deny in his indignation who prompted the footage be used when it was.

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder how the wee florist from Thorndon felt as she got the hurry up from Garner.It is alleged she was left holding the baby literally.Bet he wont write an article on that little pearler.

  • Agent BallSack

    What’s with Peter @ Paepae? Seems his blog is mainly about this blog. Very strange man indeed.

    • Spanishbride

       Hi Agent, I had two Pies number very early on in the piece when WO was still having coffee with the Bunny Boiler. I warned WO that this guy had an unhealthy obsession with him and that he was not to be trusted.We have already had to deal with two female Bunny boilers who had an obsession with WO but he didn’t pick it up in a guy.
      After meeting the man just once during the bike race all my antenna went up.
      He started off wanting to give WO the benefit of all his experience and had all these expectations of how WO should behave according to his personal rules for a journalist. He still fails to get that WO is NOT a journalist and it really upsets him that he is so successful when according to two pies he should not be.One of the few benefits of not being paid to write is that he doesn’t have an editor. Once two pies discovered that WO was not going to do what he wanted him to he went feral and he simply cannot let go. The WO themed posts just keep coming despite WO ignoring him totally. I don’t bother to engage him because the second time I did he wrote a whole post about me and I don’t even blog LOL.

      • Agent BallSack

        Hah, I shall refer to him in similar vein then. I remember two pies used to post here a LOT, as much as Phil even, but I very rarely follow links offsite as let’s face it this is a hell fun blog to post in, and I already am politically stable, apparently!. However I did follow the links in this post since Whale posted them, good to see only 3 posts on “Bummers’ nasty thread though! 
        Thanks for the heads up, I know that I respect my own privacy dearly, it can’t be easy being “the Whales wife’, I hope that comes across respectfully LOL. 
        Yes, totally agree Cam is not a journalist that word has such a labourer ring to it, hence the titles churnalist, repeater, etc. NZ’s #1 Blogger will have to suffice until ‘Newsman’ comes back into vogue perhaps.

  • Macca

    Give duncan a break he was obviously pissed. 

  • Philip ure a cock

    Gee, what’s the matter Duncie? You got sand in your vagina?

  • Juana: What hogwash your narrative is. Perhaps you’ve been misinformed. It’s a common tactic to deflect criticism by smearing the critic, but your imaginative tale simply isn’t factual.

    For a master class in negative fixation you need look no further than your husband’s fevered blog e.g. check tags like Trevor Mallard, Winston Peters, Chris Carter. 

    Am I ‘upset’ at Cameron’s ‘success’ as you suggest? No, I’m not. I merely sometimes disagree with him and his tactics. 

    Neither do I think Duncan Garner is ‘envious’ of him btw.

    Agent Ballsack: Thanks for your feedback. No, I was never a big commenter here – 42 comments total, according to my Disqus profile … compared to your 999.

    I personally find some in the ‘community’ here (including camp mum and dad Cameron and Juana) intolerant of alternative views and abusive of those who question Cam’s sometimes clearly dubious assertions. 

    Which is only to say: I tried it, thanks, but it isn’t much to my taste.

    Each to his or her own. 

    Best wishes, Peter.